131 Part 2


Looking at how Aquasteed’s face was getting closer, Tiararose slowly closed her eyes. Her lips were touched and the squishy sound of their lips meeting echoed.

That sound was kind of embarrassing and she covered half of her face with the quilt.


Tiararose’s reaction was so cute that Aquasteed thought that he has to return as soon as possible and grinned.






“Well then, it’s our time from now on!”


After Akari was done with the preparations, she waited for Aquasteed and Elliot at the entrance while riding a horse.

Aquasteed shook his head and thought that Akari should not enter the forest with them without a bodyguard.


“Ms Akari, please wait in the mansion with Tiara.”

“No way. This is so fun… or rather there’s no way I’m going to stay around doing nothing when it’s an important thing pertaining to Lady Tiara!”


Akari said that with pride; Aquasteed and Elliot sighed knowing that nothing they say would convince her.


“Elliot, please immediately contact Prince Hartnight.”

“I got it.”


Aquasteed decided that it’d be fine if Hartnight’s with them.

Akari looked excited with shiny eyes and said “Is Sir Hartnight also joining us?!” Looking at that, Elliot began to worry if it’d going to be fine.



After a while, the breathless Hartnight has arrived on a horse.


“Hah, hah, hah… sorry. Akari, you’re doing something reckless again…!!”

“It’s totally not reckless! This is for the sake of Lady Tiara!”



Hartnight totally has no idea what’s going on and Aquasteed explained to him. He also told him that they were going to the forest to obtain the material for the ring.


Hartnight was confused by the events and shouted “isn’t that bad?!”


“Wait… in that case, shouldn’t I congratulate you first? No, it’d be better if we obtain the Night Flower Bird material so let’s head to the forest as soon as possible.”

“…Thank you. We still don’t plan to make it official so please keep it a secret. Also, it’d help us if you’d provide aid on this matter.”



After making sure that Aquasteed and Hartnight were done with their conversations, Akari shouted loudly “Time for departure!” and proceeded on with the horse.




The forest in the borders outside the Lapis Lazuli capital was filled with dangerous nocturnal creatures so there weren’t many people.

Due to that reason, there weren’t many people who knew of the existence of the Night Flower Bird. Since Hartnight does not know of it too, it might not have revealed itself in this world.


The beautiful sound of its cries at night would bewitch the people and this prevents them from exposing their identities.

There were not many people who would remember the clear cries, which sounded like Purie.


When they arrived at the entrance of the forest, Aquasteed and the others secured the horse reins with tree branches and entered into the forest by foot.



“Akari, what’s with that all of a sudden?”

“Ah, it’s the cries of the Night Flower Bird! It sounded like Pui, Purie. It’s cute right~?”


Akari thought that it might appear if she imitated their cries.


“It sounds pretty interesting.”


Elliot was impressed and looked around the forest. He looked at the ground and then the top of the tree. Unfortunately he didn’t manage to catch the sight of a single bird.

This seems like it’s going to be quite tough and everyone began to brace themselves.


“With my experience, we can go deeper inside! Therefore let’s proceed~!”


Akari prepared light with magic power and walked in front. Elliot, who’s also the bodyguard, hurriedly tried to stop her.


“I’ll walk in front!!”

“It’s fine. I’m strong!”


Akari clenched her fist but Elliot raised his voice and said “That’s not the problem!”


“Akari, please listen. It’d be too late if anything happens, you know?”



Akari nodded at Hartnight’s words and the four of them entered into the forest.


“The Night Flower Bird’s about the size of a palm and it’s extremely cute. The color of flower’s different for each one of it so I can’t wait to encounter them.”


Orange, pink, white, blue… Akari listed the colors of the flowers. She’s excited to find out the color of the Night Flower Bird that they’d encounter today.


Aquasteed was thinking that if a mysterious bird that’s made of plants would really exist, but since fairies and spirits exist, it wouldn’t be strange for a plant bird to exist too.


After walking for about an hour, Elliot who’s walking ahead of everyone said “That’s…” and stopped walking. Everyone tried not to make noises as they looked in front, and there was a bird drinking water at a small river ahead.

The white petals of its wings were still shining bright in the middle of the night and its tail looked soft. That’s unmistakably the Night Flower Bird.




The clear voice caught their attention.

Ah, their bodies were frozen as though it’s sacred to touch such a beautiful living creature. This is the reason why people cannot find the Night Flower Bird.


Elliot and Hartnight was about to withdraw, but Akari said “No we can’t~” and attacked them with lightning.

Both of their bodies shook from the electric shock and their eyes widened.


“Ugh… it’s tingling…”

“What are you doing all of a sudden…Akari…”


Elliot and Hartnight were kneeling on the floor as they tried to withstand the tingling; Akari grinned at them.


“You can’t be enchanted by the Night Flower Bird. We are here as a squad to save Lady Tiara!”

“Hah! Speaking of which, my legs were turning back on their accords…”

“To think that we were bewitched by nature… Sorry. You’ve helped us, Akari.”


It might be bad if Akari was not around and Elliot felt ashamed of himself.



“That’s right, isn’t it? Please praise me even more!”

“Hey, you’ve gotten too ahead of yourself, Akari.”


Hartnight warned Akari but she stuck her tongue out and laughed.

Well then, let’s refocus and move on! Right then the clear cries “Purie” could be heard from a close distance.

It seemed like the Night Flower Bird has flew right above Aquasteed and the others’ heads.


“What an enchanting view…”


Aquasteed said that and stretched his left hand out to the sky subconsciously.

Right then, the Night Flower Bird stopped on top of Aquasteed’s hand and cried “Purie” once again.


Akari was shocked at that the most.


“That must be a lie. I can’t believe the Night Flower Bird would be that friendly! But, since it’s Sir Aqua, that might be possible… amazing!!”

“Umm… does that mean we can get the flower petals and leaves without attacking it?”

“Ah, that’s right.”


Aquasteed held the Night Flower Bird which stopped on his arm and rubbed the parts with flower petals and leaves. Right then, they easily fell off from the Night Flower Bird.


“That’s surprising. I didn’t put in strength at all.”

“Is it the defensive instinct of the bird? It’d cut off the material and prioritize on escaping.”

“That might be the case.”


Elliot stared at the Night Flower Bird and said “I want to inspect it more.”


“Is it alright to bring it back like this?”

“This is… Prince Hartnight’s jurisdiction; of course I alone would not be able to make the decision…”

“That’s right.”


Aquasteed and Elliot looked at Hartnight, but there was a loud rustling sound from the trees behind them.



“Everyone, stay behind!!”


Elliot immediately stood out in front to protect everyone, and from the forest, a Night Flower Bird that’s over one meter long flew out.


“Its parent!?”


Elliot voice was shaking, and Akari was shrieking at the back.


“No way, there was no parent before though-!? Furthermore, it looks dangerous!!”


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