133 Part 2




Tiararose and Akari looked at each other and giggled.


“There’s nothing for Philiane to worry about, it’d be fine.”

“That’s right. Ladies should just wait for their princes to come and fetch them!”


Tiararose and Akari looked like they’re having fun, so things should probably be heading in a good direction… but Philiane can’t stop but feel restless/






After resting at the royal castle, Tiararose returned to the mansion.

Her family members were worried about her collapsing from the uncontrollable magic power, but she explained to them that it’d be fine now that she has the ring.


“Big Sis Tiara, I’m glad you’re fine…”

“Darel, sorry for worrying you. Both the baby and I are fine now.”



Darel smiled happily and Tiararose gently rubbed his head.


“Ah, but you better rest properly.”

“Yes. I’d rest in my room.”


Darel urged her to go to her room. Furthermore, both her parents were nodding behind him too. Aquasteed stretched his hands out and escorted her.


-I’m really doted on by everyone.

Of course it’s a happy thing, but she never thought that it’d be this blissful.

As the queen of Marineforest, she thought she’s dauntless by now… but after the discovery of her pregnancy, she hasn’t been able to maintain her cool. After all, Aquasteed and Schnauss are doting on Tiararose.


“In that case, I’ll rest in my room. Good night, father, mother, Darel.”

“Yes, please rest well.”

“Good night, Tiara.”




After returning to her room, Tiararose took a bath. She has already eaten at the royal castle so she thought she’d just sleep now.


“Even so, I slept in the afternoon so…”


She’s not that sleepy.

She thought that she should read some books and rest in her room. However, while thinking of that, she realized that Aquasteed’s not there.




Tiararose tilted her head as she wondered where he has gone to. There aren’t many places where Aquasteed would go to in this mansion.

Although the dining room and library room are free to access, there shouldn’t be anything he’d be occupied with now.


“I was thinking of discussing with Sir Aqua and meeting with Elliot but…”


When her own magic went out of control, she remembered Elliot stepping in to help. However, Tiararose lost her consciousness soon after and haven’t met Elliot since.

When she asked about him at the royal castle, she was told that he has something to deal with…


“Ah, perhaps Sir Aqua’s with Elliot right now.”


If that’s the case, they might be in Elliot’s room or other guestrooms. Tiararose rang the bell and called Philiane.

There’s immediately a knock on the door and Philiane showed her face asking what’s wrong.


“I want to take a walk in the mansion for a while, so will you help me prepare some coat?”

“I don’t mind that… but is your body alright?”

“Yes. The excess magic power’s absorbed by the ring so my body condition’s quite good.”

“…I got it. However, be sure not to overexert yourself, alright?”


After saying that, Philiane prepared a long indoor wear that reaches below the knees. She tied up her hair loosely and placed it by the side.

Philiane said with a satisfied smile that it’s cute and opened the door.


“Where are you heading to?”

“Since Sir Aqua’s not around, I thought that he might be with Elliot. I haven’t met Elliot since he helped me out…”

“Ah, I see. In that case, he was talking with Sir Aquasteed in the guestroom.”


Philiane happened to know where Aquasteed and the others were, so she guided Tiararose.



Upon arriving at the guestroom that was prepared for Aquasteed and Elliot, Philiane was about to knock the door when “Me?” surprised voice of Elliot could be heard.

Philiane thought that they might have arrived at a bad timing and looked at Tiararose behind her.


“It’s rare for Elliot to raise his voice like that huh?

“That’s true… I wonder what they’re talking about.”


Both of them tilted their heads, and thought that it might be better to come again next time- when this time round Aquasteed’s voice could be heard.


“Yes. You protected Tiara and the baby in her womb, the next heir of the Marineforest royal king, so it’s not strange to appoint you a noble position, Elliot.”


Philiane gulped at those words.

She didn’t expect to find out about Elliot’s royal position at this timing.

Or rather, she was wondering if it’d be okay for her to know about it and her head was spinning.


Philiane was confused in such a cute way that it made Tiararose giggle.


-Sir Aqua must have purposely made us hear that.


Aquasteed’s voice wasn’t that loud normally. He probably knew that Tiararose and Philiane was outside the door and raised his voice on purpose.

News of attaining the noble position is not something that could be made known to others before the actual conferment. Elliot’s hearing about it now from Aquasteed, but it’s not something that he can tell Philiane.


That’s why Aquasteed used this method so that Philiane would be reassured.

After that, it’s time for Tiararose to deal with the situation. She was going to tell Philiane to keep mum about it, but large tears were rolling down from her huge eyes.


“Ah… I’m sorry, Lady Tiararose… I, um, I don’t know what I should say…”


Philiane’s tears could not be stopped and Tiararose hugged her tightly.


“Congrats, Philiane.”

“T-Thank you very much… Ah! Lady Tiararose and Lady Akari were talking about this in the afternoon?”

“Yes. Elliot protected me and the kid so I knew he’d receive a court rank position.”


Tiararose rubbed her belly as she said that and Philiane cried of happiness.


“For the meanwhile, shall we return to the room?”



Tiararose took Philiane’s hands, as she couldn’t stop crying, and returned to her room with happiness.

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