127 Part 2

Aquasteed immediately agreed with him, and Tiararose looked at him before facing Ilutiana. She was smiling with a slightly troubled look and they’re probably thinking about the same thing.


-Both of them are so excited, will they be able to keep it a secret?


Or rather, Schnauss has already bought a large amount of stuffed toys. Rumors must be spreading like wildfire now.


-Probably, it’d be exposed before the official announcement…


Even so, that’d become a good memory. After the baby’s born, she could tell the child all of these have happened before.

Tiararose gulped down a cup of cold lemon water and fanned her face.


“I wonder if we’ve been talking too much? I’m slightly hot now.”

“Could it be that your mild fever’s still- ah, it seems like you don’t have it.”


Aquasteed touched Tiararose’s forehead and measured her temperature plainly. However, it was not exactly hot so she must just be excited and this made him smile.


“However, do tell me if your body doesn’t feel too well.”



She nodded with a smile when suddenly an incredible thing happened.




She noticed something moving at the corner of her vision and when she looked over, it seemed like the stuffed toys, which were presented to her by Schnauss, were moving all at once.

Bear, rabbit, cat, dog, dragon… these stuffed toys were dancing in circles, they then walked and ran around the table.

Their gestures were incredibly cute that she ended up staring at them.


The females were entranced by the stuffed toys, but the males were not particularly taken by them. Aquasteed thought that he’d immediately protect Tiararose if anything happens and stared at the toys.


“What on earth is happening!?”

“Are they possibility magical toys…?”


Schnauss was shocked and Aquasteed asked him about the stuffed toys. Perhaps, they were those toys… but it seemed like that’s not the case.


“No, I bought these stuffed toys from a normal store; they look harmless though…”


Schnauss nervously stretched his hand out to the bear stuffed toy and carried it. Right then, the bear happily moved its hands.


“Wow how cute…”


Seeing that, Tiararose muttered that without thinking, she thought of carrying one of the moving stuffed toys too.

It must be fun to play with moving toys… girls or ladies must have thought about that once in their lives before.


“Tiara, you shouldn’t do that.”

“I-I know…!”


It seems like her temptation was exposed, and Aquasteed warned her before she could do that.


“However, it’s troubling that we don’t know the reason.”

“I’m happy because it’s cute, but it’s indeed a little scary…”


Philiane said that since they don’t know the reason behind it, they should not easily accept it. In actual fact, Philiane wanted to touch it herself so she looked at Elliot with a wry smile.


“Elliot, what’d you think about it?”

“Hmm… if it’s not a magical toy, then perhaps someone’s moving it with magic power?”

“Magic power?”


After hearing Elliot’s words, everyone looked at the dancing stuffed toys once again. It might indeed be possible for them to be moved by magic powers, but it must require a fairly high level technique to do so.

Is there anyone who could do it so easily?


-Ah, but thankfully it’s not the acts of a monster.


After that, suddenly, she thought of a person.

In this room, there’s a person with amazing magic power- that’s right, it’s Darel.


Perhaps, he might be moving them to make everyone happy. With such thoughts, she peeked at Darel. He was just looking at the toys with a bewildered look.


“It seems like it’s not the act of Darel huh.”

“! Sir Aqua also thought that it was Darel?”

“There’re not many people who could do such an incredible act with magic power after all. I thought that it might be a possibility… Skills are of course a prerequisite, but creativity and sense’s required too. I don’t have such ability though.”


Darel has amazing healing magic power talent, and he has the creative mind of a child, who could play with stuffed toys, so Aquasteed thought that it might be him.

However, like Tiararose, he judged that it’s not Darel after looking at him.


-In that case, who’s it?


Aquasteed said that he could not do something like that. Aquasteed’s the main strategy character of the sequel so there shouldn’t be anyone who has higher magic power than him.

The only person with that ability in this room’s the mysterious Darel.


-Other than that…


It’s the heroine Akari and Aishira. Or could it be a similar game strategy character?


-But, there’s no one like that here…


“Hmm… I don’t know.”

“It’d be bad if something happens, so Tiara, please move to another room first. We will deal with the stuffed toys.”


If anything happens, the baby in her womb would be in danger too. Thinking about that, Tiararose nodded and stood up so that she could shift her location.


“That’s right. It’d be better if we know the reason, but as long as we don’t know the reason, we would be uneasy.”

“Father, please take care.”

“Yes. Tiara, please rest well.”


Aquasteed escorted her to her room first, and the place was left to Schnauss.


However, when Tiararose walked out of the room, the stuffed toys followed her.



“The stuffed toys are…”


Aquasteed immediately protected Tiararose from the back, but it seems like the stuffed toys were just following her and were not doing anything.

While wondering what was happening, Darel approached the stuff toys. He then said out loud.


“Big Sis Tiara’s going back to her room so it’s over now.”


After Darel said that, the stuffed toys stopped moving. After they stopped moving, they immediately collapsed on the spot.

Everyone, except Darel, looked at the scene with eyes wide open.


“Darel… were you the one who moved the stuff toys?”


Since he was surprised, Tiararose thought that it’s not him, and when she was about to continue her words, he shook his head and said no.


“It seems that the baby moved them with magic power. I’m sure it was happy about the stuffed toys bought by father.”

“Eh, the baby…?”


Tiararose looked at her stomach and placed a hand on it. She didn’t expected that it’d be the act of her baby.


“Really, this kid did it…?”


Tiararose muttered and then the cat stuffed toy stood up and wagged its long tail as though it was responding with “that’s right!”


“This is surprising…”



Schnauss and Ilutiana were shocked, and Philiane was so impressed that she exclaimed “as expected of Lady Tiararose’s child!”


Aquasteed placed his hand over Tiararose’s hand which was on her stomach and smiled gently.


“It seems that our child possesses unbelievable magic power huh.”

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