The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 138

  1. New Noble Member

“Lady Tiararose, is the dress too tight?”

“No, it’s fine. Thank you, Philiane.”


After putting on a loose dress, Tiararose had breakfast at a timing slightly later than normal. Since there’s a baby in her womb, they did not want to add burden onto her body.

After breakfast, she often takes leisure tea breaks.

With the aim of educating the baby in her womb, she’d read picture books, listen to stories, and play with the fairies. Occasionally, the fairy kings would drop by and it makes her restless.


Today, she’s chatting with Philiane happily about what’s going to happen after the baby’s born.


“If it’s a princess, we’d have to find a new attendant for her. If it’s a prince, I guess we should find an aide.”

“Philiane, that’s still too early.”


She’s enthusiastic about finding an appropriate candidate and starting the education now.

Even so, it’s not only Philiane who’s thinking about that; Aquasteed too has the same thoughts. He has started to select a few bodyguard knights for the kid and also increased the number of maids attending to Tiararose.

Tiararose doesn’t have to do anything as all the preparations were done by the people around her.


“Everyone’s so good at this that there’s nothing for me to do.”

“That’s not true. You have a life in your womb right now so you are the one who’s suffering the most, Lady Tiararose. We can only provide support to you…”


Philiane said that and grabbed Tiararose’s hands tightly.


“If there’s anything, do feel free to tell me, alright? I’d do my best to ensure that the environment you’re in will be comfortable, Lady Tiararose!”

“Thank you, Philiane.”


Tiararose giggled at how Philiane was all fired up.

Right then, the cat soft toy which was placed on top of the sofa stood up and started moving. It seems that the baby in her womb is happy about how Tiararose, its mother, is being treated well.


Initially, they were confused about the moving soft toys, but after knowing that it’s the baby who’s playing, it’s not scary at all.


“It’s cute how the soft toy’s moving. Kitty, please play together.”


Philiane took a porcupine soft toy and made it dance around.




Tiararose was looking over the scene when the cat soft toy suddenly leaped into the air. It then walked straight to the entrance.



“Is there something on the door?”


Tiararose and Philiane looked at each other as they do not know the reason.

Right then, sounds of knocks echoed through the room. It seems that the baby has sensed that there’s a visitor and made the soft toy approach the door.


“Amazing… We didn’t even sense it at all…”


The baby in her womb seems to be exceptional like Aquasteed.

While thinking about that… they found out that it’s Aquasteed who has come to pay a visit. He managed to take a break from work and came over to check on Tiararose’s condition.


“Sir Aqua.”

“Work has calmed down for now so I came to see you.”


The cat soft toy was hugging onto Aquasteed’s leg and he took it and smiled gently.


“No matter how many time it has been, it’s fascinating to see the soft toy move.”


He high-fived with the cat soft toy and played with it a bit when it suddenly stopped moving; it seems that the baby has been satisfied with how the daddy has been playing with it.

The scene was so heart warming that Tiararose felt like she’s in bliss.


“How’s your body condition? Tiara.”

“There’s no problem. Right now, the baby, Philiane and I are playing with soft toys.”


After saying that, Tiararose tried to move the porcupine soft toy with her hands.


“That’s nice. Let me join next time too.”

“Of course.”


Tiararose agreed readily and Aquasteed sat down next to her.


“Ah, Philiane. You don’t have to prepare black tea, is it okay if I have a talk with Tiara for a while?”

“I got it. Well then, excuse me.”


After seeing that Philiane has left, Tiararose looked at Aquasteed and tilted her head as she wondered if there’s anything on.


“Sir Aqua?”

“It’s not appropriate for me to be the one to tell Philiane after all; the date of Elliot’s conferment has been decided.”

“Is that true?!”


Tiararose raised her voice excitedly at Aquasteed’s happy news.

Both Philiane and Elliot are in love with each other, but since she’s a noble and he’s a commoner, their differences in status prevented them from having a marriage with each other. They decided to wait till the day Elliot becomes a noble.

In other words, with this, both of them will be able to marry each other.

Of course, this is enough for everyone to be happy.


“I’m glad… I’ve always been worried about Philiane’s matters.”


Philiane is two years older than Tiararose so Tiararose was always worried about how her marriage is delayed.


“Well then, Elliot will tell Philiane about the matter?”

“He might be telling that to her right now.”


Aquasteed nodded at Tiararose’s question.


-That’s why, Philiane was asked to leave the room huh.


In that case, Tiararose hoped that she’d take her time. She doesn’t have any pressing matters for Philiane to attend to and it’s also time for an afternoon nap.

Tiararose rubbed her chest in relief and Aquasteed also said “we can relax now.”


“Even though Elliot’s very popular, he’s not very flirtatious huh.”

“That’s right… there are many people, including the maids in the castle, who hold him in high regards.”


