132 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 132

  1. Magic Power of the Child and the Protection Ring

Aquasteed didn’t expect it to be like this and his mind was spinning as he tried to come up with a plan.

In the first place, he didn’t expect the Night Flower Bird to be a fledging; although it looked like a full-grown and injury-free bird, it’s not a normal bird so that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.


“It’d be difficult to let it go…”


The fledging bird was in his embrace so there’s still hope, but it seemed like things wouldn’t go too smoothly. Rather than that, it’s quite wary of him.


-That’s natural.

If Tiararose and his child were to be born, he’d behave in the same way like the parent bird.


“I’ll stand in front, so Sir Aquasteed and the others should stay at the back! If possible, please leave the forest!”


Elliot wielded his sword and shouted, before heading a step forward to protect Aquasteed, Akari and Hartnight.

Akari was against him.


“It’s extremely dangerous to stand in front by yourself! I’ll cooperate with you and defeat the parent or rather you should just go back!”

“Nononono, of course I’m not going to expose Ms. Akari and everyone else to danger!”


Elliot’s voice became frantic as he refused; Hartnight took Akari’s arm and said “That’s right!”


“What’re you going to do if you get injured? You should escape immediately!”

“Sir Hartnight… you’re worrying about me, how kind…”



Even in such a situation, Akari was still in a lovely mode and Hartnight sighed.


“But it’d be fine, Sir Hartnight! Even though I look like this I’m quite strong!”

“That’s not the problem, right!?”

“Eh? But, I think I’m the strongest here after Sir Aqua, you know? Although I can’t use sword and only have my magic power…”


Akari said that and produced electrifying lightning and zapping sounds with both her hands. It wasn’t as weak as earlier, and looked rather intimidating.

Indeed, if she attacks with that, the target would receive some damage.

Hartnight looked quite pale, but Aquasteed pretended he didn’t see that.


It would be useless to tell the free and unrestrained Akari to go back.


“Sir Aqua, is it okay if I join the fight? It’d be a big problem if Elliot were to stand against the parent bird by himself!”

“…I got it. However, you cannot go out in front. Lady Akari will use magic power, so leave the front defense to us. Prince Hartnight, please stay by Lady Akari’s side in case anything happens.”


Even if they prolong their talk about what they’re going to do, the parent bird wouldn’t wait for them. In that case, he judged that it’d be best for them to deal with it altogether.

Aquasteed prepared his sword and looked at the parent bird.


-If possible, I’d like to avoid a fight.




The Night Flower Bird in Aquasteed’s arms chirped and looked at its parent. However, since it was a low “Putie” chirp, they still feel the pressure from its parent.

The parent bird spread its huge wings and chirped once again, before flying towards Aquasteed and the others while flapping its wings. Aquasteed struck it down with the sword and was about to stab it when it flapped its wings and caused a strong gust of wind.


“Sir Aquasteed, lay down!”


This time round, Elliot raised his sword and tried to attack the parent bird; there’s a blind spot behind Aquasteed’s back.

The parent bird chirped with a low voice and flew towards the sky with a huge force before falling down. It landed on its feet and tried to retaliate.


Right then, sounds of Akari’s laughter “Fufu-!” could be heard from behind Aquasteed.


“It’s time for me to show my prowess! Although the Night Flower Bird doesn’t have a parent in the game, I’ve beaten it many times before. I’ll attack it with lighting- be careful!!”



Akari was about to release the lightning magic when the Night Flower Bird flew in between her and its parent.

If this continues, the Night Flower Bird would receive the lightning attack, so she changed the trajectory of the magic power.


“…Ugh, change of direction!!”



Akari was about to collapse from the recoil of the power released, and was supported by Hartnight at the back. He’s relieved that she’s fine and let out a breath of relief.

The lightning magic power released by Akari struck down a couple of huge trees; if this attack was directed to the parent bird, it’d lose its life instantly.


“…Lady Akari, do you know of the word ‘restraint’?”

“W-Well, it seemed like the parent bird escaped from my attack… so shouldn’t it be fine?”

“The fledging bird’s gone though.”


The Night Fledging Bird was gone and there were only a few tree trunks that were stuck down.


“Sigh! It scared me! However, no one’s injured and the Night Flower Bird was gone so everything’s fine, no? We’ve managed to get the materials too so let’s make the ring as soon as possible.”


Akari looked bright as though the incident earlier didn’t happen at all; Aquasteed and the others were overwhelmed with fatigue—








Aquasteed and the others started making the ring to resolve the magic problem with the baby.

The production of which would take place in the Lapis Lazuli’s royal castle; Akari and Hartnight would be overseeing it. Akari’s the one who proposed the idea and they got the material from Lapis Lazuli’s rare bird after all.


Tiararose went to the royal castle with Aquasteed, and they were accompanied by Philiane and Elliot. All the required materials were already gathered in the guestroom prepared for them.


“Lady Tiararose, how’s your health condition?”


Philiane prepared herb tea for everyone else and asked Tiararose about her health condition. Darel has done some healing magic treatment so she’s okay, but the child’s magic power has been growing day by day so it’s difficult to make it completely pain-free.

Tiararose smiled to make Philiane relax and nodded to show that she’s fine.


“I just wanted to see how the ring will be made, so I’m not forcing myself. Actually, I wanted to make it myself, but Sir Aqua wouldn’t agree to that…”

“Tiara, please listen to me obediently.”

“That’s right, Lady Tiararose!!”


Tiararose said that she actually wanted to make the ring together with them, but Aquasteed and Philiane raised voices of concern.

They wondered how she’d be able to make the ring herself, and everyone was sighing.


However, Akari was the only one who nodded.


“I understand you, Lady Tiara! The feeling of wanting to make game item! However, something might happen to you now if you do that, so please be obedient and just watch us, alright?”


They were worried if Akari would invite Tiararose to join them in making the ring, but of course that didn’t happen.

Tiararose smiled wryly and nodded “yes”.


“Alright then, let’s make the ring immediately!”

“I’ve always wondered about this, but Akari you sure knows about a lot of things…”


Akari managed to obtain the Night Flower Bird’s material and Hartnight was impressed by that. The way to make the ring from the precious material was not written in the ancient books either.

Akari showed a smile of glee and said “That’s because I love this world.”


“Since it’s a ring that’d be sent to Lady Tiara, I’d like to ask Sir Aqua’s help in making it.”

“I got it. Please teach me the ways, Lady Akari.”

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

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