The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 140

  1. Child’s Soft Toys Play

Sitting on the rocking chair located near the windows, Tiararose put on a blanket over her knees, rocked the chair leisurely and read a picture book.


There were a few soft toys around the chair, which were moved around by the baby, and she decided to read the story out loud to them.


“…In the end, the girl spend a blissful life with the fairies.”


Tiararose finished reading and the soft toys started to clap.




Tiararose smiled thinking that she could read countless of stories with this. She did not expect the soft toys to be her audience.


“I’m glad you liked it.”


She said that and gently rubbed her stomach.

It’s now time for the afternoon tea, and Tiararose thought that it’s also time for the baby in the womb to rest.


She thought that it might be better to sleep together and while thinking of that- the centre of the room suddenly had a bright flash of light and three fairy kings appeared.


“Yo, Tiara! How’s your condition?”

“We brought desserts for souvenir.”

“I brought Tapioca strawberry milk tea! It’s exquisite.”


Although Tiararose froze at the sudden turn of event, she smiled and sent her thanks.


“Thank you very much, everyone. I’ll prepare a table.”



The fairy who’s worried about Tiararose’s body condition was the forest fairy king Keith.

Keith has long deep-green hair which was tied up and left in front, and he has a pair of golden sharp eyes which’s a proof that he’s the king. He gives off a magnificent and overwhelming presence.

He might be a little pushy with his wants, but he’s actually very gentle and would often look over the others.



The fairy who was escorting Pearl was the sky fairy king Grail.

He has sky-azure hair which was neatly bundled up and also has a pair of golden eyes like Keith, which’s a proof that he’s the king.

Grail’s cool and calm, but in order to calm Pearl, who hates men, down, he often wear female outfits.


The fairy who was into delicious tapioca drinks was the sea fairy king Pearl.

Pearl has neatly arranged silver-white hair and golden eyes; her layered Kimono-like dress is extremely beautiful and colourful.

Pearl isn’t really someone who warms up to the others, but she’s close to Tiararose now.



After ringing the bell and calling the maids, Tiararose asked for the table setting. Philiane’s in a meeting for the wedding ceremony so she’s currently not around.

While the preparation was under way, the fairies were looking at the moving soft toys with impressed looks.

Keith hugged the cat soft toy up and played with it by moving its arms around. The soft toy responded back so it’s very fun.


“How great.”

“Yes. I wonder how impressive the child would be…”


Grail also looked at the soft toy Keith was holding, and said that he’s looking forward to it.


“Well, it seems like Marineforest would be safe so I’m glad.”

“That’s right. Even though it has not been born yet, the fairies really like the child.”


Pearl nodded at Grail’s words and looked at Tiararose’s stomach. Right now, there’s a new life residing in there, and she might be thinking how incredible that was.


Tiararose seemed to notice Pearl’s sight as she touched her own stomach.


“Would you like to touch it? Pearl.”

“…! Is that alright?”



Pearl’s indeed interested in it so her expression lightened up at Tiararose’s suggestion.


Both of them sat down side by side on the sofa and Tiararose smiled and told her to go ahead.

Pearl timidly touched Tiararose’s stomach. It has gotten quite big already so she could feel the baby by touch.

Keith and Grail were also looking at Pearl with interest.


“Wow, it’s moving!”

“The baby’s kicking the stomach. I was initially shocked by it, but I’m now used to it and it makes me happy.”

“I see…”


Pearl was surprised by the unexpectedly vigorous baby and she smiled gently while rubbing the stomach.


“Be born safe as soon as possible; we’re going to bless you with happiness.”



No matter how much blessings they have already received, she’s the fairy king after all. Tiararose didn’t expect her to readily give her blessing and widened her eyes.

Right then, Keith placed his hand on top of her head.


“Hey, are you treating us like strangers? It’s Tiara’s child so of course we are going to bless it with happiness.”

“It’s the child of Aquasteed, whom I have blessed, and it’s also someone who would inherit the throne after all.”

“Both of you…”


Tiararose felt the warmth as both of them said that it’s natural.

