125 Part 2


“Thank you, Darel. My health condition is not that bad, so I’m fine. Sorry I’ve caused you to worry even though I’m your older sister.”


Tiararose wanted to be a reliable elder sister, but she ended up being worried about. There’s no way but to win him over with sweets, once she has recovered.


“…Is that so?”


Darel breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.


“I’d prepare black immediately. Darel, please have a seat on the sofa.”



Darel sat on the sofa and Aquasteed prepared the black tea himself.


“Sir Aqua, this should be done by me…”

“No. Tiara needs to rest… Well my black tea would be inferior to that brewed by Tiara though.”


Aquasteed said he’s sorry for that matter and laughed.


“That’s not true, Sir Aqua. I’m very happy.”

“Really? I’m glad you’re happy.”


Aquasteed placed the black tea in front of Darel and sat down again next to Tiararose.


“I wanted to talk a lot to Darel while I’m still here. Have you gotten used to the life here? I’m sure there’re many difficult things, but father seemed to be thinking preciously of Darel, so please consult us immediately if there’s anything, alright?”

“…Yes. I know very well about that.”


Darel nodded and stared at Tiararose.


“I was told that since big sister Tiara’s the queen of the neighbouring country, Marineforest, he’s lonely that he cannot meet you often.”



Tiararose and Aquasteed smiled wryly at how he added his love for his daughter in his education for Darel. The sight of lonely Schnauss immediately came up in their minds.


“We cannot possibly leave the country often so it’s difficult to return home frequently.”

“Yes. Father also said that.”


Aquasteed thought that it’d be good if they’d have more freedom, but considering the distances between the countries, it’d be difficult to create more chances for them to meet.

Even so, Tiararose was grateful for all the preparations he’s had made.


“It’s a little difficult now, but after Darel has grown older, please come to Marineforest; there are some things that are different from Lapis Lazuli so it will broaden your worldview.”

“Yes. At that time, I’d bring father along too.”

“That’s good.”


Darel was thinking of Schnauss, who loves his daughter deeply, and it seemed like he’s a good son.

The parent-son relationship was still kind of awkward, but Aquasteed thought that it seemed to be doing quite well.




“Big sis Tiara?”


While Aquasteed and Darel were talking, Tiararose gave a painful groan. Her cheeks were slightly redder as compared to before.


“Could it be that, your fever has worsened…”


Aquasteed touched Tiararose’s forehead and tried to measure her temperature.


“…It was hotter than before. Let’s tell Philiane and have the doctor over immediately. Darel, I’m going to leave my seat for a while so please look over Tiara- Darel?”


Darel seemed to be not listening to Aquasteed’s words, as he stood up from the sofa and headed towards Tiararose.


“Darel, I’m fine.”


If it’s a cold, Tiararose might spread it to him, so she told Darel to keep a distance from her. However, Darel shook his head from side to side.


“As expected, you’re in pain…”


Darel looked a little sad at the fact that she said she’s fine earlier. However, in actual fact, she’s really fine till just a little earlier.

Darel took Tiararose’s hand and closed his eyes.



“What are you…”


Tiararose called his name and Aquasteed was wondering what he’s doing, when a dim glow emanated from Darel’s body. It was a gentle, light blue colour.


“This is…”


Darel was using the healing power, which Schnauss has spoken of.

The gentle light was passed to Tiararose from Darel, and her body became warm. Her painful breathing immediately calmed down and her body felt lighter.

Tiararose was shocked at how her body condition before was worse than expected.


“This is Darel’s power huh… it’s amazing. It’s as though I wasn’t in a bad condition before. Thank you, Darel.”


Tiararose conveyed her gratitude and Darel nodded slightly.


“I’ve heard about it a little before, but what an amazing power… thank you for saving Tiara, Darel.”



Aquasteed also conveyed his gratitude and Darel smiled happily too.


“Since big sis Tiara’s getting better, that kid’s happy too.”

“That kid?”


Darel said that and Tiararose and Aquasteed tilted their head in confusion.

There were only Tiararose and Aquasteed in the room. Just in case, they looked behind them but there were no one.


Right then, Darel said “it’s here” and pointed towards Tiararose’s stomach.


“It was worried about causing big sis Tiara’s health problems with its poor body condition so…”

“Eh, this is…”


Tiararose looked at her stomach and placed a hand on it.

If what Darel said was true, she’s pregnant with Aquasteed’s child.


She tried to take deep breaths to relax, but indeed, thinking about it, her monthly period was late.


-I thought it was due to the busy schedule and long horse wagon journey.


Her heartbeat started pacing quickly.

She immediately looked at Aquasteed who was next to her, and he’s covering his mouth. He gulped and it’s clear that he’s delighted from the way his eyebrows were moving.


“Sir Aqua, I’m…”

“I-I’d call the doctor immediately! Tiara, stay here alright?”



Aquasteed rushed out the room, and Tiararose once again thanked Darel.

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