136 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 136

  1. Quiet Days

The season in Marineforest has transited to summer from spring and the days have been getting hotter lately.

The plants in the royal castle garden has been tended by the forest fairies, who looked like they were having fun, and the sea fairies near the fountain helped to water the plants. The sky fairies were fanning cool air towards Tiararose and Philiane as they sat on the bench.


“I’m glad that the fairies all looked energetic; I wonder if they don’t feel hot.”


Tiararose laughed as she thought that she’s going to melt if she isn’t under the shades…


Tiararose Lapis Marineforest is well-liked by the fairies.

She has fluffy honey pink long hair and blue eyes. Tiararose has a lovely look and she’s loved by her husband, the king of the country, which makes her the queen of Marineforest.

Today, she has reached her sixth month of pregnancy and it’s showing with her swollen belly.

Tiararose’s filled with happiness but she’s actually the villainess of this game “Ring of Lapis Lazuli”; in fact she has recollections of playing the game in her previous life.

She’s initially worried about the fact that she’s the villainess, but her husband, Aquasteed, accepted that without any concern and loved Tiararose.



“Perhaps they don’t really feel the temperature?”

“That’s… something enviable.”


After hearing the words of Philiane, who was sitting down next to her, Tiararose stared at the fairies intently.


“We could just put on thick clothes in winter, but there’s nothing that can be done in summer huh. Lady Tiararose, do tell me if you feel uncomfortable.”

“Yes. Thank you, Philiane.”



Philiane Sunfist is the attendant of Tiararose and she’s always making sure that Tiararose’s free of discomfort.

Her yellow-greenish hair was tidied up with a cap, and she has an elegant long attendant outfit on. She has been the attendant of Tiararose since they were young, and brought her up like an elder sister so Tiararose could trust her.



Philiane was looking at the fairies and she asked Tiararose “Shall we go back to the room soon?”


“Already? I’m still fine though…”

“If you’re outside for a long period of time, King Aquasteed will be worried about you. How about we take a walk around the garden before returning? I’ll prepare some fruit water.”

“…That’s true. It’d be bad if Sir Aqua gets worried.”


Tiararose giggled at Philiane’s words.

Ever since Tiararose was pregnant, he’s always worried about her moving around and exercising and would often remind her of it.

Recently, it has been a habit of Aquasteed to say that “Wouldn’t it be better if you take a rest…”


Even so, staying still for a long period of time would only cause discomfort to the body.

Since the morning sickness wasn’t as bad as before, the doctor also advised her to go for walks occasionally.


-It makes me happy that he’s worried for me though.


Tiararose rubbed her stomach and stood up from the bench.


“Let’s return after taking a short walk.”


She would often talk to the baby in her stomach like this.

She was initially a little embarrassed but she’s not concerned about that now. Or rather, starting from Philiane, even Aquasteed, Olivia, and the fairies would talk to the baby like that.


This child’s being loved- with such thoughts, Tiararose heard someone calling her name “Tiara”.

Her gentle husband came into her vision and he’s approaching her while walking on the path of roses.


“Sir Aqua!”

“I was thinking of getting some rest. Tiara, how’re you feeling?”

“I’m alright; both the baby and I are fine.”


Tiararose replied and Aquasteed smiled happily.



The person who’s escorting Tiararose now is Aquasteed Marineforest.

He’s the king of Marineforest and the precious husband of Tiararose.

He has dark blue hair and golden eyes which’s a proof of his royal king heritage. His face is extremely beautiful and he always shows Tiararose a gentle smile.



“Are you taking a walk with Philiane?”

“Yes. The fairies were all taking care of the plants so we were looking at them while taking a rest.”


That’s why she hasn’t been walking around that much, Tiararose implied with a wry smile.


“The fairies have been visiting the royal castle a lot these days. I guess it’s ever since the time when they blessed this child?”

“That could be true. Everyone has been coming over to talk to the baby.”


In Marineforest, there’re the forest, sky and sea fairies and they each have their own kings.

They would bless the person they’ve taken a liking to and would part some of their power to him or her.


“Our kid’s being loved so much that it makes me worry instead.”

“No one’s stealing it away, you know?”


Aquasteed appeared to be rather worried if the kid would prefer the fairies over himself. He’s busy with work duties and it’s hard for him to take some time off during the day too.

However, he has confidence that he’d lavish the baby with the most love, even more than the others.


When they were taking a leisure stroll in the garden, they came across Sirius by coincidence.


“Ah, Big Sis Tiara!”

“Prince Sirius. What a coincidence for us to meet like this.”


The person who’s calling out to Tiararose with a happy look is Sirius Lazuli Lapis Lactomut.

He’s the second prince of Lapis Lazuli, the birth country of Tiararose. Right now he’s in Marineforest for school exchange.

He has known Tiararose since young and looked up to her like an elder sister.


“Recently, the fairies have been showing up a lot in the garden. I want to get closer to them so I come here often.”

“Is that so… The fairies may be fickle minded but I think they’d get along well with Prince Sirius.”

“If Big Sis Tiara says so, I feel like it’s going to end up well.”


Sirius showed an excited look of smile after hearing what Tiararose has just said.

Aquasteed also nodded as he said “I’m sure it’s possible.”


“It’s rare for the fairies to bless people of other country with happiness, but it’s not like there’s no previous example. Right now, there are many fairies in the royal castle so it might be good to take your time and try to talk to them.”

“Yes, thank you very much!”


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