130 Part 2

In that case, it might be better to stay and give birth at home where Darel’s around.


Of course, Aquasteed was also thinking of that as an option.

However, if that happens, Aquasteed would return to Marineforest alone and he would not be able to meet Tiararose for a while.

Even though it’s for the treatment of the Queen, it’s not possible for Aquasteed, the king, to leave his jobs unattended and cause troubles to his country.


-I want to protect Tiara myself.


That’s why he’s very determined to find a way to suppress the child’s magic power. However, at the moment, there aren’t any valid measures.

Excellent healing magic users were gathered in Marineforest, but it’s hard to tell if they’d be able to solve the problem.


Aquasteed was not able to come to a conclusion and looked at Schnauss.


“As the royal family, Tiara would have the best options. I’m going to look for an option that’s the best for Tiara.”

“As expected… you’re reliable.”

“It’s important for Tiara to be fine-”


That’s when the door opened widely with a force. Aquasteed and Schnauss looked at the door, thinking what has happened, when they saw Akari standing there with a determined look.


“…What is it, Ms Akari?”


Aquasteed was looking at her with a cold look as though he’s judging her for having no manners.

However, Akari was not taken aback by that.


“Lady Tiara’s having difficulty! As her close friend, I thought that I have to join the strategy meeting and ran over here to do so.”


Akari trotted into the room and stopped walking.

Aquasteed and Schnauss were sitting on the sofa, facing each other. Of course, it’d be bad to sit next to either of them… She carried a chair that comes with an attached table and sat down on the side where the birthday kid usually sits at.


“Well then! Let’s think about some strategy to cope with the baby’s magic power!”


Akari looked over and said that there’s not much time.

Aquasteed had no problem with that, but Schnauss probably still have some ill-feelings towards her. Even though it’s for the sake of Tiararose, will he accept her?

Such worries were running wild at the back of Aquasteed’s mind.


Schnauss frowned but nodded at Akari’s words.


“Actually I want to refuse you, but my feelings aren’t the most important right now, it’s the future of Tiara and the kid that’s important.”

“That’s right. Lady Tiara’s the most important thing right now! Father, let’s save Lady Tiara and the baby!”



Even though Akari was a little overly persistent, Schnauss agreed with her. Right now, it’s important to think about the future rather than the issues of the past.


-As expected of Tiara’s father.


To be honest, Aquasteed thought that Akari would provide great help. She’s the user of the “Holy prayer” and he has heard from Tiararose that she’s a player of this game too.

Perhaps, she might know some good ways to help resolve the issue.


First of all, Aquasteed explained what has happened these few days.


“I see, control the magic power… however, is it possible for the baby to do so when it has not yet developed its own identity?”

“…I’m not sure. However, if it’s not able to control it, Tiara would be in danger.”



Even Akari was not able to think of a way to control the unborn child’s magic power, and they were disappointed.


“Ugh~ This is bad, I’ll definitely save both Lady Tiara and the baby! There should be some way!!”


She wanted to say that since it’s a maiden game, the ending should be a happy one, but Tiararose’s the villainess.


“Some might say since she’s the villainess, it’s alright for her to die- but I, the heroine, will not allow that to happen.”


Looking at how Akari was so determined to save Tiararose, Aquasteed and Schnauss too felt motivated to do so.


Schnauss placed his hand on his chin and was thinking of what could be done.


“To control the magic power, what if we find a way to prevent the magic power from growing? However, there’s no such precedence in the past so it might be difficult…”

“If it’s that, it might be better to absorb the magic power as soon as possible…”

“-That’s it!”


Akari’s face brightened and said “Nice!” when she heard what Aquasteed has said.


“Ms Akari, are you saying that it’s better to absorb the magic power?”

“That’s right. It might be a valid option, like what father has said, to prevent the magic power from growing, however this might hinder the growth of the child’s power and it’s quite sad.”


With such thoughts, it might be better if the magic power is absorbed while it’s growing, and Akari agreed with Aquasteed’s opinion.

However, while Aquasteed and Schnauss agree that it’s logical to absorb the magic power, they have no idea how to do so.


“Ms Akari, do you have any great idea to do so?”

“Yes! There are magic absorbent items and it would be fine if we create one!”

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