135 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 135

  1. Blessings from the Fairies

“Lady Tiararose, are you feeling alright? If the horse wagon’s speed is too fast, do let me know promptly, alright?”

“Yes, thank you, Philiane.”


It has been a few hours since they departed her hometown for Marineforest. Philiane was sitting in the same horse wagon and cannot help worrying.

There were three people in the first horse wagon, Tiararose, Aquasteed and Philiane. Elliot is on the second horse wagon, meanwhile Tarmo and the other defense knights were riding on the horses surrounding the wagons.

As for the soft toys Schnauss has presented, they decided to only bring along the cat and it’s sitting next to Philiane right now.


“With Philiane looking after Tiara, I’d be able to do my work without worries.”

“It is fine, I will behave well so…”


Tiararose said that and Aquasteed laughed.


“Just don’t force yourself. If anything happens, I’d definitely protect you, so don’t feel hesitant to say anything, alright?”


“Even if I’m busy with work and have worked overnight for consecutive days, alright?”

“Ugh… it’s sly of you to say it like that, Sir Aqua!”


Tiararose thought that she wouldn’t be able to discuss anything with Aquasteed as she doesn’t want to add on to his worries when he’s busy.

Even if she felt a little discomfort in her body, she’ll probably keep quiet and lie down for awhile.


Tiararose was thinking about that when Aquasteed said “See?” as he gently rubbed her head.


“That’s why I need Philiane. I won’t have you restrain yourself just because I’m tired.”

“…That’s right. I thought about what it’d be like if we’re in reversed positions, and that isn’t pleasant indeed. If anything happens, I’ll let you know, Sir Aqua.”

“Yes, please.”


-From now on, I shall let Sir Aqua know about the details.


It’s not just her body right now; she was reminded of that fact once again.








After crossing the national boundaries and entering into Marineforest, the fairies have surrounded the wagons with fascination.

They were flying around and looked extremely cute, but Aquasteed and Elliot, who have never seen this before, were shocked.


“…We wouldn’t be able to proceed on like this, shall we get out for a while and take a break?”



Aquasteed escorted Tiararose down the horse wagon, and the fairies directly headed towards her.


“Eh, me!?”


She shielded her body as a reflex, but the fairies were laughing loudly and this made her loosen the tension in her body. That’s because those fairies would definitely not do anything to her.

The forest fairies were flying around Tiararose and presented her with flowers. She took that and they looked happy with smiles.


“Here! It’s your present~!”

“Hehehe, we’re going to bless your baby~!”

“Become healthy~”


The forest, sea, and sky fairies touched Tiararose’s stomach and shiny specks suddenly fell upon her. The fairies have gathered to send their blessings to the baby in her womb.


“Be full of energy!”

“I’m sure a kid as beautiful as Pearl would be born!”

“Can’t wait~”


The fairies were sending their blessings, and the one who were surprised by that were Aquasteed and Elliot who were born in Marineforest. After all, there’s no precedence where the fairies sent their blessings to an unborn child…


Aquasteed hugged Tiararose’s shoulder while looking at the fairies.


“Thanks for the blessings. It’s our child’s honor to be blessed by the fairies before it’s even being born.”

“Thank you very much.”


Tiararose also expressed her gratitude like Aquasteed and rubbed her own stomach.

She didn’t expect to receive the blessings of all the fairies, so she’s really shocked.


Tiararose received the blessings of the forest fairies, Keith and Pearl.

Aquasteed received the blessings of the sky and sea fairies, Grail and Pearl.


-They might be blessing the child, since it’s the child of Sir Aqua and I.

If Tiararose was not liked by the forest fairies, it might only receive the blessings of the sky and sea fairies.








After receiving the blessings of the fairies and heading back to the royal castle, the maid has informed them of the arrival of Olivia.

She might have received information of their return today from somewhere else, Tiararose thought that it’s rare how urgent she was.

She looked at Aquasteed and then asked the maid.


“Lady Olivia?”

“Yes. She’s waiting in the guestroom now, what shall we do?”

“In that case, I’d be heading over so would you tell her that?”



Since Tiararose does not have anything particular to do, she immediately asked her to deliver the message that she’s okay with it.

Also, she wanted to inform Olivia about the child. Aquasteed has also guessed Tiararose’s intention and gently nodded immediately.


“She must have known that Tiara has just returned from home so there might be some urgent matter. I have to head to the office so inform me immediately if there’s anything, alright?”



After Tiararose bade her farewells with Aquasteed, she headed to the guestroom where Olivia was waiting at.



Olivia was covering her nose with a handkerchief and her eyes were shining, she’s looking excitedly at Tiararose who has just entered the guestroom.

It was kind of red so she must have been excited about something.


“Senior Tiararose…! Congratulations…!!”



Olivia immediately congratulated her and handed over a present, and this confused Tiararose.

Tiararose has not told anyone about her pregnancy yet, and has not even decided on the date of announcement yet.

Could it be the fairies? However, they would not really talk to people they’re not particularly fond of.


-How did she know of it?


Tiararose was thinking of that and it was showing on her face. Olivia covered her nose and said proudly that “it’s by deduction!”


“Well, the royal castle has started its renovation after all.”

“Just from that?”

“Yes. Ah, the present’s rattling.”

“Thank you very much, Lady Olivia.”


Before asking about it, she opened the box she received and it’s a cute rattling pink and blue colored toys. It was a design with the fairies as the motif and was exquisite.

She took and shook it; it made a high-pitched rattling sound.


“Wow, cute…!”

“I prepared two colors so that it could be used by either a boy or girl. I’m glad you’re happy about it. ”

“I’ll use it preciously.”


Tiararose hugged the rattling toys when the sounds of knock reverberated through the room.

The maid has probably come with black tea.


“Oh no… I have yet to announce my pregnancy.”

“I think it’s already too late but in that case it’s better to hide the rattling toys. Let’s put it in the box and place it on the side table over there.”

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