The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 137

  1. The Festival by the People

In and out, in and out, Tiararose has been taking repeated deep breaths to calm down.

Looking at that, Aquasteed laughed.


“It is fine, Tiara. You don’t have to be that nervous.”

“That’s impossible; I can’t help but feel nervous. My heart’s beating really fast now…!”


Tiararose placed her hands on her cheeks while Philiane was doing the preparations and gently put on her a loose dress.


Today, Tiararose’s pregnancy would be officially announced and made known to all the civilians. Therefore, she’s getting nervous…


-This kid might be the next king of this country.


With such thoughts, she can’t help but feel nervous.


“I’ll prepare some hot drinks, that might help you calm down.”

“Thank you, Philiane.”


After seeing Philiane off the room, Tiararose looked outside the windows. The civilians, who do not know about the content of announcement, have gathered today and were making a buzz in the grounds.

They were excited thinking about what kind of happy event has happened.


Furthermore, they’re already in a festival mood and there were even food stalls.


“It seems fun somehow, right?”


Tiararose let out a smile without realizing it, and Aquasteed who walked towards her side, smiled like her.


“Everyone doesn’t seem to think of the possibility that it might be an announcement of something bad.”

“Marineforest’s a blessed and peaceful country after all. Everyone knows that well and it makes them happy.”

“That’s right. It’s all thanks to how you’ve been supporting me, Tiara.”



Aquasteed expressed his gratitude to her and gave her a brief peck on the lips.


“I’m the one… who has always been supported by Sir Aqua. Therefore, I’m happy that I’ve become some help to you…”



Aquasteed gently took Tiararose’s hand and escorted her to the sofa.

Right then, Philiane, who has prepared herbal tea, and Elliot have come into the room.


“Sorry to keep you waiting. Lady Tiararose.”

“The preparations for the announcement have been done and we can proceed from now on.”


Elliot came over to inform them that the preparations for the announcement have been done.

With this, Tiararose’s pregnancy would be announced to the country, and Tiararose along with Aquasteed would then show their faces from the terrace…

Therefore, Tiararose would only appear at the very last moment.


“Thank you for the report. There’s no problem, so please proceed.”



After hearing Aquasteed’s response, Elliot immediately left the room.


Afterwards, they slowly drank the herbal tea while hearing screams of joy outside.


“It seems like Lady Tiararose’s pregnancy has been announced! What amazing cheers-”


Philiane was so happy as though it’s about her and Tiararose was shy.


“…I’m glad that they welcome the baby.”

“Yes. I’m very proud as the attendant of Lady Tiararose too.”


Without realizing, Philiane’s face was filled with happy tears and Tiararose hurriedly wiped them with her handkerchief.


“Oh no, Philiane, why are you crying.”

“I’m sorry… Ugh, I’m, just happy…”


Philiane always cry when it comes to Tiararose’s matters.


“You’re making me cry too.”

“Lady Tiararose…!”


Both of them were sobbing when Elliot has returned.


“W-What has happened?!”

“It seems like they were overwhelmed.”


Aquasteed replied to Elliot’s question and looked at both of them.

He gently hugged Tiararose and pressed the handkerchief around her eyes area before calming her down with a kiss on the forehead as he said “My wife’s cute.”


Looking at that, “That’s impossible for me but…” and Elliot also took out his handkerchief for Philiane.


“It’s a happy day after all. I understand Philiane’s feelings very well.”

“Elliot… Thank you very much.”


Philiane took the handkerchief and revealed a smile.


“It seems like when it comes to Lady Tiararose’s matter… I’d end up being happier than no one else. From now on, Lady Tiararose would have to show her presence a lot so I’d have to be more reliable but…”



Philiane hurriedly wiped her tears and Elliot told her that it’s fine.


“Lady Tiararose also likes that side of you, Philiane. Of course, that goes to me and Sir Aquasteed too.”



Philiane nodded at Elliot’s words and stood up.


“Lady Tiararose. I’m going to touch up on your eyes’ area for a bit.”

“Thank you, Philiane. Please.”


Philiane hurriedly touched up on the ruined make up; with that she can appear on stage anytime.

Tiararose’s pale translucent-like skin made her look like a beautiful doll. Philiane takes pride of that.


“Lady Tiararose’s the most beautiful lady in this world.”

“That’s an exaggeration, Philiane, tsk.”


Tiararose made a wry smile while sending her gratitude to her attendant who has given her seal of approval.

After their conversations have ended, Aquasteed stood up and said “it’s about time.”


“Well then, shall we head to the terrace, Tiara?”




Aquasteed escorted her to the terrace and at that moment, ground-shaking cheers could be heard.


“Congratulations! Lady Tiararose! King Aquasteed!!”

“Marineforest’s future will be secure too!”



Lots of congratulations reached the ears of Tiararose. She’s extremely happy about that and was about to tear up from it.

However, right now, it’s important to accept the congratulations with a smile.


Tiararose waved her hand and looked at the people who have gathered.


“Thank you very much. Both the baby and I are fine. It makes me happy that you are all celebrating like this for us.”


