The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 129

  1. Magic Power Running Wild



Tiararose felt a little breathless and woke up.

She fell asleep last night after drinking hot milk. Her sleeping posture was fine and her body condition wasn’t bad.




Has she not gotten rid of the travelling fatigue yet? Thinking about that, she was about to sit up straight when- she gulped.


“W-What’s this…!?”



When Tiararose raised her voice, Aquasteed immediately woke up. After checking the surrounding, Aquasteed protected Tiararose’s back.


“Is this… magic?”


Tiararose and Aquasteed’s bed was floating in the air. At the same time, the dolls that were placed within the bedroom, side table, books and flower vases were at the same level too.

They were swaying like a cradle and it felt a little comforting. Although it was comforting, Tiararose’s breathlessness started to become worse-


Looking at how Tiararose’s having difficulty breathing, Aquasteed immediately hugged her up. He immediately realized that the strange phenomenon was caused by the baby in her womb.

After jumping off from the bed, Aquasteed shouted.


“Elliot, Philiane! Immediately call the doctor over! Also, I’m sorry for doing this in the middle of the night, but please wake Darel up too.”


Elliot immediately dashed over. He had a coat and his hair was in a mess. From the way he’s breathing hard, he must have dashed over quickly.


“Sir Aquasteed, what on earth- Lady Tiararose!?”


Although Tiararose was in pain, she’s conscious till earlier, however right now she’s lost consciousness in Aquasteed’s arms.


“Elliot, wake Darel up immediately. I’ll ask the doctor to check her out too, but he might be a better option given that he’s good at healing magic.”

“I got it, I’ll come soon!”


They missed each other, but Philiane came over with a cardigan and messily tied up hair.


“Lady Tiararose!? What on earth is happening, King Aquasteed! The doctor…!?”

“Not yet. I’ve just asked Elliot to call Darel over. Philiane, please call the doctor over and inform the Count and others immediately after that.”

“I’d do it immediately!”


After looking at how Philiane rushed off hurriedly, Aquasteed took a deep breath. First of all, he needed Tiararose to lie down but the bed and all other things were floating.

Even so, if he placed her on the sofa, her body would feel uncomfortable.

If this continues, they might have to prepare another room.


“Hah, hah…”



Tiararose was in cold sweat and looked extremely pained, he rubbed her forehead gently and placed his lips there gently.


-It’s hot.


It was quite hot; he felt bad for not noticing it even though he’s sleeping right next to her.

He was frustrated at how he could not do anything for Tiararose. Furthermore, since it’s his own child, he couldn’t do anything.


Hurried footsteps could be heard and the door was opened with tremendous force. Darel, who’s out of breath, rushed in and looked at Tiararose with widened eyes.


“Big Sis Tiara…!”

“Sorry for waking you up, Darel. It’s probably due to the influence of the baby’s magic power. It’d be bad if something bad happens if I tried anything… Sorry, but could you please take a look”


He squatted down so that his eye level matches that of Darel; he immediately realized how Tiararose was in pain and things were floating around in the room.


Darel nodded slightly and placed his hand on Tiararose’s stomach.


“I cannot solve the root problem, but I think I can ease Big Sis Tiara’s body condition temporarily.”


After saying that, Darel used his healing magic. Tiararose’s breathing started to stabilize and she’s now sleeping soundly.

It seemed that her pain’s gone for now.


Aquasteed placed his hand on her forehead to check if she’s a fever, and it seemed like it has subsided considerably compared to earlier.


“…Thank you, Darel. You were of help.”

“No, I don’t like it when Big Sis Tiara was suffering too…”


He looked at the room and realized that all the floating objects were back to their original positions. He rubbed his chest in relief and placed Tiararose on the bed.


As though the timing was just right, loud footsteps, even louder than the ones before, echoed through the room.


“Tiara, Tiara~!”

“Sir, if you talk loudly, Lady Tiararose will….”