However, he has refused all of them.

His work must have been busy, but more than that, he’s always devoted to Philiane; therefore they were happy that they’re going to marry finally.


“We have to think of the congratulatory present.”

“That’s right. I will present a sword to him during the conferment, but let’s send something separately, Tiara.”



Adding to that, they have to think of the presents to congratulate their marriage.

Right now, they’re staying in the rooms of the castle, but after the marriage, they’d need a house. In that case, they might need more necessities.


“Seems like things are going to be busier from now on, huh?”

“The baby will be born too. However, Tiara, you shouldn’t overexert yourself, alright? If there’s anything, please let me know immediately.”

“Of course. Right now, I’m prioritizing the safety of this child.”



She wants to meet the baby as soon as possible.

Tiararose leaned her head against Aquasteed’s shoulder sweetly.


“I can’t wait to meet this child.”

“That’s right.”







A month has passed since then, and it’s finally the day of conferment for Elliot.

It has been busy in the castle grounds as preparations were undergoing, and in the middle of that, Tiararose was spending time leisurely with Philiane while waiting for the commencement.

However, Philiane seems to be rather nervous uncharacteristically.


“It’d be fine, Philiane. Calm down.”

“I-I-I’m calm though!?”



Tiararose smiled wryly as she’s definitely not calm now.


“Elliot will be fine; he’s very exceptional after all.”



Philiane nodded at what Tiararose has said, when there’s a sudden knock on the door; it seems like Aquasteed has arrived.

The ceremony will be starting now.


“It has already started, how’s your body condition?”

“Yes, there’s no problem. Philiane has been staying close to me, so I’m relaxed.”


Tiararose smiled as she informed him that her body condition is good today.

After that, she was escorted by Aquasteed, and they headed to the throne at the conferment ceremony venue.



The sunlight flooded in from the window and shone onto the beautifully bloomed national flower Tiararose. The noble families have gathered to oversee the ceremony and they lined up along the red carpet in the centre.

Aquasteed and Tiararose sat down side by side on the throne and waited for Elliot’s entrance.


Philiane’s standing there slightly away from them. Since Tiararose’s pregnant, she’s given the permission to attend the ceremony.

She looked at the entrance door nervously as she wondered if Elliot would be fine.


The cabinet minister confirmed the documents and read out Elliot’s name.

The knight immediately opened the door and Philiane could not take her eyes off him.




She gulped at how valiant he looked.

It’s different from his normally warm smile and gentle look. Elliot stood there like a man.


His knight outfit was white and it makes a contrast with the dark blue colour ornament, which represents the main character Aquasteed; there’s also a dark green item attached onto his outfit, which represents Philiane.

He looked straight in front and walked in a dashing manner, it can be said that he’s definitely worthy to be Aquasteed’s right arm person.


Elliot continued walking and kneeled down before the throne.


“Elliot will receive the baron title for his meritorious deeds which includes saving the lives of King Aquasteed, Lady Tiararose and their child.”


The cabinet minister announced that and Aquasteed immediately stood up from the throne and walked towards Elliot.

Right then, he handed the sword in his hand to Elliot and smiled.


“Thanks to Elliot, Tiara, the child and I are safe. Thank you.”

“Those words are more than what I deserve, King Aquasteed.”

“-From now on, you’ll be named Coralsia as a noble of the Marineforest.”

“I’m grateful for that. As a noble of Marineforest, I pledge my loyalty to King Aquasteed.”


Elliot received his noble position and the place was roused up with sounds of applause. Tiararose was also clapping happily and everyone’s happy with the birth of a new noble member.


“Baron Coralsia, I’ll present you a land in the south, take care of it.”



Elliot was granted a land in the south of Marineforest; it’s located along the sea coast with a small cove.

It’s a small land, but there are many fairies living in the beautiful sea.


Elliot has just become a noble member so he might face a lot of troubles, but there are many people who he can depend on like Philiane, Tiararose and Aquasteed.

Elliot vowed once again that he’d make sure he’ll improve further.








The conferment ceremony ended without problems and Elliot returned to the room which was prepared for him.

He normally does not appear much in public, so he’s extremely nervous. He tried his best to make sure that it’d go well though…




Elliot slowly reached out for his bag. He then took out a beautiful small box.

It’s something that he has prepared since before for Philiane – a ring.


He’s going to hand this over during their wedding ceremony. Therefore it’s still not time yet, but he can’t help but carry it around.


For now, he decided to change his clothes and return to work, when a knock echoed through the room.



“Elliot, it’s Philiane.”

“Ah, come in.”


Elliot gave his permission and Philiane immediately opened the door and tried to enter when she suddenly froze.




Elliot tilted his head in confusion. He immediately followed Philiane’s sight of line… when he realized that it’s the ring.




Elliot smiled wryly thinking that he’s too careless.



