126 Part 2

It was a fleeting kiss which left her desiring for more and she opened her eyes; that’s when her eyes met the golden irises of Aquasteed, who’s very close to her.


-Ugh, Sir Aqua’s close…


However, it felt very comfortable.

From this point onwards, this person does not belong to just her; he will also protect the lovable kid who’s residing within her right now. There’s surely nothing else more comforting than that.


“Please take care of me and this kid from now on.”


After saying that, Tiararose hugged Aquasteed tightly.


“Of course.”


Aquasteed hugged Tiararose back and once again kissed her gently.






The very next morning, Tiararose was woken up by Philiane’s good morning call. When she looked next to her, it seemed like Aquasteed’s already awake as it was empty.


“Good morning, Philiane… what’s the time now?”


She looked outside the window and noticed that it’s already quite bright. Tiararose was worried about oversleeping.


“Please take your time, Lady Tiararose. It’s ten now so it’s indeed later than usual but… many things happened yesterday so”


Philiane said with a smile that she’ll prepare for some light breakfast.


“It’s already this late? …I slept early yesterday though.”

“That means you’ve been very tired. Right now, you have a baby inside you, so you need to rest properly! I’ll make sure Lady Tiararose won’t do anything rash, alright?”


Philiane vowed to protect Tiararose no matter what, and she’s as reliable as Aquasteed.


“Thank you, Philiane. That’s very reassuring.

“Please leave it to me! I will definitely protect Lady Tiararose, no matter what! Even though it might be a hard decision, let’s be careful not to overindulge in sweets…!”



Philiane’s words struck her like lightning.


-I-Indeed, it might not be a good idea to overindulge in sweets!!


Or rather, she has always been unrestrained in eating her favorite stuffs all these while. Tiararose thought that she has no choice since it’s for the sake of her child, but she’s about to cry.

Looking at that, Philiane was determined to present her the largest cake in this world after the birth of the child.


“Well then, let’s change and have breakfast-“


Thud, thud, thud!


“Eek! What’s that sound..!?


Tiararose got off her bed and at the same time a loud sound reverberated through the mansion. She was so shocked that she held onto her bed post and Philiane put on a wry smile as she said “it has started huh…”


“It seems that they’re renovating the mansion.”

“Eh? I don’t remember hearing that yesterday…”


She might have returned home during a busy period. However, Philiane shook her head and said “that’s not right.”


“Since Lady Tiararose’s pregnant, the lord made the sudden decision to renovate the mansion.”


“He said he’d make sure he’d replace the steps with slopes.”



His actions were too swift that it made her want to wrap her head. Even so, she understands that he’s doing all these because he’s happy for her.



Tiararose finished the preparations and headed for the dining room when she heard the anxious voice of Aquasteed.


“Tiara, isn’t the staircase dangerous…?”


Aquasteed said that he’d carry her and told her to wait. Tiararose immediately shook her head in refusal as there’s no need for him to go that far.


“It’s fine, Sir Aqua! It’s better for me to move my body for a bit after all!”

“Is that so…? But, do let me know immediately if it becomes hard on you.”


Aquasteed looked worried and came over to Tiararose’s side to escort her.


“Yes. Thank you very much… ah, good morning, Sir Aqua.”

“Oh yes, we haven’t greeted each other huh. Good morning, Tiara, how’s your body condition?

“I’ve slept well so I’m all good. Thank you very much, Sir Aqua.

“That’s good.


Right when he was relieved, this time round, Schnauss appeared at the bottom of the stairs. It seems that he’s talking to the industrial person who’s in charge of the house renovations.

His eyes were shining and alive.


-Father’s filled with motivation…


“Isn’t the steps for my house too high!? It’d be bad if Tiara falls, let’s commence the reform immediately… eh!!!”


It’d be fine if the mansion will be renovated simply, but if he were to reform the entire house, Tiararose might be back in Marineforest before its completion.

Of course, that’s going a bit too far, so she looked at Aquasteed and smiled wryly… however. Aquasteed seems to be planning in his head already for the renovations that the castle needs.


Tiararose slowly walked down the stairs and called out to Schnauss.


“Good morning. Also, there’s no need for that… father.”

“Ah, morning, Tiara. Is your body fine? Don’t overexert yourself, alright? As for the reform… well hmm it might be better to do that after Tiara has left huh. It’s better not to make too much noise now.”


It seems that Schnauss was determined on the reform. Tiararose thought that there’s no need for that though and looked at Aquasteed for help.


“It’s fine, Tiara. I’d instruct them to quickly finish it before you return.”

“T-That’s not it, Sir Aqua!?”


Tiararose thought that it’d be pointless to talk to the two guys.


“I wonder if it’s a boy or girl. What name should we decide upon?”

“…you’re too impatient, Sir Aqua.”

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