126 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 126

  1. The anxious Aquasteed

“Tiara, you should definitely not wear dresses that expose your shoulders; please take care not to make yourself cold.”

“…Um, yes.”


After being diagnosed by the doctor, Aquasteed said that the very first thing. After which, he covered her with a cardigan.

Since she’s in the bed, it was not that cold, but she’s happy at the consideration he’s shown her.

Tiararose nodded with a wry smile and before she could say anything, he hugged her tightly.


“And, thank you very much. For having our child”


Aquasteed whispered that he’s happy and it reached Tiararose’s ears. It’s clear that he’s so happy that he’s trembling right now, that’s when she finally realized that there’s really a child inside her.


-A child of Sir Aqua and mine…


“I’m the one who’s happy. Thank you very much, Sir Aqua.”

“I’ve to work harder in the future to protect both of you, right? Ah, I wish I could see it as soon as possible.”

“Sir Aqua, you’re too impatient…”


Tiararose rubbed Aquasteed’s head, as he was gently touching her stomach, and smiled.



Philiane and Elliot has planned to give Tiararose and Aquasteed some alone time together, before they entered the room.


“Congratulations, Sir Aquasteed, Lady Tiararose.”

“I’m so happy… Congratulations, Lady Tiararose, Sir Aquasteed!”


Elliot looked normally happy, while Philiane was so happy that tears were streaming down from her eyes.


“Thank you, the both of you. Philiane, if you cry like that, I’m going to…”


Tiararose tried to withhold her tears, as she’s influenced by Philiane too… but her eyes were watery.


“Tiara, you don’t have to force yourself to withhold it.”



Aquasteed gently rubbed her head and tears rolled down. She’s so happy that she’s overwhelmed with tears.


“You’re probably tired from everything that has happened today, so it’s okay if you go to sleep like this.”

“But, Elliot has come here for us…”


Tiararose said that as though it’d be bad to sleep without talking to him much, but before she could finish her sentence, Philiane opened her mouth.


“No, Lady Tiararose! Please prioritize your body now.”

“That’s right. I’m happy enough to see that you’re fine.”


Philiane was being forceful and Tiararose giggled.


“Well then, I shall take up your words and sleep, I guess?”

“Yes, please do that. How about a cup of black tea before sleeping? It’d warm up your body too.”

“Yes, please.”



Philiane went to prepare black tea and Elliot went with her; Aquasteed once again gently rubbed Tiararose’s head.

Stroked by that gentle and large hand, it made Tiararose sleepy.


-I’m happy, but…


“Sir Aqua, if you stroke me like that, I’d end up falling asleep before Philiane could prepare me the black tea…”


She said that with a red face and it made him laugh.


“That’d be bad.”

“You definitely did not expect that, right…?”

“Hmm… but, it makes me happy that Tiara’s comfortable to sleep by my side.”


He said that he just could not stop stroking her.


“Oh well, this is my privilege so it’d be fine, no? It’s only me who can touch Tiara.”



Her heart skipped a beat at how domineering Aquasteed was. His slightly low voice and erotic eyes made her heart beat unnecessarily hard.

Tiararose was grumbling about it and looked at Aquasteed.


-I want to touch you too.


However, right now, she has just received the healing magic from Darel, so it’d be better for her to rest. Aquasteed smiled happily while stroking Tiararose and this made her happiness meter reach its peak.


“…Sir Aqua.”


“I want to touch you too… so how about this?”


After saying that, Tiararose took Aquasteed’s hand, which was stroking her earlier, and interlocked fingers. After that, she took it to her cheek and rubbed against it like a small animal.




Aquasteed placed his other free hand on his own temple and sighed.


“Tiara really knows how to tempt me…”

“T-That’s not my intention…!”

“I know. It cannot be helped it that I love Tiara too much.”



Aquasteed tickled Tiararose with his hand which was placed on Tiararose’s cheek.


“Eek! Sir Aqua…”

“Isn’t this fine? It’s your fault for being cute, Tiara.”


Aquasteed kept feeling around her lips with his fingertips. When he traced it slowly, she felt her body trembling.

Aquasteed’s hot stare at her made her gulp inadvertently.


“…I like you.”


“I like you very much, Sir Aqua…”


She wrapped Aquasteed’s hand, which was touching her, with both hands. She then lightly grazed her lips upon it.

Tiararose gave a shy and playful smile at Aquasteed.


“Sir Aqua, is your heart beating fast too? …My heart has always been pounding hard.”


That’s why Tiararose decided to kiss him so that they would share the same sensations.


“…My heart’s always beating fast whenever I touch you, Tiara.”



Aquasteed told her to have more confidence in herself; he then slowly hugged Tiararose and kissed her.




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