133 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 133

  1. The Cute Philiane

Tiararose was brought to the royal castle’s guestroom and Akari and Philiane were both relieved. Right now, Tiararose’s sleeping peacefully.


“I’m glad nothing bad happened to everyone-! The magic power’s also absorbed by the ring so we just have to wait for the birth of the baby~”


Akari laughed and was humming through her nose as she sat down on a chair and looked at Tiararose’s sleeping face.


“I wonder if it’d be a boy, or a girl, I can’t wait~~!”


Akari’s tension was getting higher alone, and she could not stop grinning.

While looking at her with a side glance, Philiane rang the bells to call the royal castle maids. Tiararose’s needs have been covered by her attendants, but Akari’s drink has not been prepared.


The maids brought in a tea set wagon and Akari’s eyes were shining.


“Wow, black tea and sweets~”

“…I’ll immediately prepare for you.”

“Thank you, Philiane!”


Akari got down from the chair at the bedside and headed for the sofa; she poured black tea and prepared madeleines.

It seemed like Akari was quite hungry as she immediately stretched her hands out. She immediately ate them and showed a satisfied look of smile.


“Delicious~! Lady Tiara would probably want to eat it after she wakes up, I’ll have to leave some for her.”

“Um… Lady Akari”

“Hm? What’s it? Philiane?”


It was rare for Philiane to call her, so Akari sounded slightly shocked. However, Philiane immediately bowed deeply and it made her widen her eyes.


“Wait- what happened?”

“…Thank you for saving Elliot.”

“Ah! Umm, you don’t have to thank me. It’s natural for me to save someone I like!”



Akari was wondering what she’s going to say, but it’s just a thank-you message so this made her relieved.

Elliot’s also an important character in this game, and he’s one of Akari’s favorites. Or rather, Akari wants to save everyone who lives in this world.


Also, Akari was happy that she could talk to Philiane like this. They normally don’t have conversations together.

That’s why Akari was so happy that she did not notice the hurtful look on Philiane’s face.


“Lady Akari, you shouldn’t say something that would invite misunderstandings, you know?”

“Ah, Lady Tiara!”


Tiararose overheard Akari’s conversations and woke up; she opened her eyes wide open as she wondered what she’s talking about.


Tiararose slowly got up and headed towards Akari and the others. She stood in front of Philiane, slowly took her hand and said that “it’s fine” with a smile.


“Lady Tiararose… I’m fine. I’m glad you are awake now. Are you in pain?”

“Philiane, you’re always fussing about me. Thank you, I’m fine.”


After that, Tiararose looked at Akari and once again looked at Philiane.


“Also… sorry. I’ve caused Elliot to face danger….”

“No, Lady Tiararose. We are here to help Lady Tiararose and Sir Aquasteed after all. I’m glad that Lady Tiararose’s safe.”


Tiararose sounded apologetic and Philiane slowly shook her head; there’s no need to apologize, or rather it’d be better to praise the courageous Elliot.

With such thoughts, Tiararose felt something burning within her.


-It might be easy for them to say it as they’ve pledged their loyalty.


“Thank you, Philiane. Elliot’s very brave and more than anything, he was really reliable. However, I think I’ve caused troubles to you, Philiane…”

“No. Your words now are enough for me and Elliot.”


Philiane said that with a smile and her eyes were extremely firm. Right earlier, her eyes were wandering around with uneasiness from Akari’s words.

However, Tiararose could not leave that situation as it was, that she had to leave her bed and try to follow up on the issue.


“…Lady Akari likes everyone in this world, so it’s not that she’s especially fond of Elliot.”

“Ah… yes.”

“Eh? Eh? Did I say something unnecessary…? Did I!?”


Akari seemed to have grasped what’s going on with Tiararose’s words; she stood up from the sofa and hurriedly rushed towards Philiane. She then took her hands from Tiararose and grabbed them tightly.

Philiane’s body inadvertently shivered.


“I’m sorry, Philiane! I’ve said carelessly about my good opinion of Elliot… don’t worry, the person I love the most is Sir Hartnight!! Hey, Philiane, you’re already of this age, so you should get married with Elliot…! That’s right Marriage! Let’s have a huge celebration!!”


“Please calm down, Lady Akari…”

“I can’t, there are so many happy occasions with Lady Tiara’s pregnancy and the marriage between Elliot and Philiane!!”


Akari laughed and Tiararose told her that “It’s not that simple.”



“Elliot isn’t a noble family member after all.”

“Ah, that’s…”


Akari got it and crossed her arms as she tried to think about it.


“Elliot might be fine with that, but Philiane’s a female, you know? Time doesn’t last forever… Ah, but you guys might be able to marry soon.”

“Lady Akari?”


Akari seemed to be convinced about something alone, while Tiararose and Philiane were looking at her with tilted heads.


“Well, he’d probably get the noble position soon.”

“Eh? Ah, that’s right. That’s true…”

“W-Wait a minute, what do you mean, Lady Tiararose and Lady Akari?”


Tiararose and Akari seemed to know of something, but Philiane was left in dark so she became frantic. She’s thinking and worrying about Elliot like a girl in love so she looked extremely loveable.

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