130 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 130

  1. Akari is back

A few days after the incident where Tiararose was in pain due to her child’s magical power, Akari came back again; she’s here to talk about Tiararose so that she can get closer to Schnauss.

Of course, she’s also planning to have tea with Tiararose and Aquasteed.


“Eh!? A child!? Wow! Congrats, Lady Tiara~!!”


Akari raised both of her hands in excitement and said “Well done-!”


“We’ve got to celebrate! Sweets would be good right, Lady Tiara?”

“Lady Akari… Thank you very much.”

“No. I’ll bring it over next time! …even so, are you having morning sickness now? You don’t look too well.”


Akari tilted her head as she’s worried about how Tiararose looked tired as she’s sitting on the sofa.


“Would it be better for you to rest in bed?”

“No. It’s not really the morning sickness… Rather, the child’s magical power is so huge that it seems to be affecting me too.”

“Eh!? As expected of Lady Tiara and Sir Aqua’s child! It’s strong even before it is being born!!”


Akari exclaimed that it’s expected of the sequel’s main strategy character and villainess. It might be a slightly grave situation from my perspective, but I feel that everything will be fine as long as she’s here.

After being done with the fawning, Akari sat down on the sofa and continued her words “So what about the other details?”


“Do you know its gender?”

“Not yet. It’s only recently that I’ve found about the pregnancy… or rather is it possible to determine the gender in this world?”

“Ah, that’s true. It’s possible with Japanese medical system… but the medical system here isn’t advanced at all-”


It was said that the doctor doesn’t know the gender of the baby before it’s born here. As the child of Aquasteed, one would think that a prince would be good… but Tiararose thought that either gender would be fine as long as it’s healthy and Aquasteed shares the same sentiments as her.


“However, since it is Lady Tiara’s child… a girl would be very cute, and a boy would turn out to be handsome…! It excites me just by thinking about it. I’ll come and visit the child after it’s born, alright!!”


Akari’s so excited that it cannot be helped it that she has a huge grin on.

Akari’s very happy about that, and if she were to bear a child, she wants their children to become good friends.


It was only then that Akari remembered that she’s here to deepen her relationship with Schnauss.

She was distracted by the announcement of Tiararose’s pregnancy.


-Father is talking to Sir Aqua right now.


Tiararose didn’t hear about what they’re talking about, but it’s probably about the child. She doesn’t think that it’d be a good idea to interrupt the two, so she planned to have Akari give up on today’s meeting.


“Lady Akari, father and Sir Aqua are busy so… it might be difficult for them to meet you.”

“Is that so? …well, the both of them must be really busy.”


Akari puffed her cheeks as she took the effort to come here.


“I’m sorry… both of them are desperately researching for the sake of the child.”


“Its magical power is so huge that it’s putting a huge burden on me. It’s excruciatingly painful and difficult for me to maintain my consciousness.”

“Eeeeh!? Isn’t that very dangerous?!!”


Akari clenched her fist as she wanted to hit herself for saying that the strongest kid is the best earlier.


“I didn’t know about it when I was playing the game, but after coming to this world and actually using magic… I realized how dangerous it can be. For a baby that has not been born to control magic power is…”


Akari said that it might be fine now but it might be harder from now on.


“However, Sir Aqua’s searching for a way to resolve the matter right? That’s great…”


If the magic power were to run wild, it’s unimaginable what effect it would have on the mother, Tiararose.


“I cannot stay still like this! I’m also going to participate in the meeting to save Lady Tiara!”

“Lady Akari!?”


Akari immediately stood up from the sofa and said “It will be fine, leave it to me!!” before leaving the room.






At the reception room, Aquasteed and Schnauss were discussing about the magic power like they did yesterday. However, other than that issue, there’s also the problem of finding an appropriate place to give birth to the child.


“As a noble, it should be fine to give birth back at home, however Tiara’s part of the Marineforest royal family now. Thinking about that point, it might be better to set up a place at Marineforest-”


However, for Schnauss, he’s worried if this would end up causing danger. What if the magic power grows out of control while they were on their way to Marineforest?

There are probably excellent healing magic users in Marineforest too. However, he’s not entirely sure if that person would be able to help Tiararose.

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