Tiararose said thank you repeatedly and showed a face full of smiles. Right at her side, Aquasteed was gently supporting Tiararose.

The civilians could not conceal their happiness and someone shouted “it’s time for a festival-!”


“Amazing, it seems like they’re going to hold a festival.”


Aquasteed laughed and Tiararose panicked.


“T-That’s too much an exaggeration, isn’t it?!”

“Well, that shows how much the people love you, Tiara. Just accept it with a smile.”

“Sir Aqua… that’s true, I’m happy about everyone’s feelings.”


As the villainess, she’s very happy that she’s able to have such a future.


-That’s why I hope I’d be a support to this country too.


Looking at the people who have gathered and look happy, Tiararose’s feelings were intensified.






The people were in a joyous festival mode and at the same time, there’s a big stir inside the royal castle too.

Many people have come to send their words of congratulations to Tiararose and Aquasteed and it makes them feel happy and grateful about it.

However, some came over to say “let’s hold a divination to find out if the baby’s a prince or princess…!”


In just a few days, many presents, from not only the nobles of this country but also the other countries, have arrived.

Tiararose’s personal room could not contain all of it so they have to set up another room specially.

Philiane were doing the confirmations and although it was tough, she’s very happy about the congratulations directed towards her lady.


“Philiane, are you alright…? Your workload has increased a lot, hasn’t it?”

Tiararose said that while drinking tea and Philiane said “it’s alright” and showed a smile.


“The maids in the royal castle are helping out and the tasks were divided so it’s not that difficult. I’ll make a list of the presents that were sent to Lady Tiararose.”

“Thank you, Philiane.”


Right then, the sound of knock reverberated through the room, and Aquasteed entered with a tired look. There’s a letter in his hand and it seems like there’s something troublesome which made Tiararose and Philiane look at each other.


“I’ll bring over black tea immediately.”

“Yes, thank you.”


Philiane went out the room to prepare black tea and Aquasteed sat down next to Tiararose.


“You’ve worked hard, Sir Aqua. Did anything happen?”

“…Well, yes.”


When Tiararose probed, Aquasteed confirmed easily. In usual cases, Aquasteed would have already resolved the problems quickly.

It’s rare for him to say that easily so it makes her quite happy to hear that.


“Is it about that letter?”

“Yes, it’s from Saravia.”

“King Saravia…?”


Did he send his words of congratulations? Tiararose thought about that as she opened the letter, but it seems like he sent a marriage proposal for the yet-to-be-born baby.

Since it’s about their baby, Aquasteed decided to inform Tiararose about it too.


“Marriage proposal… um, we don’t know if it’s a prince or princess yet though”


Tiararose gave a wry smile thinking that he’s too impatient. However, she knows that he wants to build a connection with Marineforest from that.


“However, I thought that King Saravia does not have a child?”


Tiararose’s question was natural.

In the first place, Saravia has many wives but he has divorced all of them… Tiararose recalled.

With that, what’s this marriage proposal about?


Aquasteed sighed as he answered her doubt.


“After we have returned from Sandrose, it seemed like they have reconciled. Right now, two of his wives are pregnant so he’s asking for a marriage arrangement for the baby…”



She can’t help but raise a voice of surprise.

They don’t know the gender of their babies too. What are they going to do if all of the babies were males?


–Will they wait until a princess has been born?


However, since Sandrose has a one husband-multiple wives system, Tiararose think that they’d be blessed with more babies soon.


“So, um… Sir Aqua, what do you intend to do about it?”


Thinking of it as the royal family, this would concern a political marriage. Even Tiararose herself has had a marriage arrangement with Hartnight initially.

She understands that the baby would have various duties as the royal family member.

Therefore, Tiararose decided that she’d agree to whatever decision Aquasteed makes.


However, Aquasteed did not make any decision.



“I’m going to reject it. In the first place, I don’t intend to set up a marriage proposal if the people concerned are not interested.”


Aquasteed said that straight and Tiararose’s heart skipped a beat without thinking.


“Sir Aqua…”


Thinking about the country, they should have done a political marriage. However, he wants the child to marry someone he or she likes.

However, she’s happy that Aquasteed decided to leave a path for the sake of their child.


“If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t be able to marry Tiara myself.”


Indeed, he’d be married to a lady from Marineforest. That’d probably be Aishira, the daughter of the Count family.


“Of course, from now on… if something big happens, there might be a chance where a political marriage would be inevitable. However, if that’s not the case… I hope that our child would be able to spend the rest of his or her life with someone he or she desires.”


Aquasteed said that and gently rubbed her stomach.


“Ah, however, if the child brings along a shocking partner… what are we going to do?”

“Tsk, Sir Aqua.”


He might be against it if the partner’s flirtatious like Saravia.

Aquasteed said that and laughed.


“It’s fine. I mean, it’s our child after all. I’m sure he or she will find a good person.”

“That’s right… let’s end such talks. Right now, I want to dote on you, Tiararose.”



Both of them looked at each other with smiles and Tiararose received a gentle kiss.


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