132 Part 2



It’s possible to make certain items in the maiden game “Ring of the Lapis Lazuli”.

They require the materials and magic.

It might sound easy, but the drop rate of the materials is quite low and without sufficient magical power, it’d be difficult to make the items.

Therefore, at the beginning of the game, when the heroine’s magic power’s still quite low, it’d be hard to make items without aid.



“I’ve prepared the base for the ring here, so please use it.”

“Is it okay to use a pre-existing one?”

“That’s right. This material will reform the magic power and appear like a jewel; it’d be extremely effective.”

“I see…”


Akari explained in a professional mode, but if she were to be asked about the reason behind it… she probably cannot answer it clearly since it’s a game concept.

Tiararose and Philiane observed the stages of making the ring and giggled.


“To think that Sir Aqua’s making it… it makes me happy even though its purpose is to absorb the baby’s magic power.”

“Lady Tiararose doesn’t really have many desires when it comes to goods, right? Normally, the royal queens would have a lot of desire for them… but that’s also part of Lady Tiararose’s charm.”


That’s why, everything that Tiararose asks for would be done with diligence, Philiane said with a smile.

Aquasteed shared the same sentiment as her, he would dote on Tiararose and send her stuffs that she desire for whenever he has the chance to.

Thinking of it, the most extravagant gift he has for Tiararose was her personal kitchen…


Aquasteed took the base for the ring and placed the Night Flower Bird’s tail wing on top of it. He’d make the Protection Ring.


“Tiara’s protection’s never enough after all”

“Sir Aqua…”


Her face turned red at those words.


“I’m protected by Pearl so I wouldn’t be injured even if I receive an attack, you know? Or rather, I’d like Sir Aqua to have the Protection Ring.”

“No. You have the baby in you, so it’s not enough.”

“Even with this…”


-You’re being too over protective, Sir Aqua!


Right then, she noticed Akari’s grinning face. Tiararose’s face became hot red as she thought about their interaction again.


-Argh, it’s embarrassing!


However, she’s happy about it, and Aquasteed’s being considerate so she’s not going to stop him forcefully.

Tiararose covered her face with both hands and sunk into the sofa.


“Well, I’ve listened to your lovey-dovey interaction… it’s time for the ring now! Sir Aqua, please place the leaf on top of the base and run magic through it while chanting ‘Making item’.”

“Is there such a spell…?”


Aquasteed was half in doubt but he nodded as he didn’t want to fail and waste the material.

He slowly ran magic through it like air and looked at the ring.


“Making item.”


Aquasteed’s words seemed to activate something as the material shone with a harsh light. After that, the base of the ring and leaf merged, and a beautiful ring with green leaf was produced.


“This is the protection ring, huh?”

“Yes! I’m glad it’s done well. It’d absorb magic power when one puts it on, what are you going to do now?”


After listening to Akari’s words, Aquasteed put the ring on his own finger.


“…Indeed, it’s absorbing magic power; it isn’t absorbing too much, so I think it’d be sufficient though for the magic emitted by the child.”

“With this, Lady Tiara and the baby will both be fine, right! Hehe, let’s put it on her soon.”

“Of course.”


Aquasteed removed the ring and headed to Tiararose who’s sitting on the sofa. He then kneeled down on one of his knee and smiled gently.


“Sir Aqua…”

“I’m glad. With this, Tiara and the child will be fine.”

“Thank you very much.”


Aquasteed took Tiararose’s right hand as though he’s dealing with a precious jewel, and he was about to put on the Protection Ring on her pinky finger- when she suddenly groaned in pain.



“Lady Tiararose!?”


Aquasteed immediately raised his voice; Philiane and Elliot were worried and approached them.


-I thought that things have settled down, but to think that the magic power has suddenly surged all of a sudden,


Her body, especially her stomach region, became extremely hot. It’s as though she’s being burnt and she heaved heavily.


“Urgh… urgh… no, everyone please stay away–!”



Tiararose shouted and at the same time, the temperate in the room rose suddenly. Everyone was looking at the flame that suddenly appeared in front of Tiararose.


“T-This is…”


Aquasteed widened his eyes inadvertently, and the flame was flickering. After that, it suddenly spread wildly. Eliot was right beside Aquasteed and he rushed forward to deal with the flickering flame.


“Ugh… ahhh!”


The surging magic power went out of control and materialized into flames. Elliot tried to protect Aquasteed and received the blow directly, which made him scream in agony.


“Elliot, noo!”


Philiane shrieked and repeatedly called his name.


“Move aside! Water! Extinguish the flame on Elliot!!”

“Ah, Elliot… ah”


Philiane was sobbing and Akari called Aquasteed.


“Have Lady Tiara put on the ring! Quickly!!”

“I know…!”


Aquasteed tried to withstand the hot Tiararose’s body, but he was attacked by the flame that was emitting from Tiararose’s body.

It was like a barrier, warning him not to get close. However, if left alone, Tiararose would die.


“Tiara, it’s fine…”


Aquasteed took Tiararose’s hand and pulled her towards him. He immediately took her right hand and placed the Protection Ring on her pinky finger.

Right then, a warm light was emitted and the ring became the size of Tiararose’s pinky finger; it absorbed the flame magic power and the heat in Tiararose’s body subsided.

Tiararose herself lost conscious from the attack. However her breathing was fine and it seemed like her life was spared.

Aquasteed heaved a sigh of relief.


“Hah, hah… I’m glad…”


However, it’s still too early to relax.

Elliot who protected him was immediately checked upon by the doctor so he should be fine. However, Philiane’s voice was unstable so the situation might not be good.


“Elliot is-”

“I’m fine, Sir Aquasteed.”

“-! Your injury’s fine…?”


Upon closer inspection, Elliot’s clothes were burn which revealed his skin, but he’s not burnt or injured at all.

He immediately arrived at a conclusion.


-Is it Lady Akari’s healing magic?


“Sir Aqua also has burn injuries, so I’m going to heal them. If not, Lady Tiara’s going to worry about it.”

“Thank you, Lady Akari. I’m grateful from the depths of my heart.”

“That’s natural for me to do so. Elliot, Sir Aqua and Lady Tiara are important to me, after all. I’d do all I can to help!”


Akari said that and conducted healing magic treatment on Aquasteed’s burn injuries and healed them completely.


“Hey, the guys should go and take a bath and change. We females will look after Lady Tiara. Philiane, will you help me?”

“Yes. Thank you very much, Lady Akari…”


Philiane wiped her tears and nodded at Akari. She thought that Elliot might die and she couldn’t stop her tears.

However, right now, Elliot’s totally fine… and she no longer has the need to cry.


Akari looked at Elliot and showed a smile.


“Elliot doesn’t stand out usually, but you sure have a nice body!”


Akari raised her thumb and said that; Philiane shouts of “What are you talking about~!” could be heard echoing throughout the royal castle ground.

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