134 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 134

  1. Sweet Time with Just the Both of Them

Few weeks have passed since Tiararose and Aquasteed first arrived at her hometown, and they have decided to head back to Marineforest in the afternoon tomorrow.

They initially planned to have Tiararose rest at her own house for a couple of month while taking into consideration her health condition… but it’s not good for the queen herself to be away from Marineforest for a long time.


Today’s the last night they’d be at her hometown.


“Tiara, are you really not forcing yourself? Even though the magic problem was resolved, your morning sicknesses are quite bad sometimes, right?”


Aquasteed took the hot milk and walked towards Tiararose who’s sitting down on the sofa.

It was steaming hot and looks like it’d warm up the body.


“Thank you, Sir Aqua. Indeed, it’s a little hard, but it’s not to the point where I cannot move.”

“Is that so? However, do let us know if it turns bad. Otherwise, Philiane will also be worried about you, you know?”



Indeed, if she were to force herself again, Philiane would probably get angry at her with tears; she’s the one who thinks about Tiararose the most and there were many times where Tiararose felt bad for doing things worthy of her scolding.


Tiararose drank the hot milk and relaxed her body.


“It’s delicious.”

“I’m glad. I added a bit of sugar so it’d be good for your fatigue too.”


Since they’re going on a long horse wagon journey starting tomorrow, it’d be better to relax and take some sweet things now.

Even so, Philiane has already done the preparations so Tiararose would still have her supplies of sweets.


Aquasteed placed his cup of hot milk on the desk and stared at Tiararose’s stomach.

He has been looking at it many times since they’ve found out about her pregnancy; he also strokes it often and has the strong urge to do it every single day.


-Sir Aqua’s cute.


Tiararose’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of Aquasteed behaving that way; she could feel how much importance he’s placing on her and the baby.


“I can’t wait to see it in an active form.”

“Sir Aqua, aren’t you being impatient?”

“That’s true but…”


Aquasteed could not help it so he just smiled; it’s different from his normally cool expression and was a rather cute one.

Tiararose placed her hand on top of Aquasteed’s which was rubbing on her stomach, she then leaned towards him.


After that, the hand, which was on her stomach, started wandering around other areas slowly. He touched her cheeks such that it’s ticklish and played with her hair, before pulling her closer from the back of her neck.





He then kissed her and it smelled like warm milk.

Aquasteed placed his forehead against Tiararose’s forehead, and narrowed his eyes with a loving smile.


Right then, he said something.


“…A boy would be good.”


Yes, Aquasteed said that.

Aquasteed mentioned before that as long as the child would be healthy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl, so Tiararose was shocked.

However, it’s a normal conversation for couples to have, sharing opinions on which gender they’d prefer for their baby.


“A boy? He’d definitely be cool like Sir Aqua.”


However, Tiararose thought that indeed he’d want a crown prince. Since he’s the king of the Marineforest, it would be normal for him to strongly desire the birth of a son who’d become the crown prince.


-I also want to give birth to a son, as the queen.


It might be appropriate to say that it’s the role of Tiararose to do that.


“Tiara, you look like you’re thinking of something difficult.”

“Ah! Sorry…”

“There’s no need to apologize. I said that I want a boy and that made you think about various things, didn’t it?”


He hit the bull’s eye and Tiararose could not refute that.


“However, isn’t that important…?”

“Even so, it’s not something where Tiara should feel the responsibility for. If it’s a girl, she can just be the queen.”


That’s why, there’s no need to worry about the gender of the kid and Aquasteed tried to reassure her.


-However, why does he want a boy?


“If it’s a girl, she might marry into another family from other country, you know?”

“Eh… that’s true. I also married in from a neighboring country myself.”


Aquasteed’s unexpected statement made Tiararose troubled about how she should reply and she nodded as she’s a good example of that.


“Tiara’s father is great… if I have a daughter, I don’t think I can let her marry into other people’s family.”

“Sir Aqua…”


Since the baby’s not born yet, its gender is still unknown. Even so, he has already started to think of the marriage of the child.

Tiararose giggled.


“Sir Aqua, isn’t that too early?”

“I know. But I just don’t like the idea of it so I can’t help it.”

“That might be true but…”


Tiararose looked at her stomach and thought about what’d happen if she gives birth to a daughter. She’d probably become a wonderful lady who will be lavished with love by her and Aquasteed.

There are many daughters who do not like their fathers, but it’s unthinkable of a girl who’d hate Aquasteed.




Tiararose was imagining how the family would spend the time together, when she arrived at a conclusion.


“A boy would be good!”

“Why’d you think so? Tiara”


Tiararose has never really made a statement about the gender, but she suddenly announced that a boy would be good and this made Aquasteed wonder why and he tilted his head.

It’d be good if Tiararose could explain the reason why, but it’s pretty childish so she was a little hesitant.


She shook her head and said “ignore what I said!”


“You can’t tell me the reason?”

“No, that’s not it… it’s just a very selfish reason so I changed my mind.”



After being told that, Aquasteed felt the urge to have Tiararose tell him the reason.

After all, Tiararose would usually say something cute when she behaves like this.


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