136 Part 2

Since the king has given his seal of approval, Sirius looked even more energetic than before.


“Oh right, Big Sis Tiara-”


“Since you’ve not made the announcement yet, I couldn’t really say it openly… but congratulations on your pregnancy.”



Tiararose has not told Sirius yet so she’s shocked and covered her mouth.

Indeed, her belly has become swollen, but it has been concealed by adjusting the dress so it isn’t that obvious from the look of it.


Tiararose’s pregnancy was not made known to the public so only some people know it. Other than the attendants and bodyguard knights, only some maids, doctors and master cooks know about it.


“Thank you very much, Prince Sirius. But you sure have noticed it well.”

“I know it because it’s a matter of Big Sis Tiara. Also, the people around you are behaving even more careful than usual so it’s obvious.”


Indeed, it’s obvious to people who’re discerning, Tiararose gave a wry smile.

Aquasteed also seemed to be surprised but he immediately smiled and called out to Sirius.


“I’m still making arrangement about the timing, but we’re planning to announce it officially in a while. Would you keep it a secret until then, Prince Sirius?”

“Of course. I’m sure it’d become a festival for the country.”


Sirius’s looking forward to what’s going to happen in the future.

Tiararose’s happy about it but she felt a little embarrassed…




After separating from Sirius and returning to their room, Philiane has prepared some fruit water.


“Hah… I felt like I’ve been revitalized.”

“It’s hot outside after all. But be careful not to cool your body down too much, alright?”



Tiararose and Aquasteed were sitting side by side on the sofa and spending the time leisurely; these moments were always comfortable.


Aquasteed looked at the glass that Tiararose has placed on the table and stretched his hand out gently to her cheeks.


“Sir Aqua?”

“No… it’s just that after the baby’s born, we probably would not have enough time to spend time leisurely like this.”

“Indeed, it must take a lot of trouble to take care of it.”


It’d be good if the baby would be well-behaved and take afternoon naps, but it might end up being a crybaby.

In this world, she’s not in the position of just a mother, she’s also the queen. For that reason, she has to bring her kid up strictly.


Tiararose rubbed the hand that’s on her cheeks and looked up towards Aquasteed.


“I love the time spent leisurely with you, Sir Aqua… Aqua. Therefore, will you promise not forget about me after the baby’s born?”



If she gives birth to a baby girl, Aquasteed might end up coddling over it…

Even so, it’s not that she hates that. It’s just that she hates feeling being lonely and for thinking like that…

Therefore, she decided to muster her courage- and called out Aquasteed’s name without any honorifics, which she’s usually too embarrassed to say.


Aquasteed was so happy that his face has turned red; she normally doesn’t call him like that and he’s feeling weak now by the suddenness of it.


“Ah, tsk, Tiara you are always making me your slave.”


Aquasteed said that and kissed Tiararose.




Tiararose slowly closed her eyes and accepted the kiss, she then relied on Aquasteed. The gentle and sweet kiss, coupled with the heat of summer, made her feel like she’s going to melt.

After their lips parted, Tiararose touched Aquasteed’s cheeks this time round.


“Well I… have always been your slave, Aqua.”


That’s why it’s an eye for an eye, she said with a cheeky smile.


“Tsk. I can’t win against Tiara.”

“That should be my phrase. I’m always doted on by Aqua that it makes me helpless.”

“I think I’d like to make you even more helpless though…?”

“….! Aqua, tsk.”


Tiararose thought that her heart cannot contain it any further so she ended the conversation.

Right then, she recalled about the letter that has arrived from home; she was going out for a walk then and thought about reading it later on.


“Is it okay if I read the letter for a bit?”

“Of course. Did anything happen?”

“It’s from home, so it might be related to the stay in Marineforest. I think it’d be better if Sir Aqua know about it too.”


Tiararose took the letter that’s lying on top of the table, and opened it with a paper knife before returning to her seat.

There were letters from her father Schnauss and her younger adopted brother Darel.


“Wow, Darel’s letter is in it too! I’m happy.”

“I’m glad for you, Tiara.”



Tiararose was worried about not getting along well with her adopted younger brother Darel initially.

Therefore she’s very happy that she has received a letter from him.

The words were written carefully and it’s clear that Darel has put in a lot of effort.


“What did Darel say?”

“…It seems like he’s worried about my health condition. He said that if possible, he’d like to come to Marineforest after I’ve given birth.”


Darel’s good at healing magic, and he’s the first one who guessed that Tiararose’s pregnant. She remembers how worried he was when her body condition became bad.

By right, there are doctors in Marineforest so it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, since the baby in her belly’s known to possess a huge amount of magic power, there’s a possibility that unpredictable events might happen.

With that, Aquasteed and Schnauss has mentioned in their discussion before that it might be good to have Darel wait in another room while Tiararose’s giving birth.


“What a kind kid who’s worried for his elder sister. I’d welcome Darel if he’s willing to come here. What’s written on the other piece of letter?”

“Ah, the letter from father, right-”


Tiararose took the other letter and read the content.


“Umm, ‘Tiara! Are you fine? The reformation in our house’s already done. Please come anytime you’d like to. I’ve specially ordered soft toys for the kid so it’d completed soon’… sorry Sir Aqua, it’d not about their stay here, it’s the same old content that father often writes about.”

“Tiara’s really being loved.”


Schnauss always loves his daughter so deeply and it shows in his letter; Aquasteed laughed.


“In that case, I’d arrange for the stays of Darel and the others, is it ok?”

“Yes. Please.”


With Darel who’s good at healing magic and the royal castle doctors around, Tiararose felt as though all of her worries were blown away.


-I can’t wait for meet this child as soon as possible.


With such thoughts, Tiararose leaned towards Aquasteed’s shoulder.

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