She married in from a neighbouring country, and is even the villainess, so she didn’t expect such warm treatment-

She thought that she’s glad that she’s not too concerned about the game and tried to build bonds with everyone.


Pearl looked at Tiararose and giggled.


“For that, you have to first prioritize on your body condition. If anything happens to you, even Aquasteed would be clueless as to what to do.”

“I’ll be careful.”


Right then, speak of the devil… Aquasteed came in.


“The three kings have gathered; is there anything?”

“There’s nothing in particular. We just came over to look for Tiara!”

“…Is that so? Thank you.”


Aquasteed was subconsciously bracing himself, but he relaxed his facial expressions upon finding out the reason; he must have been happy that they came here for Tiararose.


Aquasteed’s also here, so everyone had tea together.


Lined up on the table was the flower black tea brought along by Keith, baked snacks brought along by Grail and Tapioca milk tea brought along by Pearl, and finally panna cotta with tapioca.

The table was showy and made Tiararose drop her jaws.


Today, the sitting arrangement was a little unique as Tiararose and Pearl sat down side by die on the sofa and right opposite them were Keith and Grail. Aquasteed was sitting on a single sofa.

Normally, Aquasteed would definitely be by her side, so she felt a little strange. However, she’s happy that she’s getting along well with Pearl.


In place of that, the cat soft toy started moving and sat on top of Aquasteed’s knees.


“This is… I guess the baby also want to have a fun tea time with us.”


The action taken by the baby has lit up the room.

Of course, the baby might have just wanted to play; either way, it’s enough to lighten the atmosphere in the room filled with adults.


“After it’s being born, I’m going to present it tapioca drink.”

“Wow, thank you very much. I’ll be looking forward to it.”



Tiararose thought that the baby would definitely like sweets like her…

Be it a boy or a girl, she looks forward to having tea with the child in the future.


-I hope it’d be like the tea time we’re having right now.


Tiararose took the tapioca filled panna cotta and Pearl said proudly that it’s her recommendation.


“But it’s rare. I thought that you would eat the cake first…”

“Ah… actually, I’ve a bit of morning sickness. It’s okay if we have calmed down, but if the mood of the child and mine rises… I cannot eat it.”

“…that’s difficult. Well, I guess it’s the hardship you must carry until it’s being born.”


Tiararose said that she’s alright with jelly-like desserts and Pearl said that in that case she better have more of the panna cotta and lined them up in front of her.


“I can’t eat this much, you know!?”

“What, it should be fine for you.”

“It’s a problem…”


She probably thought that she can eat unlimited amount of sweets but…

Tiararose and Pearl were having such interactions and it made Keith laugh.


“In that case, I’m going to bring jelly next time too.”

“…Thank you very much.”


I wonder why I can’t be happy about this.


-He’s definitely going to bring along huge amounts of jelly…


Tiararose knows that she’s being made fun of so she gave her thanks with a blank expression; it must have humoured Keith as he laughed even louder.


They were having fun chats for a while when the fairies arrived with loud chattering.


“We came over to play~!”

“Ah! The kings are around too!”



The forest, sky and sea fairies have arrived. The sea fairies have mermaid legs so they cannot fly and were carried around by the forest and sky fairies.


Pearl immediately poured water onto the tray when she saw the sea fairies.


“Thank you very much-!”

“As expected of Pearl”


The sea fairies moved to the plate filled with water and clapped while praising Pearl.


The sky fairies politely sat down on the empty sofa seats, brought out their own miniature tea cups and enjoyed tea too.


The forest fairies were flying around happily.


-I wonder if it’s a difference in personality.


Since she’s normally with the forest fairies, she thought that the sky and sea fairies’ actions were very refreshing.

The forest fairies were free and started playing with the cat soft toy. It seems that they were protecting the child.


-Everyone’s cute.


It’s not only Tiararose who thought about that, the other soft toys in the room started moving too. They were circling around and dancing.


“Wow-! Amazing-!!”

“Let’s dance together~”

“Then I’ll sing~ Lalala~♪”


The fairies started playing with the soft toys and Tiararose’s tension started rising. Right then, she felt a little discomfort towards the smell of cakes.