As Aquasteed has thought, it was Schnauss. Philiane also returned, as though she’s trying to catch up to him.


“Darel used his healing magic so Tiara has calmed down. She’s sleeping right now so let’s be quiet…”

“I-I’m glad… Darel, as expected of my son!”



Schnauss rubbed Darel’s head and complimented him; Darel also looked happy and smiled.


“Ah, I’m glad. Now that Lady Tiararose’s fine, Sir Darel should also rest.”

“That’s right. Darel. Please return to your room. Let’s meet again tomorrow for breakfast.”

“Yes. Good night.”


Philiane said that she’ll send Darel off and she went out with him, after that Elliot came back.


“The doctor will be here soon.”

“Yes, I got it.”


After which, the doctor took a look at Tiararose but he only suggested that it’s due to fatigue.

Since it involves magic power, ordinary medical treatment would not suffice. It might be possible if the body strength was restored, but that’s probably going to be insignificant.

Aquasteed thought that he has to come up with a plan and looked at the sleeping Tiararose.






The next day, Tiararose woke up as though nothing has happened.


“Tiara, how’s your body condition?”

“Sorry for causing troubles in the middle of the night. I’m fine now, I think.”

“It’s not trouble at all.”


Tiararose said that energetically and Aquasteed was relieved. However, he doesn’t know if something similar would happen again, so he told her to relax for the time being.


“Philiane will be here soon, please make sure you’re always with her when I’m not by your side.”

“I got it; I’ll not overexert myself.”

“I’ll talk to the Count later on. After that, let’s eat sweets together.”


Tiararose was lying down on her sides on the bed, and Aquasteed rubbed her head with a smile. After that, he kissed her rosy-pink lips and said “Be a good kid, alright.”


“Tsk, I’m already an adult, you know?”

“There’s the previous incident, after all… oh it seems like Philiane’s here. Well then, see you later.”



As though he’s not willing to part, he kissed her once again and left the room.







“King Aquasteed!”


He arrived at the reception room and Schnauss was already there waiting.

They were going to talk about Tiararose. With the current situation, her body condition might worsen in the future if nothing was done.


Aquasteed sat down on the sofa and talked about the cause.


“…The child’s magic power was too great.”

“I know that too. It’s good to have lots of magic power, but I don’t know how this would affect Tiara and it’s scary.”



Aquasteed placed the documents he has hurriedly compiled together at night on the table and showed them to Schnauss.


“I’ve tried to do a research, but the time was short… so for now I only have these.”

“Are these actual precedent examples of children with magic power?”


The data were normally not revealed to the public, but last night, Elliot used his network magic to obtain the information from Marineforest. Even so, these information were not documents passed down from the past, rather it was from Grail, who knows everything.


“There’s no record of children with this tremendous amount of magic power.”

“…It seems so.”


Schnauss looked over the documents and nodded at Aquasteed’s words. After which, he muttered “You’re amazing for coming up with these documents at such a short notice…”


“Tiara’s fine for now.”

“…Now. We don’t know about the future.”


Schnauss’ eyebrows twitched and his facial expression hardened. However, Aquasteed’s doing the same thing now.

He vowed to protect Tiararose no matter what happens, so he’d do anything..


“Magic power’s something that would grow. Since it’s a kid, it’d become bigger as it grows.”

“Hmm… That’s true.”

“Right now, it’s moving soft toys and making things float. In my opinion, it’s probably the way of playing for the child, and for the incident at night, it’s probably wailing then.”


In other words, currently, the baby in her womb’s controlling the magic power and utilizing it, so to a certain extent, there’s no problem. No, it’s a big problem since Tiararose’s suffering, and it might become worse in the future.


“What if the magic power gradually grows and the baby wouldn’t be able to control it anymore-”

“T-That’d be bad, isn’t it!?”

“That’s right. That’s why I’ll try to find ways to help Tiara.”


He’s considering making the baby control the magic power well, or find other completely different solutions.

There’s not much time-

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