The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 142

  1. Philiane and Elliot’s wedding ceremony

There’s a week left till Philiane’s wedding ceremony and the preparations were undergoing.

Today, Tiararose, Akari, Olivia and Alan, the four of them, have gathered in the royal castle to do the final confirmation for the wedding dress and cake.

Philiane was having a final meeting with Elliot so she’s not around.


“Look at this! This beautiful dress…!”


Olivia’s showing everyone the beautiful lace wedding dress. There were woven flower patterns and the neck part was made of a see-through fabric which made it look quite erotic too.

The accessories and tiara, which matched the dress design, have also been prepared so all they have to do is to wait for the actual day to come.


“Oh gosh this is the best! Lady Olivia!!”


Akari’s not holding back on her excitement and she could not wait for the actual day to come.


“With this, Elliot will lose control!”

“Lady Akari! What’re you talking about in front of Alan?!!”


Tiararose was surprised at Akari’s remarks and reminded her that it’s improper. Alan’s face turned red and he said that it’s fine and shook his head.


“Ah, sorry! Hehehe.”


Akari laughed cheekily and was definitely not reflecting on herself so Tiararose smiled wryly. There’s nothing wrong with the dress so she decided to shift the topic to the cake matters.


“Alan, how’s the cake going on?”

“Yes! I’ve come up with the most awesome cake ever!! Please try some.”


At the signal, several maids entered in with a wagon carrying a wedding cake.

It’s about one meter tall and is rather impactful. However, that’s that and the cake itself is made beautifully with exquisite detailed designs.

Regardless of whether it’s being viewed from far or close up front, it’s pretty entertaining to gaze at it.


“I think I’ve managed to make it such that it looks like the planned design; how’s it, Lady Tiararose?”

“Alan… it’s done very beautifully; the chocolate looks pretty and the lace decorated with whipped cream’s even more detailed than I’ve imagined it to be.”


Tiararose judged that there’s nothing wrong.


“I’m glad…! Thank you very much, Lady Tiararose!!”

“Me too, thank you very much. Alan’s cake is really wonderful.”


However, since Tiararose has become totally excited, the sight of the wonderful wedding cake has caused her morning sickness to set in.


“Lady Tiararose! Lady Akari, please open the window!”



Olivia immediately supported Tiararose and patted her back. Akari dashed towards the windows after being instructed to do so.

Alan did not know what to do so he’s panicking with a worried look.

Tiararose hated herself for causing troubles after having the chance to see the completed beautiful cake that’s presented to her.


“Are you alright, Lady Tiara?”

“I’m sorry… It seems that my morning sickness is back.”


With a despondent look, she smiled saying that she’ll be fine after a while.


“I’m sorry, Alan. I must have frightened you, didn’t I?”

“Ah… no, I’m sorry for not being of help. I have seen my mother suffering from morning sickness but at that time I was also at a loss as to what to do…”


Alan said that he’s worthless as a guy.

However, Olivia immediately refuted that.


“That’s not true, Mister Alan. It’s fine as long as you’re worried about your mother and staying by her side. By rubbing her back or asking for her needs, I’m sure you’re a strong support to her in that way.”


Olivia said that it’s fine as long as he’s with her and Tiararose thought that indeed she felt better when Aquasteed was there with her.

Akari also nodded and said that it’s lonely to be alone when sick.


“Yes. I’ll make sure not to forget those words and keep in mind!”

“Mister Alan, you seems like you’re going to be a great husband! It’s not strange for you to have a fiancée at your age too.”

“Ah… that’s right.”


Alan smiled wryly at Akari’s words and muttered that he did receive some talks about it…


“Are there any reasons why you don’t want to get married?”

“…Right now, I enjoy working on sweets. I don’t really have the time to think about my own marriage. When I was in school, well… I’m the eldest son of the poor count family so there weren’t any talks about marriage arrangements…”


After business has started picking up, Alan received a few marriage proposals though. However, Alan wants to prioritize work so he’s not particularly interested in marriage.

Tiararose, Akari and Olivia were mulling about it together.


To be honest, in terms of Japan’s society, Alan’s pretty young for a guy to get married… Even so, Tiararose and Aquasteed married at the age of seventeen…


Olivia quietly said that she thinks it’s fine.


“Mister Alan’s worth would increase exponentially from now onwards. So there’s no need to worry about it now and it’d be good if you look over the house matters.”

