135 Part 2

“Eh? Um.. Alright.”


She’s a little concerned about how she said it’s already too late, but there’s no time to think about it now. Tiararose immediately placed the rattling toy back in the box and placed it on top of the side table.

She then asked the maid, who has prepared the tea set, to come in.


“I have prepared rooibos tea and financiers.”

“Thank you.”


-Rooibos tea?


It’s not that she doesn’t like it, but they’d usually prepare black tea… Tiararose thought about it. Whenever the guests come, they usually wouldn’t change it unless the other party doesn’t like it.

She looked at Olivia, but she was grinning happily, so it doesn’t look like it’s a problem…


After confirming that the maid has left, Olivia giggled.


“Black tea contains caffeine, but rooibos tea has no caffeine.”

“Eh? Eh… I-Is that so?”



She’s taking into consideration of the pregnant Tiararose while making sure that no one knows that she’s pregnant…

When on earth did she found out? Tiararose was pondering about that.


“Speaking of which, Lady Olivia also knows of it. Umm, is it usually rare for the royal castle to undergo renovations?”


The royal castle with historical value looks grand from outside, but there are many parts which require renovations. After some time, the breeze would indicate of the holes in the walls, and the rain would leak from the ceilings.

Of course, these were repaired and normally they were managed well so it’s rare for that to happen.


“Rather than the renovations, it’s more like a reform; the steps height difference was reduced and the materials of the walls were changed to protect the inner room from the cold. That’s as though there was a weak life that has to be protected- we, the ones serving the king, would naturally think of that.”

“…I see.”


For the sake of the royal family, the nobles are-

Marineforest’s a very peaceful country and the diplomatic ties between the royals and nobles were good. Furthermore, there were many people who wanted Aquasteed, who have taken the throne, to have a child.

If they were instructed by Aquasteed to complete constructions as though to protect a child… it cannot be helped it for them to think that way.


Of course, there are chances they might be wrong, but in that case they would just anticipate for the next one.


“I guess it’s alright to announce it later for the civilians, but it’s better to announce it to the nobles early.”

“Yes. I also want to celebrate for Lady Tiararose in a grand manner as soon as possible.”

“That makes me happy. Thank you very much, Lady Olivia.”


Olivia was grinning and blood was streaming from her nose.



“Oops, excuse me!”


Before Tiararose could say anything, Olivia covered her own nose with a handkerchief. She didn’t look frantic and was rather elegant, and this made Tiararose worry in another way.


“…Why did your nose bleed just now?”


There wasn’t anything exciting in their conversation and Tiararose tilted her head.


“Um… I was just imagining about the future.”

“The future? Could it be, Lady Olivia has also…”

“If Lady Akari and Prince Hartnight give birth to a child, and that child marries Lady Tiararose’s child… I’d become the godmother of both the heroine and villainess’ children…!”


Doesn’t that sound so exciting that it raises the tension? Olivia said that as though there were fire in her eyes.



“That’s a very common development, but I’m definitely not going to miss it as a fan of the game! Lady Tiararose’s children would look good regardless of whichever parent they resemble like… I’m sure if they were to debut socially, they’d become popular!”


It seems like Olivia could not stop her wild imaginations.


“-Hah! We’re good friends now so it’s fine, but if Lady Tiararose and Lady Akari were in bad relationship like before… it might become like Romeo and Juliet!”

“Lady Olivia, your imagination is too active!”


Tiararose told her to calm down.

Of course, if Akari gives birth to a child, there might be possibilities of marriage arrangements, but there’s no such plan at the moment.


Olivia began to realize how overly excited she was; her face turned red and she casted her head down.


“I’m sorry. I ended up being too happy… it’s embarrassing.”

“No no, your feelings make me happy.”


After she gives birth, Olivia and Akari would probably come over even more often now and she laughed.


“Please come over and play after I’ve given birth, Lady Olivia.”

“Of course! I’ll dash over immediately!!”


After that, they talked about random things and Olivia thought that if she stayed for too long, Tiararose would get tired so she went back.

It seems like she has came over to give express her congratulations for her pregnancy today.


After returning to her room, she thought about the future of Olivia. Even so, it’s not easy for Tiararose to talk about it.

If she could do something, she’d like to help Olivia whenever she needs it.


“…I wonder what the ending of the villainess for the sequel was”


Even so, she’s active and touring around her favorite places as a hobby, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Before her stomach gets bigger, she thought about going to one of those places with her.




As a form of exercise, she walked around before heading to her room, and it seems like Aquasteed, who’s done with his work, has already arrived.

He’s looking at the scenery leisurely from the balcony. The sunset stained the garden orange and was beautiful.


“Welcome, Tiara.”

“I’m back, Sir Aqua.”


She walked towards the side of Aquasteed and he hugged around her waist gently.


“What did Lady Olivia say?”

“Actually… she knows about the pregnancy… She has given us a present.”

“As expected”


It seemed that Aquasteed has predicted that and he was laughing.


“I have given instructions for the various renovations after all. However, I made sure that it’s not known publicly so it’s fine, other than that I did change a bit for the meals and drinks.”

“Thank you very much.”


Even though it’s not known publicly, Aquasteed thought that they’d need to be careful.

Therefore, he decided to take the precautions and gave implicit hints.


“There’d be regular checkups from the doctor after tomorrow, so the number of people who knows might increase further. Do let me know if there’s anything you doesn’t like, alright?”

“Yes. Sir Aqua, you too, do let me know if you have anything alright?”

“Of course.”


Tiararose smiled and leaned towards Aquasteed.



“…This child and I… um… are happy being protected by Aqua…”

“-Me too, it makes me happy to protect you two.”


Aquasteed gently hugged Tiararose and kissed her lips.


“You can’t let your body become cold, so shall we go in?”



Turning their back against the garden stained with the sunset, Tiararose and Aquasteed returned to their room while leaning against each other.

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