134 Part 2

Well then, what should I do? – Just joking.


Tiararose just put on a smile and her face froze.


“Ah, but…! If it’s a daughter, I’d be able to have tea party with her so it’d be fun!”

“The tea parties organized by Tiara are popular after all. Indeed, if you hold a tea party with our daughter, other kids who normally doesn’t come to our castle would do so.”


Normally, ladies who have just made their social debut would be invited to tea parties. However, if she were to hold it with her daughter, the daughters and sons of other noble families would be able to join too.

It could be said to be a special privilege for the royal family; if it’s carried out by the noble family, it’d be limited to people from the same clans or closed family friends.

Thinking about that, it seems that the child would become a bridge between them and everyone else.


Right then, she suddenly thought of the time when she was invited to the castle’s tea party when she was young.

She was extremely nervous, but since she’s the daughter of the Count in Lapis, she had to be proper and was strict about herself.


-It was a pretty difficult memory.


“Be it a daughter or a son, I hope they’d not be shy about going out there. That’d be a help to them in the future…”



It’s important to dote on the child, but they cannot possible let it become spoiled. Otherwise, the child would suffer immediately after its social debut.



“Yes? Sir Aqua-…”


Tiararose faced him after her name was called and Aquasteed’s face appeared right in front of her eyes. If she moves a little bit forward, they’d end up kissing.

Her heart suddenly skipped a beat and she heard it thumping loud and fast.


“W-What’s the matter?”


Tiararose said that and leaned her body slightly backwards. However, Aquasteed leaned towards her and narrowed the distance between them.


“Y-You’re close, Sir Aqua…”

“Tiara’s too cute. Let’s sleep soon. It’d be bad if your body gets cold so let’s go to bed.”



Tiararose was about to stand up when Aquasteed carried her up. It seems like he’d be carrying her to the bed.


“I can walk myself, you know?”

“I know. I just wanted to touch you.”



He said those sweet words smoothly and she covered her blushing face. It always happens and Aquasteed’s doting on her tonight too.

They continued and lied down on the bed, when Aquasteed’s golden eyes met her sight.

The shine, like a sparkling diamond, is the symbol of the king. It makes her happy to be stared at, but more than that she’s so nervous that her heart cannot stop beating fast, it was as though she’s going to be eaten.


Aquasteed gently stretched his hand out and touched Tiararose’s fringe.



“Shall we continue the earlier conversation?”



Aquasteed hasn’t heard of the reason why Tiararose wanted a son and asked while looking at her.

Aquasteed’s right hand was on Tiararose’s hair, and before she realized, it slipped below her neck and became a neck pillow for her. She was then embraced by Aquasteed.


“Hey, Tiara. Tell me the reason- if it’s not possible, I’d want a kiss from Tiara.”

“From me…?”


Aquasteed grinned and Tiararose’s face turned red.

It’s not as though she has never kissed him before, so it’s not like she wouldn’t do that. However, it’s just that her heart was skipping faster than normally.


Either let him know the reason or kiss him, Tiararose was thinking about which option to choose. However, in the end, she thought of the embarrassment of saying the reason.


-F-Furthermore, I want to kiss him too!


Tiararose wrapped her arms around Aquasteed’s back and he leaned towards her; she knew that he’s happy from his action.


-Sir Aqua’s cute… I like him.


Tiararose slowly closed her eyes and kissed Aquasteed’s lips. She immediately stopped, but he said “nope you can’t” and pulled her towards him with his arm.

They kissed once again and she immediately stopped… however Tiararose kissed Aquasteed again. This time round, she didn’t leave him and she was biting his upper lips.




-Even though I tried doing it myself, it’s embarrassing!!


She thought that this is bad so she separated her lips from his and opened her eyes, when she could see the sight of Aquasteed’s golden eyes staring back at her.


“Ah…!? S-Sir Aqua, c-c-could it be that you’ve always been watching…?”

“You’re cute so I can’t help it.”

“Please don’t make me embarrassed~!”


She didn’t expect him to be staring at her while she’s kissing him. It’s so embarrassing that she was about to back off but she could not do so with his arm pillow behind her.


“I thought that it’d be good if you could do more…”


Aquasteed said that and kissed her with his eyes open. Tiararose forgot to close her eyes at the suddenness- or rather she was not fast enough to react to that.




She closed her eyes at the second kiss when Aquasteed called her name.


“Since it’s a rare chance, I want to see Tiara’s cute face.”

“!! No that’s impossible. It’s embarrassing!! In that case, I rather tell you the reason why I wanted a son…”

“Is that so?”


Of course it’s not possible to look at him all the time while kissing. Tiararose thought about it and started talking about her thoughts.


“Um… if it’s a daughter… she might steal Sir Aqua away…”



Aquasteed was surprised and Tiararose nodded.


“W-Well… girls usually say that they want to marry their papa, no?”



Furthermore, Aquasteed is the main strategy character of the sequel and he looks like an extremely cool and shiny prince.

He’d charm their daughter too- that’s what she ended up thinking.


“That’s why, um there’s no need to worry about that if it’s a boy, right? For that reason…”

“Tiara, are you jealous? Ah it’s such a cute reason.”


Aquasteed hugged Tiararose tightly and rubbed her back gently telling her it’s alright.


“Indeed, if it’s a daughter who looks like Tiara, I’d end up pouring love, but to me there’s only Tiararose and no one else. It’s not that you’re number one, it’s that there’s nothing else I desire but you, Tiara.”


Of course, Aquasteed continued that he’d spoil and love the child too.


“That’s why there’s nothing for you to worry about, Tiara.”

“Sir Aqua…”

“Also… if you were to give birth to a son and he said he wants to marry Tiara, I’d never forgive that.”


Aquasteed laughed saying that he’s not going to forgive even if it’s his own son.


“But, it’s nice to have Tiara jealous over me like that. I love you, Tiara. Of course, I love the baby too.”



This time, the both of them looked at each other before closing their eyes and kissing once again.


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