The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 139

  1. Present for Philiane

With Aquasteed’s suggestion, Elliot and Philiane have discussed about their wedding ceremony and decided to have it three months later.

Time wise, it’d be around one month before the estimated date of birth for Tiararose’s baby. Since things are going to be busy after birth, they decided to hold the ceremony early in haste.


Tiararose has already sent a letter to Akari about Philiane’s matter; it also includes contents of other trivial matters.

Akari and Philiane used to have some reservations when it comes to each other, but they have gotten closer nowadays.


-Even so, it was Lady Akari who tried to hurt me though…


It’s strange how they can talk about the matters of the past and laugh them off.


“I can’t wait for Philiane’s wedding ceremony. I might end up crying from being touched.”


With such thoughts, Tiararose hoped that time would pass by more quickly.






A few days later, there’s a sudden incident.


“Lady Tiara, I’m here-!!”

“Eh, Lady Akari!?”


The person on the horse, desperately trying to brush off the bodyguards with quick speed, is the first generation heroine of the maiden game.

She suddenly appeared when Tiararose and Philiane were taking a stroll around the garden and her breath was out of control.



The person who’s happy about Philiane’s wedding ceremony is Akari Lapis Lazuli Lactomut.

She has long shiny black hair and black irises. She’s wearing pants now as she’s riding a horse, but she normally wears peach-coloured dresses.

She married the main strategy character Hartnight of the maiden game “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli”; she’s originally from Japan and is now living in the Lapis Lazuli kingdom.



“Why didn’t you inform me about it…? Lady Akari’s a state guest, you know?”

“Well, well, isn’t that fine? I just thought that I have to dash over here to congratulate Philiane!”


That’s why it’s fine, Akari exerted; Tiararose and Philiane looked at each other and smiled wryly.

It’s totally not fine, but since she’s here already there’s nothing that can be done.


“Thank you very much, Lady Akari.”


Since Akari dashed over to congratulate her, Philiane relayed her thanks.


“No no! We need to have a big celebration for Philiane’s wedding ceremony! Ah, I can’t wait for it already. Or rather, let’s take the measurements for the dress soon!”



Philiane froze from the sudden topic.

Tiararose has already gotten used to Akari’s recklessness, but to Philiane, Akari’s acting like a monster now.


Akari did not seem to notice Philiane’s feelings and continued talking.


“Actually, before coming here, I’ve dropped by Lady Olivia’s place. I asked her to arrange for a seamstress and I guess she’d probably be here soon.”

“Lady Akari, are you seriously going to take measurements of Philiane now and have a dress made for her now?”

“Of course!”


Akari said with a glee and Tiararose decided that they have no choice but return to their room now.


“We can’t stop Lady Akari when she’s like this… also, I want to be part of Philiane’s dressmaking process too. The details have not been confirmed yet, right?”

“Yes. I did talk to Elliot about what we should do about the design so…”


After hearing what Philiane has said, Akari raised her chest and said “leave it to me!”




After which, the planning for Philiane’s wedding dress took place, in a room prepared for them in the castle.


“It’s a personal seamstress of mine, and she’ll make the best wedding dress ever!”


The person who said that excitedly was Olivia Ariadale.

She has rose-red hair with a ribbon hair accessory on. Her honey-green eyes were sparkling as though she has just spotted a prey.

She’s the villainess of the sequel and the daughter of the Marineforest Count.

She loves the Ring of the Lapis Lazuli so much, including all the characters. Her hobby is to visit the sites that appeared in the game. Her knowledge’s wide to the point that she made a personal strategy book of the game.



Also, standing next to Olivia is her butler Levi.

His long black hair is gathered in the back, and the gaze from his rose red eyes is intense.

He look like a completely competent butler- but he’s very devoted to serving Olivia, and is a little, no, very strange.



The seamstresses brought along by Olivia greeted them and quickly took the measurements of Philiane. Since Levi is a guy, he left the room to prepare tea.


While Philiane’s measurements were taken, Tiararose, Akari and Olivia were discussing what kind of dress would be good.


“She might be lovely, but wouldn’t an adult-like dress be good too?”


Tiararose said.


“Elliot’s a late bloomer so wouldn’t a sexy dress be good?”


Akari said.


“Why don’t we make them all?”


Olivia said that any kind of dress would fit her.


Everyone’s wondering about it.

A couture ribbon would be cute and adult-like too. However, a see-through dress which is mysterious and sexy would also suit her well.

If the top’s V-shaped like, it would be fashionable and an off-shoulder dress with lace would suit her well too.


Everyone’s thinking about it seriously and pondering about it.


“Speaking of which, bold revealing back-bare dresses were popular in Japan before, weren’t they?”


Akari remembered seeing them in magazines.


“Yes it was! I remember seeing a beautiful design where the dress material was used to make roses.”

“It’s hard to decide…”


Olivia said that flowers are good too, Tiararose also agreed as every dress seems to fit Philiane well.

Right then, the measurement-taking’s over and Philiane came over with a red face.


“…I hope it’s not too revealing.”


It seems that she’s embarrassed about Akari’s remark of wearing a sexy dress to bewitch Elliot.

She’s very pushy when it comes to Tiararose’s love story, but when it comes to herself, she becomes incredibly embarrassed.

That side of her was very cute though…


When Olivia looked at Philiane while she’s talking, she suddenly said “That’s great!” and took a paper and brush.

Her eyes were sparkling and her hands were moving fast as she drew a design.


“Pure and not too revealing… but! With a lace around the neck, it’s kind of see-through!”