“Eh? Ah, yes…”


Elliot put on a serious look and faced Philiane.

After that, he took the hands of Philiane, who was standing outside the room, brought her into the room and closed the door. Philiane looked nervous so he thought she’s very cute.


He received the position of a noble, and managed to obtain the love of his life, Philiane. He thought that he could not be any happier with this.


While holding onto Philiane’s hands, Elliot kneeled. As though he’s touching a jewel – no, to Elliot, Philiane is a jewel. She’s shining more beautifully than any jewel and would think of him more than anyone else.

While their hands were still in contact, he leaned his mouth towards her hand and kissed the top of it.


“-Although I received the rank of a noble, I’m only a baron. I cannot say with confidence that I’m someone who’s deserving of Philiane.”


As the close aide of Aquasteed, he knows very well what it takes to be a noble. However, he continued his words.


“However, to me, Philiane’s an important figure, like Sir Aquasteed. Therefore, would you please marry me – Elliot Coralsia?”


After saying that, he stared at Philiane and there were tears welling up in those gentle sepia-coloured eyes. She always appears so strong but he said that she’s someone whom he wants to protect.


“…Yes. Please take care of me for a long time.”



After hearing her acceptance, Elliot could not help but hug her immediately.






Night has fallen and extravagant dishes were prepared in a room at the castle.

That’s right, it’s a celebration for Elliot as he has become a baron and received the name Coralsia.

It’s a celebration with close ones like Tiararose, Aquasteed, Philiane and Tarmo.

A bigger celebration party will be held later for Elliot.


Tiararose has the chef make some special desserts for Elliot and the decorations in the room looked more lavish than usual.


The main character for today, Elliot, stood in front of everyone.


“I’ve never thought that I’d be able to stand like this in front of everyone when the time when I started serving Sir Aquasteed till now; I basically suited the background more…”


Elliot revealed his honest thoughts that he’s okay if it’s for support of others, but he finds it difficult talking about himself.


“However, from now on, I think I want to become an even greater support to Sir Aquasteed as a noble; please look after me from now on too… cheers!”



Matching with Elliot’s greetings, everyone clink their glasses together.


“Once again- congratulations Elliot. Sorry that the process took a long time.”

“Thank you, Sir Aquasteed. No, I know very well myself how difficult the process is.”

“That’s true.”


Aquasteed sent his words of congratulations and apologized for the late conferment ceremony, to which Elliot smiled in return.

Also, since Tiararose’s pregnant, he has been busier than normal.

Or rather-


“It could have been done after Lady Tiararose gives birth and things have settled down…”


Since it clashed with the busy period, Elliot was a little concerned about it. However, Aquasteed shook his head.


“Are you planning to make Philiane wait further?”



Elliot also didn’t want to delay the marriage with Philiane later too, so he could not refute to Aquasteed’s words.

Tiararose giggled as she looked at their interactions from the side.


“It’s a celebration so let’s put that talk aside.”

“That’s right… Elliot, here’s a gift from Tiara and I.”


Aquasteed immediately changed the topic and handed him a piece of document.


“Thank you very much. This is…!!!”


Elliot thanked them while reading the document and suddenly raised his voice in surprise. It’s totally unexpected.


“You need it, don’t you?”

“T…That’s needed, but this is too much for me.”


Elliot was going to return the document back, when Philiane and Tarmo came up to him.


“What did you receive?”

“Since it’s given to you by Sir Aquasteed, couldn’t you have just accepted it?”

“…it’s a mansion near the royal castle.”


Elliot opened his mouth after keeping silent for a while.

Philiane and Tarmo did not expect that response at all and their jaws were hanging.


“T-This is too…”

“Is mansion something that could be presented so easily like that…?”


Philiane was panicking and Tarmo was confused.

Aquasteed opened his mouth as he tried to convince the three of them.


“It’s difficult to obtain a land near the castle, isn’t it? However, Elliot’s my close aide and Philiane is Tiararose’s attendant. Just in case, wouldn’t it be better for them to be in a mansion nearby?”

“Sir Aquasteed…”


Elliot was touched by his consideration.


“Thank you very much. Well then, I’ll accept it gratefully. If anything happens, I’ll make sure I’ll rush over immediately…”

“I’ll rely on you.”


The conversation ended off beautifully and Tiararose clapped her hands and said “Well then.”


“The food’s going to turn cold, so let’s eat now.”

“Yes, that’s right. The cook master has whipped up a few dishes for Elliot.”


Aquasteed nodded at Tiararose’s words and the celebration meal commenced.

Tiararose then happily talked about the dates for Elliot and Philiane’s wedding ceremony, the need to visit the land, and even offered suggestion to open a dessert store in the land; everyone congratulated Elliot for becoming a baron.


Aquasteed smiled and said that the wedding ceremony should take place as soon as possible, and they have decided on doing so.

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