124 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 124

  1. Tiararose’s younger brother

The day after Tiararose has arrived home, she was finally going to meet her adopted brother in person. Schnauss was going to bring him over, and she’s waiting nervously with Aquasteed.


“…Tiara, your facial expression is stiffening.”

“Ah! I’m too nervous… I’m going to be an elder sister from now on, so I shouldn’t be so careless, right?”


Aquasteed poked her cheeks and Tiararose smiled wryly.

She’s kind of worried if she could get along with her adopted younger brother; she’s also worried if he wouldn’t have a good impression of her…

Even so, Tiararose’s prepared to be friendly and spoil him a lot.


“Tiara’s younger brother… hmm things are going to be fun for him every day.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, I’m happy everyday with Tiara around after all.”

“… You’re saying things like that again…”


Tiararose covered her hot cheeks and thought that Aquasteed’s words are so sweet they could materialize as sugar.


Suddenly a knock could be heard in the room, Tiararose immediately corrected her posture. She said “come in”; Schnauss and a kid behind him walked in.


-Wow, what a pretty kid…

The young man looked far more refreshing than she expected that she ended up gulping.


“Sorry, we’ve kept you waiting huh.”

“No. Father, please introduce me my younger brother.”

“Yes. Well then, she’s your elder sister, Tiararose. Go greet her.”


Schnauss gently pushed the back of the kid, and he walked towards Tiararose and Aquasteed. He was looking down, but he properly glanced at them before doing his greetings.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Darel. Please take care of me.”



Tiararose’s younger stepbrother is Darel Lapis Clementine.

He’s a six-year-old beautiful young man with light blue hair and green eyes. His clothes were mainly white with black knee-length pants. There’s a bowtie around his neck.

He was blinking several times but his expressions did not change at all, like a doll. He immediately looked down after doing the greetings so he might be shy.



Tiararose tried not to scare Darel and slowly walked towards him and bent down, such that they were on the same eye level.


“Nice to meet you, Darel. I’m Tiararose. Call me Tiara, alright?”

“…Yes. Big sis Tiara”


Darel nodded obediently and Tiararose felt relieved. It seemed that she’s not hated.

Next, Aquasteed did the same thing and squatted before greeting Darel.


“I’m Tiara’s husband, Aquasteed Marineforest. I’m the king of Marineforest.”

“It’s an honour to meet you. Please look over me favourably.”


At Aquasteed’s greetings, Darel gave a polite greeting back.

His movements were still a little awkward so Tiararose and Aquasteed thought that he might be nervous.


After sitting on the sofa, they had black tea prepared.

Tiararose was thinking of what she should talk to Darel about, but she’s troubled as he might end up being frightened if she suddenly bombarded him with questions.


“I’m glad the greetings went well without troubles. Darel, you’re amazing for being able to greet properly.”



Schnauss rubbed Darel’s head and complimented him; he was expressionless but started to reveal a slight smile then. Looking at that, Tiararose was relieved to see that Darel has opened his heart towards Schnauss.

She did not hear about how he became his adopted son, but it seemed that they have a proper father and son relationship.


“Darel. I’m not able to stay here for a long time, but while I’m still here let’s go out and have lots of fun together, alright?”

“…Yes. Thank you very much.”


Darel nodded at Tiararose’s words, but his face was back to an expressionless one.


-Was it bad to invite him suddenly?


Tiararose’s shoulders sunk and then Aquasteed tried to back her up and spoke up.


“I’m Darel’s elder brother now… We are both guys so you can rely on me any time. Well, even so, you have a reliable father whom you can rely on nearby.”


Aquasteed said that with laughter but Darel just nodded like he did to Tiararose; that does not mean that he’s trying to distance himself though.

Tiararose was thinking of getting along well with him gradually step by step. He was just adopted so he might be having a hard time trying to get used to this family.


“Oh right, Darel, do you have anything you like? As for me, I love sweets. I’m good at making them too so I was thinking of making a cake for Darel… but do you like sweets stuff?”


Tiararose thought that it’s the right time to talk about sweets and she tried to gather herself together and spoke with a smile.

Darel blinked his eyes in surprise and tilted his neck. It seemed that he’s thinking of what to reply to Tiararose’s question.


After a few moments of silence, Darel nodded. It seemed that he likes desserts or sweets stuff.

Tiararose was relieved at that.


-I’m glad. We can make sweets together and have fun!


However, such thoughts only lasted for a moment; Darel glanced at Schnauss before standing up on the sofa.

He then continued with a deep bow and left the room.




Was it a mistake to bring up the topic of sweets? Tiararose shook in fear.


“Ah, it’s fine, Tiara. Darel was probably not used to it, so he didn’t know how to react.”

“That might be true but…”

“…Could it be that, Darel’s history has something to do with it?”

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