128 Part 2

It might be difficult to do that immediately, but she wanted him to smile and talk more. When she tried to convey those thoughts of hers directly to Darel, he showed a slightly troubled look.


-Have I said too much!?


Tiararose began panicking and shook her head, saying that “you don’t have to force yourself.” She doesn’t have any intention to force upon Darel and make him uncomfortable.

However, Darel just ended up being quiet and Tiararose was regretting what she has just said and thought that she should have done that later after they’ve had more interactions.


She’s so happy about having a younger brother; he even healed her and told her that her child can use magic powers.

Tiararose wondered how she could mend the situation when Aquasteed talked to Darel.


“It cannot be helped it that it’s hard to talk since we’ve just met recently. However, if it’s possible, would you tell us more about yourself, Darel? Tiararose and I would very much love to become closer with you, Darel.”

“Big Bro… thank you very much. Um. I… don’t really know much words and I’m still in the midst of studying. Therefore, I think I might cause troubles to the both of you…”


Darel said that there’re so many things he still doesn’t know and he wasn’t able to read words smoothly either.


“I see. Darel, you are not causing us troubles. Let’s talk a lot more together, shall we? It’d help with your studying and we’re also happy about it.”

“That’s right. If you used the wrong words, we would teach you.”

“T-Thank you! I’m happy.”


Darel showed a smile which’s fitting for his age when Tiararose and Aquasteed said that. Unlike before, he revealed an unrestrained and relieved smile.


“Hehe, Darel’s our younger brother after all. Hey, if you don’t dislike the idea of it… would you tell us how you’ve spent your life before?”

“Ah… that’s…”


The smiling Darel’s facial expression suddenly turned dark and Tiararose began to blame herself again. Schnauss and Ilutiana doesn’t know about it, so there’s no way he would tell Tiararose, whom he has just met a few days earlier.

However, after looking at Tiararose’s expression, Darel began panicking; he thought that it’s his fault for troubling his kind elder sister.


“That’s not right, Big Sis Tiara! That’s… I just ended up thinking about master.”


“The person who taught me the healing magic, I always called him master so…”


For the first time, Darel told her that he learnt healing magic power. However, at the same time, now it’s proven that Schnauss’ guess was right.

Looking at Darel’s expression, it seemed like he has good feelings towards his master.


-However, he separated from his master and became the adopted son in this family, right?


There are many different patterns when it comes to separations, but it’s hard to think that this kind Darel would lose his respect for his master.

The only possibility is that he couldn’t pay his tuition fee, but that’s not possible. Or perhaps, Darel made a mistake and was abandoned?


-Darel was able to use amazing healing magic power though.


As Tiararose thought of the reason behind their separation, she could only think of one possibility.

She thought of changing the topic quickly, but it was too late.


“Master departed from this world on the day when it rained. After that I was alone… and when I was troubled about what I should do, I met father and the others.”

“I’m sorry, Darel. I’ve made you think of the hard times, right? It must have been very lonely after your master, who had brought you up, passed away.”


Tiararose was about to cry anytime now, and Darel was surprised and said “Big Sis, you’re so kind.”


“But… I see. This feeling’s called ‘lonely’ huh.”


Darel never knew how to express this feeling in words. Darel doesn’t know anything that his master has not taught him.

That’s why, Darel was quiet like his master, and since he was born in a limited environment, he doesn’t know many things other than magic power.


Aquasteed was also shocked and tried to offer words of consolations.


“Thank you for telling us your story, Darel. If it’s hard on you, please talk to us any time.”

“Yes, it’s as Sir Aqua has said. If you’re lonely, let’s talk together. Mother also wants to talk to you more, Darel.”

“Big Sis, Big Bro… thank you very much. I feel like my loneliness has lessened slightly.”


After saying that, Darel talked a bit about his memories with his master.


“I was always with my master, and there’re only the both of us. We live in the middle of the forest. Sometimes, we would visit the streets a few times in a year, but it’s not that often. That’s why I was so shocked when I first ate desserts.”


Darel only knew about the sweetness of the honey that’s taken from the forest. Or when it comes to meals, it’d be the fruits.

Of course, his life was filled with magic.

There’s why, there’s nothing but magic in Darel’s life and he’s still not adjusted to his current environment, and he said that with a wry smile.


“However, father and mother were so kind to me so I want to adjust to it quickly. I don’t want to be alone anymore…



Darel was worried about being hated and desperately tried to study hard; he didn’t want to lose this precious place which he has found after separating from his master.


Even though Darel’s words were simple, Tiararose could not help but cry after listening to what he has said; she didn’t expect such a young kid to have been through such harsh experience.

It must have been hard for him to lose his master, but to think that he thinks of this place preciously and is working hard not to lose it


“Darel, no matter what happen, I’m going to protect you!”

“Me too, I’ll protect Big Sis Tiara! I don’t have any other skills other than healing magic though…”


That’s why, if anything happens, Darel wanted to become reliable. Tiararose thought that he’s very cute and said “My younger brother’s very admirable!” and wanted to protect him even more.


“In that case, I will protect both of you.”

“There’s nothing to be scared of with Sir Aqua around, right?”



Tiararose and Aquasteed smiled; Darel also showed a smile and gave an energetic reply.

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