127 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 127

  1. The Case of the Stuffed Toys

In the morning, Tiararose was resting in her own room with Aquasteed, and after lunch, she had a small celebration with her family members and closed ones.

It might be a bad idea for her to overeat from now onwards, but today’s special and various sweets were lined up in front of Tiararose.

From tarts filled with fruits to madeleines and macarons. There were cream puffs with waffles. Tiararose taught the chef the recipes and it seemed that they’ve improvised it further.


“Wow, all of them look delicious…!”

“The cooks specially prepared all of these for Lady Tiararose’s sake. Please have all you like for today.”

“I have to thank them afterwards.”


Tiararose sat down and Philiane prepared fruit tea for her. It has a refreshing fragrance which stirred up her appetite for sweets.

In the dining room, there were seven people – the main characters Tiararose and Aquasteed, Philiane, Elliot, Schnauss, Ilutiana and Darel.


“It’s really a happy event. Congratulations, Tiara.”

“Congrats, Tiara.”

“Thank you very much, father and mother.”


Schnauss was so happy that he’s crying and Ilutiana had a refreshing smile. Afterwards, Schnauss rang the bell on the table and a few attendants came over with stuffed toys.



“The kid needs toys, right? It was really fun choosing presents for the cute grandkid!”



Not satisfied with the mansion’s renovation, he even went shopping for stuffed toys. There were so many of them that one needs more than both hands to count them.

Everyone present thought that he’s too impatient, but nobody could point that out since Schnauss looked too happy.


-It’d be hard to carry all of these stuffed toys back.


Tiararose was taken aback, but she’s happy about Schnauss’ feelings. She decided that it might be better to bring a few back to Marineforest and leave the rest back at home.


Next, the nervous-looking Darel headed towards Tiararose.


“Congratulations, Big Sis Tiara.”

“Thank you, Darel. After the child’s born, play with it alright?”


Tiararose said that and Darel blinked in surprise before nodding.

After that, Philiane and Elliot congratulated her once again.


“Congratulations, Lady Tiararose.”

“Congratulations. This is from Philiane and me.”


After saying that with smiles, both of them handed Tiararose a rectangular box; it was wrapped and tied up with laces and ribbons.


“Thank you, both of you. I wonder what this could be”


Tiararose and Aquasteed unwrapped the present together and there’s a baby bib in it.

It was white in color with flowers and grasses embroidery. It seems that they chose it because it’d suit the child of Tiararose who has been blessed by the forest fairies.


-Everyone’s too impatient.


While thinking of that, she smiled.


“This is very cute. Let’s use it for the very first time, right, Sir Aqua?”

“That’s right. I’m sure this child, who has been blessed by everyone, would be happy.”


Tiararose and Aquasteed once again delivered their thanks and the leisure tea party started.



It’s a place of celebration for Tiararose and Aquasteed, but Tiararose wanted to become closer to Darel so she sat down beside him and talked to him.


“Darel, this sweet was made by the cooks based on the recipe I taught them. I hope you’d like it…”


After saying that, Tiararose handed the cream puff to Darel.

It has a fluffy base and it’s filled with cream. It’s unmistakably a delight and Tiararose could easily eat five of them in a row.


“Thank you very much, Big Sis Tiara. It’s the first time I’m seeing this dessert.”

“H-How was it…?”


Looking at Darel who has eaten it, she was nervous if he’d like it or not. He did say that he likes sweet stuffs, but she’s unsure if he likes it.

It’s rare for someone, like Tiararose, to love all kinds of sweets in general after all.


While waiting with an anxious heart, a smile appeared on the usually expressionless Darel’s face.


“I like it, this… um, cream puff.”

“Really? That’s great! I’m happy Darel likes it.”


Tiararose was relieved and she then placed the recommended sweets onto Darel’s plate.

Looking at that, Aquasteed held her hand and called out “Tiara”. It seems that he was amused by her.


“Don’t tell me you’re going to place all of the sweets onto Darel’s plate?”

“Eh? Oh no, what am I doing!”


After realizing what she has done after being called out by Aquasteed, Tiararose looked at the plate that’s overflowing with sweets.


-What am I doing!


She’s so happy that Darel liked the cream puff that she went overboard.


“Sorry, Darel…”


Tiararose hung her head and apologized, but Darel shook his head rapidly. He then smiled gently and took the plate from Tiararose’s hand.


“I’m happy, Big Sis Tiara.”



Darel laughed and Tiararose’s heart skipped a beat. She was touched by how cute a little brother could be.


“What a good kid you are, Darel!”



Tiararose was so happy that she hugged Darel tightly. He’s a very kind younger brother and she want to raise her own kid to be like him.


“Sir Aqua, my younger brother’s an extremely good kid!”

“That’s right. Tiara looks happy and that makes me happy too.”


Aquasteed laughed too and thought that he’d be a good playing partner to his child.

Aquasteed said that it’d be good to come back again, and invite her parents and Darel over.


Schnauss was overlooking their interaction excitedly and he said “yes that’s right” and looked at everyone.


“About the pregnancy, let’s announce it after Tiara’s body condition has stabilized. Let’s leave the official announcements for both Lapis Lazuli and Marineforest later.”

“Yes, that’s right. I think that’s good too.”


The pregnancies of the royal family ladies were usually announced after the body conditions of theirs have stabilized, or after the child has been born.

It’s not really a problem now, but in the past, there were various fights over the heir and wars, so pregnancies were kept a secret to protect the child from assassinations and such.

With such a past, it’s not often that the announcements would be made immediately.


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