Olivia completed the design quickly and asked for the opinions of it.

Like she has said, the pure white dress has flower designs on it. It’s a little simple but the tiny details suit Philiane very well.


Tiararose and the others immediately gave their compliments upon seeing the design.


“Wonderful, Lady Olivia! This suits Philiane very well!”

“The lace’s good! With this, Elliot would be taken down!!”


Tiararose and Akari revealed their opinions and looked at Philiane. Even though everyone praised the design, it would be meaningless if the wearer herself is not interested in it.

They waited for Philiane’s reaction with rapid heartbeats.


Philiane took her time to look at the dress design and opened her mouth.


“I…Is it okay for me to wear such a wonderful wedding dress?”


It seems that the dress fitted Philiane’s preference and she’s so happy that her voice was shaking slightly; the dress design has been settled.

After that, they just have to make the tuxedo for Elliot.


“Of course. I’m very happy that Philiane likes it.”

“Thank you very much, Lady Olivia.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll have the most wonderful dress made, so wait for it.”


Olivia’s very enthusiastic about it now. Basically, Olivia loves all the characters of the game and Philiane’s one of them.


“Well then! The design has been settled so let’s have a girls talk while eating some snacks!”

“Well, I’ll have Levi bring over some additional snacks. Levi!”


Akari was getting excited and Olivia immediately nodded. After calling Levi’s name, he immediately came over from somewhere with snacks.

As usual, he’s a competent butler, Tiararose thought.


Even so, all the sweets prepared by Levi were delicious.

He poured black tea and they took the Madeleines; the Madeleines were still warm and it’s evident that they were just been brought out of the oven.




Tiararose was going to enjoy the aroma when she felt nauseous suddenly. She put the Madeleines on the plate by reflex and Philiane immediately placed her hand on her back and asked if she’s fine.


“It’s morning sickness, right? Are you going to puke?”

“No… I just feel a little uncomfortable so there’s no need to go too far.”


It seems that if she doesn’t smell the Madeleine it’d be fine, so she’s relieved.

However, Tiararose’s struck by shock this time round.


-Could it be that my body’s refusing sweets now…!!


Tiararose’s body condition was not that bad beforehand so she thought that she’s not that prone to morning sickness.


“Are you alright? Lady Tiararose.”

“A different sweet might be acceptable! What about panna cotta?”


Olivia and Akari were worried and Akari suggested a different sweet. Tiararose ended up laughing saying that it’s important to ascertain what kinds of sweets she can eat… as she looked at the sweets lined up on the table.

Philiane was shocked by that statement.


“I know that Lady Tiararose loves sweets very much, but it’s better not to push yourself now…”

“O-Of course! But I don’t want to end up like that in front of Sir Aqua… so I want to know what’s acceptable and what’s not.”


Tiararose said it as though she’s worried about Aquasteed being concerned about Tiararose, but she actually does not want to show her nauseous state to him… it’s a very maiden thought.

Tiararose looked so determined that Philiane had no choice but to cooperate. She nodded her head and said “leave it to me!”


Also, there might be a chance that there’s a guest visitor in the future and she does not want Tiararose to fall into embarrassing situations.

…Well, Aquasteed would probably not let that happen though.


Philiane placed portions of the sweets on separate plates and Levi also brought in various desserts.

There are baked goods, cakes, bread, and even Japanese rice cakes and desserts.

Since she has never seen Japanese desserts before, she thought that she wanted to eat them… and decided to ask Olivia to bring them over again.


“Macaron is… unacceptable I guest. Fruits are okay. Ah, but the fruits on top of cakes are not.”

“What about this?”


Tiararose was making the judgment when Philiane prepared panna cotta.


“-Panna cotta is fine!”

“I’m glad you have something you can eat. What about fruits jelly?”


Tiararose had a bit of panna cotta before the fruits jelly. It seems like the smell of the fruits jelly is tolerable to her.


“…Jelly-like desserts are fine, it seems.”


Just by knowing that fact, she’s relieved about her meals in the future.


“Morning sickness is serious after all… if there’s anything, I’d my best to support you so please call me any time! Lady Tiara!!”

“Thank you very much, Lady Akari.”

“Well, me too, I’ll provide my support.”

“Lady Olivia, thank you very much. I’m blessed with friends.”


With them, Tiararose thought that there’s no difficulty too great for her.







After that, at night, Tiararose reported to Aquasteed about her morning sickness.

Right then, he became seriously worried and hugged her.


“It might be important to know what you can eat, but seriously… don’t over exert yourself.”

“Of course. Also, the morning sickness has calmed down so it’s fine… hm? There’s a cookie smell from Sir Aqua.”



Aquasteed was careless and he hurriedly separated from Tiararose. However, she did not feel uncomfortable like she did in the afternoon.


-Why is that so?


Tiararose thought that it was strange and told him that she’s fine. Right then, Aquasteed thought about it for a while before saying “perhaps…”


“It might be the baby’s influence. The influence of magic on the mother’s body might have exceeded Tiara’s thoughts.”

“The baby in the womb…”


Tiararose thought about what happened in the afternoon and indeed, her tension has been quite high when she talked about Philiane’s dress and she has not been so excited for quite a while.

Perhaps, that has influenced the baby and caused her body condition to change.


“…Just like how the baby’s magic has influenced me, my feelings might have influenced the baby.”

“That’s right. In that case, we have to pour in as much love as we can.”



That’s why for now, Aquasteed said he’s going to kiss- and he gently pecked Tiararose’s cheek.

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