122 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 122

  1. Visit of the fairies

After sending a letter reply to her father who told her to come and meet his adopted son, Tiararose started the preparations for the trip back home.

Aquasteed will also go with her and he probably have to adjust his work schedule so they will be departing about a month later.


Speaking of Tiararose, she has headed for her desk and started writing several recipes of sweets.

She was planning on passing them to Philiane’s younger brother, Alan, when she returned home; they could be used as the new menu for the sweets store which was catered mainly for the commoners. They were relatively easier to make and the ingredients were cheaper too.

Since it’s a task related to sweets, Tiararose looked very delighted and she hummed through her nose.


“You seem to be having fun, Lady Tiararose. Have you come up with a good recipe?”


Philiane said that and placed black tea and madeleine on the table.


“Thank you, Philiane. It’s a recipe for assorted donuts. There are simple large ones and cute small ones so I think it’ll become popular with its large selections.”

“All these for the sake of Alan… thank you very much, Lady Tiararose. I received a letter the previous day and he said he’s having fun at work.”

“That’s great.”


Hearing that the sweets store opened by Alan was doing well, made Tiararose relieved; the new items will surely become popular with his skills.


“There doesn’t seem to be any problem regarding the preparations to return home right?”

“Yes. I wonder if other luggage will be fine.”

“Yes. It’s been decided which items will be brought over. Also, since you’d be staying at your own house… there’s no need for so much luggage.”


Tiararose agreed with Philiane and nodded.

Tiararose’s room at her own house was left as it was, and there were many sweets ingredients and tools. Rather, she felt that it’d be better if she doesn’t bring anything personal at all.


“It’d be a slightly long stay so it might be good to attend tea parties before that. There were several invitations, right?”

“Of course; it’d be like a medal of achievement if Lady Tiararose attended their tea parties.”


Philiane was proud of Lady Tiararose.


“You’re exaggerating, Phi- eh?”

“Lady Tiararose?”


Tiararose was giggling when there’s a knock from the window. When she faced the window to check out, the forest fairies were waving their hands.



“Come play with us~”

“Well, come in.”


After inviting the cheerful fairies in, they flew around the room happily. They looked happier than usual so something good might have happened.


“I’ll have some sweets prepared for the forest fairies.”

“Thank you, Philiane.”

“Sweets~! Yay”

“Tiara’s sweets are delicious so I love them~!”


It seemed that the fairies were happy about it; Tiararose and Philiane faced each other and felt a sense of pride.


“Please feel free and eat.”



The forest fairies have never eaten sweets in the past before so they have totally fallen in love with Tiararose’s sweets when they tried it.

Of course, Tiararose was welcoming of them since they love her sweets.


The fairies landed on top of Tiararose’s knees and started singing happily. This has never happened before so Tiararose blinked several times.


-Wow, the song of fairies!

It’s her first time hearing it and her tension’s rising.

It’s not extraordinarily skillful but the voices of fairies overlapped each other and were very cute. It’s a gentle song that gave a soothing atmosphere.

After the end of the song, Tiararose clapped her hands.


“You guys are really good.”



Tiararose praised the fairies and they looked abashed. Afterwards they said “seems like you liked it~” with satisfied looks.

As thanks for the song, Tiararose thought that she has to make some special sweets and looked at the fairies with a smile.






“It’s great that I managed to hold a tea party before Lady Tiararose returns back home.”

“Thank you for inviting me today, Lady Olivia.”


Today, there’s a tea party at the Olivia’s mansion where Tiararose and two ladies were invited to. The weather was good and the roses in the garden were blooming.


“It’s an honor to be invited to Lady Tiararose and Lady Olivia’s tea party!”

“Me too, I’m so excited about today that I could not sleep last night…”


The two ladies looked at Tiararose with shiny eyes and Olivia thought “Right?” and nodded.


“Since there’s also Lady Tiararose’s cake today, I’m excited- eh?”

“Lady Olivia?”


Right when they were about to bring in the sweets, Olivia opened her eyes wide at the roses that were planted there. Tiararose also followed her gaze and the forest fairies were there.



“We came over to play~”


Many forest fairies were frolicking. They immediately surrounded Tiararose and said “Wow, it’s Tiara’s sweets!” with excited eyes.

The fairies stood on the table and stared at the cakes intently.


“It seems delicious!”

“I want to eat!!”



The fairies were aiming at the cake with happy looks, Olivia gulped and covered her mouth, no, her nose with a handkerchief.

It’s her usual nosebleed.

It’s a skill she has acquired over the years, to cover her blood with a handkerchief before it could be seen by the invited ladies.


“F-Forest fairies in my tea party!? So cute…”

“Lady Olivia!? P-Please calm down.”


Tiararose hurriedly passed her handkerchief but it’s evident from Olivia’s face that “it’s a long-awaited dream.”

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