-Ah, they’re just too cute, that’s why…!


Since Tiararose just could not stop the excitement, she shyly covered her nose and mouth with both hands.


“I’ll open the windows a bit to ventilate the room, alright?”


Her body has started to get slightly hotter too.

Tiararose stood up from the sofa and since she has been sitting down for a while, she suddenly felt dizzy.


Ah- oh no.


Right when she thought like that, her body started to waver and was about to collapse. Aquasteed and the others immediately noticed it but since they were sitting down on the sofa, they could not make it in time before Tiararose collapsed.


Tiararose braced herself for the impact and closed her eyes tightly, but her fall was broken.




She opened her eyes and could see the ceilings. Right then, Aquasteed and Keith dashed over.

Grail and Pearl stood up from the sofa and looked over worriedly.


“Tiara, are you fine?”

“Yes… But, what happened to me? –Ah”


Aquasteed carried her up and she immediately realized that there were many soft toys supporting her.


-Did the baby save me?


“Thank you.”


Tiararose thanked her stomach and rubbed the soft toys too.


“I should be the one protecting you, but I ended up being protected…”


Tiararose wondered if she’s a failure as a mother. Right before she could say that, Aquasteed said that that’s not the case.


“Everyone loves Tiara, so we want to protect you. This kid too.”

“Sir Aqua…”


That’s why, there’s no need to be concerned about that.


“But, the vertigo must have been scary… let’s stand up slowly next time, shall we?”



Tiararose nodded and Pearl opened the windows for ventilation.


“Right now, every one of us has gathered so you can depend on us more, you know? It’s easy for me to carry a person after all.”

“Pearl… Thank you very much.”


Tiararose thought that it’s scary to ask the fairy kings for help, but since she was told that, she decided to depend on them next time.


“In that case, why don’t you come to my castle until you give birth to the child? It’s going to be comfortable.”

“I’ll be beside Tiara so it’s okay.”

“Tsk, I was just joking.”

“I wonder if that’s true.”


Aquasteed immediately rejected Keith’s proposal. It’s not like there aren’t small sparks flying between them, but this is their way of getting along.


“Even so, it’s amazing how Tiararose was supported when she collapsed… what amazing soft toys- no, magic.”


Grail looked at Tiararose’s stomach and thought that the birth must be tough.


“It has been fun today so I must have been too excited. I’ll be careful next time.”

“Yes. Tiararose, if anything happens to you, Aquasteed’s going to go wild.”


That’s why she needs to be careful, Grail emphasized.


“We might impose burden onto Tiararose if we stay any longer, so let’s leave.”

“That’s good. Even so, the child’s impressive. I’m sure it will become a good king.”


Keith laughed and said that he’s looking forward to it.

Grail and Pearl also agreed with him and nodded.


“Well then, we’re going to leave now. See you again, Aquasteed.”

“…it’s probably easier to consult someone of the same gender, so feel free to call me if you’re in trouble.”

“If you’re tired of being in the castle, you can come over to my place any time.”


Grail, Pearl and Keith transported and returned.


“In that case… Tiara, why don’t you take a nap?”


After looking the fairy kings off, Tiararose was carried by Aquasteed to the bed. He placed a blanket on top of her and rubbed her head.

Indeed, she has been a little tired so she just nodded. Upon looking closely, the soft toys were not moving, so the baby in the womb’s probably napping too.


Tiararose grabbed Aquasteed’s sleeves and asked “Are you going to work?”


“Yes. I still have some documents to work with.”

“…Sir Aqua. Please do not overexert yourself too. alright?”


Tiararose has done mostly nothing today, so Aquasteed’s burden must have increased slightly.

Tiararose was worried about that, but Aquasteed said that he’s totally fine.


“If it’s for Tiara’s sake, I can do everything. Therefore, let me revitalize myself for a bit.”

“Ah… yes.”


Aquasteed said that and gently kissed he

r, but Tiararose was also being revitalized by that.

For a while, they enjoyed their time together.

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