128 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 128

  1. Interaction with Darel

At night, Tiararose was thinking of various things while in the bathtub.

First of all, she’s thinking about the baby in her womb; she didn’t expect that it would be able to use magic power before it’s even being born. Next, the fact that Darel was easily able to figure that out.


-It might be better for me to talk to Darel once again about it.


It’s not that she doesn’t trust Darel; she just wanted to know more about her younger brother. Also, she might be able to find out more about her child’s magic power.


“…I’ll try asking Darel out for tea tomorrow!”


Even though he’s a child, he doesn’t talk much and show many variations in his facial expressions; however she’d probably get to know more about him from talking to him.


“I’m going to consult Philiane immediately about this!”


Tiararose decided to prepare some desserts which Darel has never eaten before… no, she thought that she’d make them personally, and nodded to herself.







“Tiara, are these alright for preparation?”

“Yes! Thank you for helping me, Sir Aqua.”


As Tiararose and Aquasteed invited Darel for tea, they prepared the setting in their own room.

After the setting was done, they just have to wait for the start of the tea party.


“There’s still some time, so Tiara you can sit down.”


After being told that, Tiararose was escorted by Aquasteed to the sofa. Ever since they found out about her pregnancy, he’s become more anxious about everything.


“This much is fine, you know?”

“That is… of course I know that but I just can’t help but feel unsettled.”


Aquasteed also sat down beside Tiararose and doted on her saying that “just think that I’m hopeless.”



“Thank you.”


Aquasteed grinned cheerfully and slowly placed his hand on her stomach. He looked very serious so he’s probably thinking about the child’s magic power.

It’s an unheard of incident, and there’s no episode of a child being born after the ending in the maiden game either.

Therefore, the future’s totally unknown-.


“…I’ve heard that, in very rare cases, there are children who hold magic power when they’re still in the wombs.”

“Is that so? I have never heard of that at all…”

“As I’ve said before, it’s quite rare; I guess it’s not that well known because most of these cases happen in the royal families.”


That’s why, the civilians, and of course, the nobles do not know of these incidents.


“However, in most of these cases, the magic powers were just felt, and there’re no stories where the magic power were actually actuated from the womb in the outside world…”

“Magic power that can even affect the outside world… I hope that will not become a burden to this child…”

“That’s right. If anything happens, I’ll protect it with all my power.”


That’s why there’s no need to be so worried about it, Aquasteed tried to appeal for that and gently hugged her.


“There’s no other place that would make me feel safe like this.”


Tiararose also touched Aquasteed back. After that he kissed her, on her nose, cheek and finally lips.


“You’re cute, Tiara.”

“S-Sir Aqua…”


Right when they were about to kiss again- knocks echoed through the room and simultaneously “It’s Darel” could be heard.


“Ah, it’s already time… what a pity, time’s over. Let’s continue later…”


Aquasteed said that and pecked Tiararose gently before standing up from the sofa.


“Sir Aqua, I…”

“It’s fine, just sit down. It’s fine for me to do this much, right?”


When he opened the door, Darel was standing up straight with a nervous look. After that, he immediately lowered his head and bowed.


“Thank you for the invitation, Big Sis Tiara and King Aquasteed.”

“Welcome, Darel.”

“You don’t have to be this nervous. There’s no need to call me so formally too, well then, come in.”

Aquasteed gently touched Darel’s back and guided him into the room.


“T-Thank you very much. Umm… what should I call you other than King?”

“Hmm… since you’re Tiara’s younger brother, you can call me Bro, you know?”


Of course, it’s alright to call him Mister too. After Aquasteed said that, Darel’s eyes were wandering around as he tried to think what he should do.


“Big Bro…”

“Yes, that’s good.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”


After looking at Aquasteed’s nod, Darel felt relieved.


“Both of you are really like siblings.”

“Is that so? Big Sis Tiara… I’m happy.”


Darel was expressionless before, probably because of his nervous feelings, but his expressions started to lighten up.


“Well then, let’s have tea. Darel please sit down too.”



After looking at how Darel sat down opposite Tiararose, she said “You don’t have to be nervous, you know” and laughed.

Aquasteed also sat down beside her and she poured tea. Darel looked at Tiararose’s hands and was clenching his hands which were on his knees.


-It looks like he’s extremely nervous.


Tiararose decided to start the topic so that Darel could speak freely.


“Today, I’ve prepared some cream puffs which are slightly smaller than those we’ve had yesterday; there are two fillings, the same ones as yesterday and chocolate ones.”


Tiararose decided to strategize by having him eat these desserts first.

Darel blinked his eyes and said “it looks delicious”. He then stretched his hands out and took the chocolate cream puff, which was not available yesterday, and put it into his mouth.


“…! This is delicious…”

“I’m glad you like it.”


Tiararose was happy that he liked not only the plain cream puffs but the chocolate ones too.

Seeing how Darel was smiling made her feel that their distance have narrowed compared to before.


“Thank you very much, Big Sis Tiara.”

“You’re welcome, Darel. I think you’re nervous but… it’s okay to be laid back, you know?”


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