The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 143

  1. Guys who could not calm down

It has been a month since Philiane’s wedding ceremony and things have settled down around Tiararose- or rather everyone’s nervous as Tiararose’s expected to deliver soon.


The preparations for the mansion that Elliot received were also done and the furniture has also arrived, but as Tiararose’s labor contractions might begin any time, Philiane’s still living in the room prepared for her the royal castle…

Tiararose was worried if that’d be fine, but Elliot also seemed to be excited about the baby so he’s also living in his room prepared for him in the royal castle.



Aquasteed’s trying to finish the pile of documents and stretched his back.

To increase his time with Tiararose, Aquasteed has made some changes to work and improved efficiency. As a result, other than Aquasteed, the working hours of everyone else in the royal castle have also decreased.


“I’ll pour tea, so let’s take a rest for a while? You have also done tomorrow’s share of work too right?”

“That’s right, please.”


So that it’d be fine even if Tiararose’s labor contractions have started, Aquasteed tried to finish all the upcoming work.

Elliot poured black tea and was wondering what kind of snacks he should prepare when he heard forceful footsteps down the hallway and after that, the office’s door was opened with great force.

There were no knocks so Elliot put on a defense and asked who’s there with a loud voice.


“Hah, hah… it’s m-me…”




The out-of-breath person who dashed over was Tiararose’s bodyguard Tarmo.

He has silver short hair and muscular body. He’s normally quiet, doesn’t talk much and is always standing one step behind Tiararose.



That’s how he was normally, but he dashed over to the office in an unusual frantic manner.

There could only be one reason for that.




Aquasteed raised his voice and Tarmo immediately nodded.


“Yes! The labor contraction has started!! Right now the doctors are tending to her…!”

“I’ll head over immediately!”


Aquasteed, Tarmo and Elliot dashed out of the office and headed towards Tiararose.




After arriving at Tiararose’s room, she’s lying on the bed with a painful look.



“Hah, ha… S-Sir Aqua…?”


Tiararose’s out of breath and stretched out her hand; Aquasteed replied her.

He then grabbed that hand tightly and called Tiara’s name repeatedly.


“Why am I not able to help you when you’re suffering this much, Tiara…”


If possible, he’d like to endure the pain in place of her. However, Tiararose slowly shook her head.


“I’m fine… I’m going to give birth to a healthy kid, so Sir Aqua… Aqua, please wait… won’t you… right?”

“…Tiara’s strong.”


Tiararose has already resolved herself to be a mother and Aquasteed nodded with force.

Although it’s disappointing, there’s nothing he could do but wait.


Aquasteed held her hand when light shone in the middle of the room and the three fairy kings appeared.


“Looks painful… are you really fine?”

“Are you pushing yourself, Tiara?!”

“Both of you should calm down a bit.”


After arriving, Keith became worried after seeing the painful state Tiararose was in, and Pearl was putting in force. To calm both of them down, Grail brought them out of the room.


“It’s better for us to wait outside until the baby’s born.”


The three fairy kings immediately went outside and Tiararose laughed. She was unable to exchange conversations with them, but she’s happy at the fact that they came here for her.


“Ugh!!! Painful!!”



Tiararose might have felt too relieved that Aquasteed and the others were here, and her contractions started to quicken.

Tiararose did not even have the energy to tell Aquasteed that she’s fine.


The doctors immediately came over to her and finished the preparations for the delivery.


“King, we have prepared a room next door. Please wait there.”

“…I got it. Tiara, you can do this.”

“Ah… yes, Aqua…”


Tiararose put in all her strength to call his name and Aquasteed left the room.






How long has it been since Tiararose’s labor contractions have started? Two hours? Three hours? No, it’s probably five hours.

Aquasteed could not calm down and was circling inside the room and Elliot smiled wryly saying that it has only been thirty minutes.


“…I know.”

“Only thirty minutes!? It felt like a year has already passed…”


However, it was not only Aquasteed who was walking around inside the room; Keith was also doing the same thing. Both men could not calm down and circled inside the room.


“Sir Aquasteed and Sir Keith, please sit down and wait; it’ll probably take some time before the birth…”

“Tiara’s working hard so I can’t just sit down and wait.”

“Impossible, impossible, what am I going to do sitting down?”


Ah, Elliot realized that it’s no use telling the both of them anything.


In the middle of that, Pearl and Grail were elegantly drinking black tea.

Grail was especially happy that he could have tea with Pearl and continued to do gallant acts.


“You guys… are so relaxed.”

“You’re just too nervous, Keith; why don’t you have some tapioca milk tea and calm down?”