“Lady Olivia… Thank you very much. I feel a little better now.”


Alan showed a refreshed look and said that he’s going to focus on work now.

Tiararose was worried about being the reason why Alan’s not going to marry since she was the one who proposed the business plan, but it seems that she was worried for nothing.


-Alan looks like he’s having fun, I’m glad.


“Well then… Since Lady Tiararose’s getting better already, I’ll excuse myself.”

“Eh, we have not eaten the cake though!?”


Akari stopped Alan frantically when he said that. Olivia rolled her eyes but Akari begged and said “Well~” like a little puppy.


“I’ve guaranteed the taste myself so please try the cake at the ceremony; it’s just that I want to improve a little bit more on it.”



Tiararose looked at the cake, which looked totally fine, and Alan brought it out saying that she shouldn’t do so.



“Lady Tiararose, will you allow me to add a few points to the design you’ve had proposed?”

“Of course, I can’t wait to see it during the wedding ceremony.”

“Yes! Well then, I’ll excuse myself here.”


Alan politely bowed and left the room.


-What kind of cake will it be?


Although Tiararose did not eat the wedding cake, she knew from the sight of it that it’s done well.

The quality of the strawberries was great and the whipped cream looked delicious.

However, if Alan wants to improve on it for his older sister, Philiane, then she’s sure it’d become even much better.






It’s finally the day of the wedding ceremony.

Philiane and Elliot will be holding their wedding ceremony in a small chapel.


Both of them do not have close ties with other nobles and there were not many invited guests too.

Tiararose, Akari, Olivia, their parents and colleagues and a couple of closes friends were invited.


Tiararose and the others were seated and waiting for the ceremony to start impatiently. Looking at that, Aquasteed laughed and told them to calm down.


“I’m somewhat nervous now… I can’t wait to see Philiane as soon as possible.”

“That’s right. I’m glad that Elliot’s starting his own family. It feels somewhat emotional…”


After saying that, Aquasteed wrapped his arm around Tiararose’s waist and gently hugged her.

Philiane and Elliot’s wedding will probably never take place if Tiararose and Aquasteed were not married to each other.

Tiararose’s the villainess and was abandoned by her fiancé Hartnight when she was then proposed by Aquasteed; this would not have happened if something irregular like that did not occur.

It’s a series of fated events so it was like a miracle.


If not, Philiane would probably be forced to marry Lucas at around this time.


-I’m glad I’m the villainess.


Both of them were probably tied together because Tiararose was a villainess; while thinking of that, Tiararose began to feel overwhelmed with emotions even though the ceremony has not started.


“Ah! Hey, you can’t cry yet. The ceremony has not even started yet.”


Akari, who was sitting on Tiararose’s right side, wiped her tears with a handkerchief. Aquasteed was also surprised and gently rubbed Tiararose’s back.


“If you welcome Philiane with a teary face, she’ll become worried, you know?”

“That’s true… Thank you very much, Sir Aqua, Lady Akari.”


Tiararose showed a smile and Akari used recovery magic on Tiararose’s red eyes.


“With this, it’s perfect now!”

“Thank you very much.”


Tiararose felt embarrassed for crying now, showed a shy smile and thanked her.



The sunlight shone through the ceiling made of stainless glass and grand music was played in the chapel, which signaled the entry of the groom and bride.

Philiane and Elliot showed up from the chapel’s two doors.


Philiane’s dressed in pure white with green gloves on her hands.

The detailed lace wedding dress made the pure Philiane look holy. The long trains reflected the legendary tale of something blue virgin road.


Elliot was dressed in a tuxedo, which’s a matching design to Philiane’s outfit. They thought he’d be nervous but he looked very dignified and collected.

They walked towards the intersection of the virgin roads; he smiled at Philiane and escorted her.




Tiararose once again felt overwhelmed with emotions and tears rolled down from her eyes; Philiane herself was crying so hard of happiness at Tiararose’s wedding ceremony so it should be fine.

She pressed the handkerchief onto her eyes and looked at the ceremony.


The blue virgin roads become white after the paths of the two intersected. From now on, their lives would be colored with their own colors… it symbolizes such thoughts.


After the priest blessed them with happiness, it’s time for the groom to present the bride the ring of vow.


In this world, wedding rings were not exchanged.

