125 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 125

  1. Healing power

After the greetings with Darel, Tiararose and Aquasteed returned to her own room.

Philiane has already brewed some black tea for them so they’re lounging around the sofa.




It might be a little impolite, but Tiararose sank into the sofa deeply. Right then, Aquasteed, who was sitting next to Tiararose, hugged her.


“Tiara, are you fine? You might have been tired from the journey.”

“Ah, thank you very much. I thought I’m used to horse wagons, but it was a long journey after all huh.”


It might be a little impolite, but she’s at her house for after a long while, and Aquasteed, who’s next to her, was pampering her… so she ended up behaving that way.

She leaned towards Aquasteed and felt at ease.


Philiane also looked at Tiararose worriedly.


“Should I call the doctor over?”

“It’s alright, Philiane. I think I’d be fine with a bit of rest.”

“…I got it. But if anything happens, be sure to say it immediately alright? I’ll call the doctor over even if it’s in the middle of the night!”


Philiane was so firm about not letting Tiararose’s condition worsen.


“Well then, I’ll excuse myself. Be sure to call me promptly if there’s anything.”

“Yes. Thank you, Philiane.”


Philiane left the room, and Aquasteed had a cheeky smile on and peeked at Tiararose’s face.


“Sir Aqua?”

“You’ve been forcing yourself too hard, it’s important to relax like this occasionally, you know? Let’s have you lie down for now, shall we?”


Aquasteed easily put Tiararose’s head on his knees.



“Well then, close your eyes and take deep breaths; it’s relaxing right?”



He brushed her fringe with his finger and rubbed her head to calm her down. Tiararose thought that she’s going to melt from such treatment.


-It feels really good…

She thought that she wants to be rubbed more like that and slowly closed her eyes.


“…Sir Aqua’s hand’s cold and comfortable.”

“I guess you have a mild fever…? The greetings with Darel have ended so you might have calmed down from the nervousness.”

“That might be true. However, it was shocking… I thought that he’s adopted from a noble family.”


Tiararose thought it was strangely rash for her father to take such action. However, she did think that Darel was indeed an obedient and good kid.

Aquasteed also seemed to share the same sentiment.


“Many times, a blood-related child would be entrusted to carry on the lineage, after all. Perhaps, there’s other reason behind it.”

“That might be true. I’m thinking of getting closer to Darel and speaking more to him while I’m here.”


If he grows up without issues, he’d hold an important role in Lapis Lazuli; she hoped that he’d be able to smoothly carry out the duties of being able to hold diplomatic ties with other countries.

With such thoughts, she’s looking forward to Darel’s growth in the future.


“In that case, you’ve to recover first. If your body condition continues to be bad, you’d worry Darel instead.”

“Yes. It’s just that… I don’t really have an appetite so I might have been tired. I might not be able to eat dinner well too…”


Perhaps, it could due to the difference in climate that caused the fatigue.


“…since I might not be able to eat dinner, maybe it’d be a better idea to make desserts in preparation for that!?”


Tiararose said that she might be able to eat that way, and Aquasteed smiled wryly and told her “Hey.”


“…It’s a joke.”

“You have to eat your main meals properly. However, it relieves me that you’re able to say that energetically.”


Aquasteed grinned and Tiararose smiled too. Such moments, where he’s not worrying about work and relaxing, were rare.


-When Sir Aqua has works, time’s a concern.


That’s why, she was really, really happy that she’d have Aquasteed to herself, without worrying about taking up too much of his time.

Therefore, she was able to enjoy her knees pillow as much as she could. While Tiararose’s really tired, a part of her enjoyed being pampered.


-Ugh, my face’s burning…!


She covered her face with both hands and Aquasteed immediately called her name “Tiara” sullenly.


“If you do that, I can’t see your face.”

“That’s because you told me something that made me shy…”


She’s going to melt. While thinking like that, three consecutive knocks could be heard.



“I’d go check it out. Tiara you should just stay sitting here.”

“…Sorry. Thank you, Sir Aqua.”


Aquasteed headed towards the door and Tiararose corrected her posture and sat down on the sofa. It’d be fine if it’s Philiane, but there’s a chance it could be her parents or other attendants…


-If they saw me using knees as a pillow, I’d be embarrassed and not be able to show my face anymore…!


She heard Aquasteed talking to someone else and he returned to the room; it was Darel.


“Sorry for intruding all of a sudden…”


Darel looked uneasy and was nervous. Aquasteed was about to bring him to the sofa, but before that he spoke.


“…Big sis Tiara, is your stomach alright…?”



Tiararose and Aquasteed were surprised at the content of his concern. Indeed, she’s tired and has a mild fever, but her stomach was fine.


-Darel was worried about me and came over to have a look.


His gentleness warmed her heart.

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