122 Part 2

Olivia’s butler Levy immediately brought over additional handkerchief but she refused to shift her gaze away from the fairies.


“Levy, please cut some of the cake for the forest fairies.”

“I got it.”



The person who gave a graceful acknowledgement was Olivia’s butler Levy.

He has black hair and sharp rose-red eyes; he looks capable in a butler suit and was very proper.


He’s brilliant butler who’s devoted to Olivia, but that might be a flaw as he doesn’t take into account anyone else other than Olivia.


“Have some, forest fairies.”


After Levy has cut and distributed the cakes, the fairies happily started eating on the table. It’s not only Olivia; the other two ladies were also smitten by the cute sight.


“Wonderful… to think that I could see the forest fairies from such a close distance…”

“It’s only Lady Tiararose who received the blessings of the forest fairies, so it’s extremely lucky of us to be able to see them like this.”


The ladies felt so grateful for being able to meet the forest fairies.

The forest fairies said “it’s delicious right~” with a smile to those ladies, and it seemed like Tiararose’s fame has increased with this.

Tiararose was happy with this soothing atmosphere, but Olivia seemed a little lonely.


“Lady Olivia, did anything happen?”


Her nosebleed stopped so Tiararose’s relieved, but perhaps she might be feeling pain somewhere or is getting faint from the lack of blood.

Tiararose was worried and Olivia shook her head side to side.


“I never had the chance to meet the fairies at such a close distance so I’m very happy about it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, well, I’m the villainess for the sequel after all. I’ve never received the fairies’ blessings.”



Tiararose covered her mouth at the revelation.

She was disliked by the sea fairies, so perhaps Olivia was disliked by all the fairies.


-It’s hard being the villainess!


She thought that it’s bad and hung her head.


“Please do not mind about that, Lady Tiararose. Right now, I’m happy with the fact that I’m able to be near them like this-”


Before Olivia could finish her sentence, she covered her nose once again with a handkerchief. It seems like her excitement could not be calmed down today.

Right then, the fairies have finished eating the cakes and landed on top of Tiararose’s knees. Then, like before, they started singing merrily “Ranran~”

It seems like they’re going to sing today too.


“Wow, how cute.”

“I’ve never known that fairies sing. As expected of Lady Tiararose”

“Me too, it’s my first time knowing lately too.”


-But, why a song?


After the fairies finished their singing, Tiararose decided to ask them.


“Thank you for the wonderful song today too. But, why are you guys singing?”


It might be a gesture of appreciation for the sweets. However, the fairies just looked at each other and smiled happily.


“Ya~! It’s a secret.”

“It’s a secret!”

“Eh, it’s a secret?”

“That’s right!”


It seemed like she could not get an answer from them.

Tiararose could not get an answer out from them, but it wasn’t soon after that rumors circulated within the country that the fairies devoted a song for Tiararose.






A few days after Olivia’s tea party, it’s finally the time to return back to Lapis Lazuli.


“It’d be tiring to ride horse wagons, so do let me know if you need a break.”

“Yes, Sir Aqua.”


The schedule was arranged such that there were leisure time, and they will be staying in the towns for a while during their journey. Therefore, Tiararose thought that it’d be good to have many dates with Aquasteed.

By the way, Tiararose does not know about it but Aquasteed has already planned for their dates.



“Are you going out~?”


Tiararose and Aquasteed were in front of the horse wagon, and the fairies approached them with dejected looks.


“Yes, I’m going to Lapis Lazuli.”

“We know; it’s the place where Tiara’s born in, right?”

“The king told us before~!”

“Please come back soon, alright~?”


The fairies seemed lonely but told her with smiles to “have a good trip~”


“I’m giving you your favorite flower, Tiara~”

“Giving you~”

“This is a flower that can be used as a sweets ingredient…! Thank you.”



The fairies passed many sweet edible flowers to Tiararose and looked proud with satisfaction.


“Thank you, forest fairies.”


They also gave Aquasteed the flowers and he thanked them; this made the fairies smile. He thought of how Tiararose will make plenty of sweets after returning home immediately and this made him laugh out loud.

No, there’s a chance she might start making the sweets on the way back home. Or rather, she might try tasting them- while thinking of such thoughts, Tiararose called out his name “Sir Aqua?”



“Did anything happen?”


Aquasteed immediately kept quiet and Tiararose looked at him with a tilted head.




Aquasteed said that as though there’s nothing, but he took one of the flowers in Tiararose’s hand and put the petal into his mouth and said “it’s sweet.”


“That’s because it’s going to be the ingredient for sweets.”


Tiararose giggled and Aquasteed put some of the remaining flower petals into her mouth.


“It’s too sweet for me to finish alone, so let’s share?”

“…! Sir Aqua, we’re in the public now!?”


Tiararose’s hands were full of flowers so she could not take them. Knowing that, Aquasteed purposely put the flower petals into her mouth.

He did that several times and in the end, Tiararose had no choice but to finish them all.


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