The groom would embed his magic in the ring and present it, while the bride would give her magic power in return to prove that they would be there for each other for the rest of their lives…

Rather than the superficial words of vow, it’s much more serious.


Elliot kneeled down in front of Philiane and placed the ring onto her left ring finger. He gently kissed her and promised his love.


“Philiane, I’ll always love you and protect you.”

“…Yes. I’ll always be by your side and support you.”


Philiane kissed Elliot’s forehead and poured in her magic. With this, they have officially married each other.


Elliot stood up and showed a shy smile.

He looked cool before but it seems like his nervousness has reached the peak.


“As expected, I feel the most calm when I’m with Philiane.”



Philiane giggled and closed her eyes.

Elliot touched Philiane’s veil and carefully lifted it. The exposed Philiane’s face looked rather red and she’s a little teary.


Ah, beautiful–

Elliot was captivated by her that he momentarily lost track of time.




Elliot gently touched her like he’s touching a jewel.

However, the heat of his love’s controllable within himself. They probably only looked at each other for a few seconds, no even shorter.

Elliot began to worry if Philiane would realize his feelings and hurriedly kissed her.


After Elliot and Philiane kissed each other, the attendants clapped and blessed them.

They wished that the new couple would be filled with happiness.






After the ceremony at the chapel ended, they had a party.

Even so, they were only enjoying food and it’s not grand like the ones held in Japan.


The main’s of course the wedding cake that’s thought by Tiararose and made by Alan.





Tiararose looked at the improved wedding cake and let out a voice of pleasant surprise.

The fundamental parts were the same, but the surrounding of the base was slightly different. There is a round jelly base with rose-shaped strawberries added in it. Indeed, with the strawberries, it looks even more beautiful than ever.


Akari and Olivia next to her were also looking at the cake excitedly with shiny eyes.


“Wow- wonderful! I want to eat it as soon as possible~!”

“It’s a wedding cake filled with the thoughts Mister Alan has of Lady Philiane and Lady Tiararose!”


After hearing Olivia’s words, Tiararose realized that Alan has prepared the strawberry roses jelly for her sake.


–I mentioned that I can’t eat anything other than jelly desserts when I had the morning sickness.


That’s probably why he added the jelly to the wedding cake.

It must have been hard to improve on the completed cake design. Tiararose was happy about Alan’s consideration and began to tear up again.


“I’m prone to tears today…”

“It’s fine, Tiara; let’s eat the cake together, shall we?”



She took a bit of the cake part and jelly. She was worried if her morning sickness would become bad today, but it seems that she has calmed down quite a bit after crying so she’s feeling fine now.


The strawberry roses jelly was so delicious that she thinks she did not deserve it.

The sweet strawberry smell and watery jelly sensation; she’s impressed by how Alan’s skills have improved tremendously since the time she first taught him how to make desserts.




Tiararose ate it with a face filled of smile and Aquasteed was looking intently at her.


“Ah, Sir Aqua?”

“No… I just thought that you were cute eating so happily.”


After being told that, Tiararose’s face started to redden up.


“If you say something like that, it makes it difficult for me to eat…”

“Sorry, sorry, it just spilled out of my mouth.”


Aquasteed told her to not care about him and eat freely, but Tiararose was too concerned about it and fanned her hot cheeks.


“It’s delicious so you should try it too, Sir Aqua; it’s a cake where Alan has taken much effort to improve on it till the very last moment.”

“That’s right.”


While enjoying the cake with Aquasteed, Philiane and Elliot approached them.


“Philiane, Elliot! Congratulations on your wedding“

“Congratulations, both of you.”


Tiararose and Aquasteed sent their words of congratulations; both of them smiled happily and thanked them.


“From now onwards too, Elliot and I would serve Lady Tiararose and King Aquasteed with all our hearts.”

“It was all thanks to Sir Aquasteed that I got to meet Philiane like this too.”

“Tsk, you don’t have to be considerate of us on your wedding day…”

“No. To me, Lady Tiararose is the most important person after all.”


Philiane said that with teary eyes and Tiararose began to feel the same way too; the cake would be ruined if her tears fell onto it.

Looking at the both of them, Akari butted in and said that they should smile instead!


“Today, Philiane’s the world’s happiest bride after all!”

“That’s right. Philiane’s smile is the world number one!”


After being told that by Akari and Tiararose, Philiane nodded and smiled.


“Yes, thank you very much, Lady Tiararose, Lady Akari!”

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