123 Part 2

She was thinking of what she could do when Schnauss and Ilutiana has arrived.


“Tiara, I’m glad you look fine! Sir Aquasteed too, thank you for coming here all the way from a far distance.”

“I’m relieved to see that you’ve not changed, father.”

“It has been a long time. Please look over us as we’re here this time round too.”


Schnauss was in a good mood as it’s been a long time since he has last met his daughter. It was like flowers were blooming behind him and he exclaimed happily that “the dinner has to be festive.”

However, right when he noticed the existence of Akari at the side, his expression darkened.


“Why’s Lady Akari here? I didn’t give her the permission to enter the mansion though…”


Schnauss was implicitly telling her to leave, and the atmosphere of the room turned cold; after all Akari’s currently the wife of Hartnight, the first prince who’s also the king-to-be candidate.

Tiararose was thinking of how she could cheer her father up, but before she could take any action, Akari moved first.


“Sorry, father of Lady Tiara! I’ve already patched up things with Lady Tiara and we’re close friends now!”

“C-Close friends…!?”


After hearing Akari’s words, Schnauss was so shocked as though a lightning has descended upon him. His cute daughter’s a close friend of this evil person? That’s impossible.

Schnauss placed his hand on his forehead and took a deep breath.


“I must have been hallucinating. It seems like I’m tired. It could be due to the busy work lately…”


He decided to pretend he has never heard what Akari has said. Ilutiana saw his behavior from behind and had a troubled look on.



“Hm? What’s it, Tiara? I’ll bring the sweets that I’ve prepared, so let’s have tea before dinner.”

“Wow, sweets! …no”


Tiararose unconsciously became excited and tried to calm down with a cough and talked to Schnauss once again.


“I’ve really patched up things with Lady Akari. So please, won’t you forgive Lady Akari already?”



Tiararose went to the side of Akari and smiled at Schnauss.

Indeed, Tiararose’s fiancé was stolen and she’s hurt by Akari, but it’s also the truth that she’s helped by the latter many times before.


“Furthermore, Lady Akari has contributed a lot to Lapis Lazuli. She has helped to propagate new fashions and sweets and come up with many things that made the ladies happy.”


She has properly fulfilled her duties as the wife of the first prince.

Being told that by his cute daughter, Schnauss felt frustrated. Of course, Schnauss was aware of Akari’s contributions, as the prime minister of this country.

Even so, that’s a different matter.


Akari peeked at Schnauss’ expression and it seemed like it’s hard to receive his forgiveness and she gave a small sigh.

She never thought that it’d be easy to be forgiven, but it was more difficult than expected. Today, too, she was thinking that it’s better to go home already and she looked at Tiararose.


“Thank you very much, Lady Tiara. It makes me happy that you said those words. I’m just working hard so that this favorite (game) world of mine would be peaceful and be filled with happiness.”

“Lady Akari really loves this country, right?”

“Well, yes, I love it very much. There’s no way I’d hate it!”


Akari smiled saying that she wants it to develop even further.


“…I see, so you’ve been thinking that much about this country.”


“I’ve been the one throwing a tantrum all along huh.”


It seemed that Akari’s slightly warped love for this maiden game has reached out to Schnauss. The wrinkles between his eyebrows were gone and he seemed somehow gentle now.



“Sir Aquasteed, have you also forgiven Lady Akari?”

“…Hmm. It’d not that I‘d forgive her for what she have done to Tiara, but more than that, Tiara matters more.”

“Hmm, I see, so that’s…”


No, to think that his daughter has matured so much without him knowing it, a glint of loneliness was reflected in Schnauss’ eyes.


“It’s alright, father! I’ll make Lady Tiara happy!!”

“Lady Akari, that’s like you’re proposing!!”


Tiararose stopped Akari from saying it in a weird way.


“Oh, that’s right. As a friend, I’d never betray her. I’ve decided to be an ally of Lady Tiara forever.”

“In that case, I’ll be an ally of Lady Akari too.”

“Yes! I’ll go immediately whenever you need help, so would you do that same for me, Lady Tiara?”


Akari said that as long as she’s there, she’d be of much help, and this made Tiararose laugh. At the same time, she could not think of any trouble Akari would face.


“Sir Schnauss, would you please forgive her already? Lady Akari has been here for everyday almost a week, bearing the strong wind and rain, just to seek forgiveness.”

“Ilutiana… that’s true but…”


Schnauss hesitated to speak and Tiararose tried to urge him on.


“Lady Akari often comes to visit me to have fun, so why don’t you try to ask about my matters from her? …I’m sure it’s hard for father to change your mood immediately so…”

“Ah, that’s good! I know many cute stories of Lady Tiara! Previously, she’s so engrossed with making sweets that she wasn’t aware that everyone’s taking a break and kept talking to them.”

“Wait a minute, Lady Akari!?”


Tiararose has told her not to tell that to anyone and she’s frantic.


“…Tiara, you should not become so engrossed with making sweets, you’re the queen of Marineforest after all.”

“I got it, father. Lady Akari was just exaggerating…”

“In that case, that’s fine…… I’m not sure if I’ve forgiven Lady Akari, but I’d give a listening ear if it’s about Tiara.”


Schnauss said that shyly and Tiararose also felt embarrassed, but she was relieved that everything turned out well.

It might be soon before Akari would be invited to have tea at her house.

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