Pearl laughed saying that he’d be all tired by the time Tiararose has given birth.

Pearl then stood up and headed towards the sofa by the windows and held someone’s shoulder.


“This guy is pretty brave.”

“Ah… no, I-”


The person replying to Pearl was Darel, Tiararose’s younger brother who came over from Lapis Lazuli.

He has strong healing power so he’s standing by in case anything happens.


“I’m just praying hoping that Big Sis Tiara will give birth safely…. Ah, of course, if there’s anything wrong, I’ll head over immediately!”



The cute younger brother who was praying for his elder sister was Darel Lapis Clementine.

He has light blue hair and gentle green eyes; his outfit was mostly white and there’s a bowtie around his neck.

He’s a cute six-year-old boy with tremendous healing power.



“Speaking of which, I have not exchanged greetings with you. I’m Pearl, are you Tiara’s younger brother?”

“Yes. I’m Darel Lapis Clementine. Please look after me, everyone.”


Even though they have already bowed to each other for a bit initially, they greeted each other now since everyone’s nervous. Starting from Pearl, Keith and Grail also exchanged greetings with him.

Looking at how calm Darel was, Aquasteed lightly shook his head.


-I’ll only cause Tiara to worry if I’m this anxious.


Aquasteed took the prepared black tea in order to calm himself down. He then sat down next to Darel and tried to talk to him… when he realized something.


“Speaking of which, where’s father-in-law and mother-in-law?”


Tiararose’s mother Ilutiana might be near Tiararose now. Philiane was helping out with Tiararose’s delivery too.

However, the father Schnauss could not possibly do that. Even so, it’s unthinkable that he’ll not be there for his daughter’s important matter.


When Aquasteed asked, Darel looked a little troubled.


“Mother is tending to Big Sis Tiara now and father is…”



Darel stopped talking; Keith and the others were also curious and looked at Darel.


“Um, he’s probably… outside the door.”



Everyone titled their heads and looked at the door when Elliot opened it. Right then, they noticed the anxious Schnauss who’s walking back and forth the corridor.

It seems like he’s nervous like Aquasteed and Keith, and could not stop walking around.


“With this, everyone has gathered!!”


After looking towards them, Schnauss headed towards the room.



Tiararose’s father is Schnauss Lapis Clementine.

He’s the prime minister of the Lapis Lazuli kingdom; he’s in his early in his early forties and is rather young.

He loves his wife, daughter and son so much and it’s pretty evident.



“No no, I can’t do this… but I just can’t calm down.”

“I understand. However, you’ll only disturb the doctors if you’re in the corridors so come in please…”

“That’s true.”


Schnauss nodded at Aquasteed and entered the room. Right after that he immediately lowered his head respectfully.


“…I did not expect the fairy kings to have gathered”

“You can just be at ease.”


Keith said that as the representative and Schnauss thanked them once again before sitting down.


Since everyone’s waiting for Tiararose to give birth, it should be easy to make a conversation… but silence continued in the room.

In particular, the guys, excluding Grail, were so nervous that they were looking at the wall with the room next door on the other side.


“Tsk tsk.”


Pearl shrugged her shoulders when the door opened.


“Lady Tiara’s labor contraction has started!?”

“Lady Akari, please calm down!”

“Both of you are frantic though…”


Akari, Olivia and Sirius have arrived. All of them came over after hearing that Tiararose’s labour contractions have started.


“Everyone’s gathered already! No way, could we be the last ones?”


Akari said that she rushed over though and sat down.

Olivia gave a maiden bow and Sirius did a respectful greeting.


Akari’s tension is even higher than normal and Aquasteed gave a wry smile.


“With Lady Akari around, I forgot about my nervousness…”

“Eh? Is that so? Hehehe, I’m glad~”



It’s not particularly a compliment, but it’s not the time to match her tension so Aquasteed just gave a social smile and kept quiet.


As Olivia and Sirius did their greetings, Darel stood up.

Sirius immediately noticed Darel.


“Ah, so you are the adopted son of the Clementine family. I’m Sirirus Lapis Lazuli Lactomut.”

“I’m Olivia Ariadale.”


After both of them did their greetings, Darel bowed deeply.


“Nice to meet you for the first time. I’m Darel Lapis Clementine. Please look after me in the future.”


The next king of Lapis Lazuli is Sirius. In the near future, Darel might serve Sirius as his aide.

The pleasant greetings were done and the room was filled with electrifying tension.




It’s as though they could feel the air in the room moving and everyone immediately stood up. Before anyone could ask what that was- they heard healthy baby cries from next door.


At the same time, the wall partitioning between their room and the room next door was burning with flames.

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