123 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 123

  1. The kowtowing incident

Tiararose was feeling bright since it’s been a long time she returns home at Lapis Lazuli, but when she saw the entrance of her house from the horse wagon’s window… the ends of her mouth stiffened.


“I’m sorry! But, I want to be a close friend of Lady Tiara forever!”



Everyone was perplexed about what’s going on.

Right at the entrance- Akari was kowtowing.

Tiararose’s mother looked troubled and was trying to urge the kowtowing Akari to leave. There were a few attendants behind her and they all looked troubled.


“Um, Lady Akari. Please do not do such… Ah, Tiara?”

“Eh? Ah, Lady Tiara~!”


Tiararose’s mother, Ilutiana, noticed Tiararose’s horse wagon and Akari immediately turned back excitedly. She had a broad smile on that one would never imagined that she’s kowtowing just a moment ago.


Tiararose was wondering what she should do about this and looked at Aquasteed who was seated opposite her; he was smiling wryly like her too.


“…She probably came to apologize for the attack incident that happened in the past.”

“Eh? That’s… very late.”


Realizing what’s happening with Aquasteed’s words, Tiararose nodded. Indeed, in that case, it’s understandable why Akari came to kowtow and apologize.



She’s the heroine of the maiden game – Akari Lapis Lazuli Lactomut.

She has beautiful lush straight black hair and black eyes. Her peach-colored dress was lovely and made her stand out.

She loves maiden games and would not lose to anyone in terms of her motivation to act upon her desires. Right now, she calls herself a close friend of Tiararose and in fact they really have a good relationship.



Tiararose tried to refrain from sighing and Aquasteed escorted her down the wagon.


“It has been a long time, Lady Akari. It really surprised me to see something like this upon my return after a long time.”

“Haha, it’s been a long time, Lady Tiara and Sir Aqua.”


Akari brushed the dirt off her dress and said “I’ve had no choice.”


“I mean I want Lady Tiara’s father to forgive me… for attacking and hurting Lady Tiara. Well, he wouldn’t allow me to meet him though.”

“Lady Akari…”


She tried to seek for permission to meet Tiararose’s father, but she wasn’t given the chance to. That’s why she had no choice but take such drastic measure; Tiararose cannot help but sigh this time.


“In that case, it’d be better if you contact me beforehand.”

“This is a problem between me and Lady Tiara’s father, so I don’t want to trouble you… I thought we’d reconcile immediately though… I’m the heroine after all.”


-Even though she’s the heroine, it doesn’t work on non-strategic characters (my father), huh.


Her father, Schnauss, is a family person who loves his wife and daughter deeply after all. He’d never be swayed over by other ladies and will even go against the king’s orders if it’s for Tiararose’s sake.


Right when Tiararose and Akari were talking to each other, a relaxed voice “Welcome back” could be heard.


“I’m relieved to see that you’re well, Tiara. Come in.”

“It’s great to see that you’re fine too, mum. Sorry, Lady Akari caused you troubles…”

“That’s not something that Tiara should apologize for… I told Sir Schnauss to meet Akari at least once but he’s pretty stubborn, as you already know.”


Tiararose could not do anything but nod at Ilutiana’s words.


“…For now, let’s enter the mansion. Sir Aqua and I have to greet father too.”

“That’s good. Sorry, Sir Aquasteed, we have shown you something unsightly.”


Ilutiana bowed and apologized, Aquasteed immediately shook his head. Everything was carried out by Akari’s sole decision so there’s no blame to be laid on the Clementine family.


“No, it’s not your fault, mother-in-law. I’m happy to be able to meet you after a long time.”

“Thank you very much. Well then, I’ll guide you into the house.”


After Ilutiana said that, Tiararose finally stepped into her house after a long time.






“Lady Akari, you’ve been here for several days?!”

“Well, if I don’t do that, I wouldn’t be forgiven after all!!”


While waiting for Schnauss to arrive, Tiararose and the others were talking at the reception room. The content was of course about the matter of Akari’s kowtowing.


It seems that she has been kowtowing for days to be forgiven.


Tiararose said “I’m happy about Lady Akari’s feelings but” and continued.


“It might be difficult for your apology to be accepted by my father. Even though I’m his daughter myself, I’d say he’s quite a severe daughter-loving father.”


That’s why, when she was blamed as the villainess before, she’s always looking forward to her father’s appearance.

Aquasteed agreed with Tiararose.


“Me too, I have no intentions of forgiving Lady Akari too.”

“Eh, is that so?! But, Sir Aqua has been talking to me normally…”

“The victim, Tiara, has forgiven you so I’m treating you well, Lady Akari. Well, there’s no point in me saying anything right?”


Aquasteed said that and Tiararose doesn’t like how the direction of the conversation has pointed towards a negative way.


“Thank you very much, Sir Aqua.”

“Sigh. I was totally nervous because of that.”

“Ugh… I’m sorry for that.”


Indeed, whenever she’s with Akari, her tension would rise and she’d feel like she can do anything. However, that positive personality might have saved her multiple times.

Tiararose found it hard to say it but she thinks that it’d be best if Akari and Schnauss could come to an agreement.

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