131 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 131

  1. The Night Flower Bird

Akari’s breathing became frantic and her tension’s rising.


“We’d need the ’Attack Ring‘ or ‘Protection Ring’!”

“It’s my first time hearing those rings though…”


Aquasteed was asking for some kind of explanations, while Schnauss was already into the idea saying that “Will Tiara and the child be saved?!”


“Even so, it’d be a little difficult to gather the material. But as long as I’m here, it’s going to be an easy matter! Please be assured!”


Attack Ring or Protection Ring can be created as long as the materials were gathered; they’re useful equipments at first, but its effect would eventually shrink so there aren’t many players with it.

As per their names, the Attack Ring’s used for attacks with the user’s magic power while the Protection Ring’s used to set up a defensive barrier. The wearer’s magic power is required to trigger the power of the rings.


“This ring would not only absorb magic power while it’s being used, it’d continuously absorb magic power round the clock. It’s a small amount for me, but it should be sufficient for Lady Tiara and the baby’s magic power!”


For the heroine Akari who can use the Holy Prayer, these equipments would only absorb a small portion of her magic and have little effect.

However, since Tiararose originally has little magic power, Akari thought that it might be harsh for her to put it on round the clock in her usual condition. However, the story’s different once the child’s magic power comes in.


“It will not only absorb the magic power that’s going wild, it would also protect Lady Tiara! Isn’t it the best ring?!”


Akari explained about the Protection Ring and Schnauss clapped saying that it’s the best.


“Let’s immediately make it! I’ll arrange for the required materials!!”

“Please calm down, Father! The materials are not for sale, so we’d have to obtain them ourselves!”

“Cough! You did say something like that earlier…”


Schnauss was so excited that he stood up from the sofa; he cleared his throat and sat down again.

Aquasteed looked at Akari and wondered how long Tiararose’s body would be able to last.


-With Darel’s healing magic power, we’re not in an urgent situation yet.


Even so, that’s not a valid reason for them to take their time. Considering the burden on Tiararose, it would be better to obtain the materials as soon as possible.


“Ms Akari, please tell us the details for the materials.”

“Sir Aqua! Yes, of course! The bird that will only appear at night – the Night Flower Bird; the wing feather of the bird would be required to make the Attack Ring, and the tail feather would be required to make a Protection Ring.”

“Feather of a bird? It’s the first time I’m hearing that…”

“It’s probably because it’s not sold in stores~”


Akari said that it’s an item that could only be handmade and cannot be bought.


“The Night Flower Bird’s a very special bird. It’s a plant bird where flower petals would bloom from its wings and leaves would grow from its tail. It’s extremely rare and it isn’t easy to come across it!”


That’s why, it’s important to be patient and visit the forest every night.

Even so, Akari thought that one night should be enough to come across it. As long as they’ve found the Night Flower Bird, it’s guaranteed to be theirs.

When she was playing the game, the Night Flower Bird would not drop items hundred percent of the time whenever it’s been beaten.

It’s extremely rare and the drop rate was about 5 percent.


Thinking about that, compared to the game, it might be easier in reality where they’d obtain the materials so long as they’ve defeated it.


“I see, at night huh…”


In that case, Aquasteed thought that they’d have to prepare for the departure and take a nap for now; he doesn’t plan to take it easy so he’s determined to fight from tonight onwards.


“I’m going to find the Night Flower Bird from tonight onwards. Please take care of Tiara meanwhile.”

“Yes, of course. For the sake of Tiara, please do your best.”


Schnauss nodded at Aquasteed’s words and bowed his head.


“Also, it seems like Darel is also worried that Tiara would suffer again, so he’s sleeping for a while in the day. Tiara’s really a blessed person to be loved by everyone.”


With a smile, Schnauss said “Please leave the matters in the mansion to us.”






Tiararose was dozing off on the sofa, when she felt someone gently rubbing her head. Ahh, it’s Aquasteed. She immediately realized it’s him.


“…Sir Aqua.”

“Ah, sorry, I woke you up. However, if you’re going to rest, let’s go to the bed.”


He gently carried her up and immediately brought her to the bedroom. Aquasteed sat on the edge of the bed and put on a gentle smile; this made Tiararose smile warmly too.


-The sun has already set huh.


The sky outside the window has turned dark; Tiararose initially planned to take a nap but she has fallen into deep sleep and this made her smile wryly.

Also, she noticed that Aquasteed’s outfit is quite different from his original one.


“Sir Aqua, are you going to somewhere?”


Aquasteed’s wearing an outfit that’s similar to that of a knight and there’s his beloved sword on his waist. His outfit revealed his determination to fight and this confused her.

Aquasteed smiled wryly and rubbed Tiararose’s head, telling her that “it’s fine.”


“We found a way to deal with Tiara and the child’s magic power!”

“Eh!? How did you… oh right, Lady Akari.”


Tiararose remembered that she told her that she’s going to join the conversation to resolve the problem before she left.

Perhaps, Akari might have said something dangerous? That thought came into her mind.


Looking at the confused Tiararose, Aquasteed grinned.


“There’s no need for you to worry that much. It’s Lady Akari’s plan but I’m going to find the Night Flower Bird from today onwards.”

“That’s- ah the Attack Ring and Promise Ring?”

“As expected, Tiara knows about it too huh.”


Aquasteed was nodding and Tiararose thought that it’s indeed a perfect item.


“If it’s that, it would absorb my magic power and probably the magic power from the baby too. As expected of Lady Akari, she has noticed that well…”


Tiararose thought that she’d not have thought of it by herself and sighed.


“It might be hard to obtain the materials though…”

“Who do you think I am? I’ll immediately obtain it and return.”

“…Yes. Thank you very much, Sir Aqua. This child and I will be waiting for you. Please come back as soon as possible.”

“Of course.”

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