The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 144

  1. The beloved Princess

“Wah, wahhh.”


Tiararose was desperately taking repeated breaths to withstand the pain when the wailing sounds reached her ears.

At that moment, it felt as though all of her pain were blown away.

It’s still hard for her to breath and her eyes were in pain, but even so, her eyes wandered around as she desperately tried to catch the sight of her newborn baby.




-Sir Aqua and my baby…


I have always wanted to meet the baby.

I have been looking forward to the day where I can meet it and have been singing, reading stories and enjoying afternoon naps with the baby…

The time has finally come for me to meet you.


-I want to see your face as soon as possible.


Right then, the doctor carried and immediately brought the baby over.



“Lady Tiararose, it’s a cute princess—”


However, before the doctor could finish his sentence, the baby’s magic power suddenly increased; it is probably harder for the baby to control the magic power now that it’s outside the womb.

Huge flames appeared in front of the baby and it went out of control, destroying- blowing off the room’s wall!






“What’s happening?!!”


The wall has been blown off by the explosive flames and Pearl, who’s great at defense, dealt with it promptly. She put up a water barrier with the power of sea and stopped the collapsed wall.

Everyone over there’s completely fine, but Tiararose, who has just given birth, and the others with her are in danger. Aquasteed immediately dashed over the destroyed wall.



“…hah, our baby!”


When Aquasteed dashed into the room, Tiararose was desperately trying to get the baby from the doctor.

However, there were flames around the baby and it’s impossible to hug her.


Aqua thought that he has to help her immediately- when the flames suddenly disappeared from the baby’s surroundings.


“What’s going on?!”


After catching Tiararose, who’s swaying and was about to collapse onto the bed, Aquasteed rubbed his chest in relief.

Tiararose was breathing painfully but both her and the baby seems fine.


“Hah, hah, Sir Aqua… it’s fine already.”


After following Tiararose’s sight, he noticed that there’s the Ring of Protection and Ring of Attack on the baby’s finger.


-I see, so Tiara was desperately trying to put these on.


The magic power which seemed to be growing out of control were absorbed into the ring and things seem to be fine now. However, Tiararose has totally exerted all of her physical strength.

Of course that’s natural as she has just given birth.


“Thank you, Tiara, for giving birth safely.”



Looking at the baby who’s sleeping peacefully, Tiararose smiled; she’s so, so happy that she could not contain it.



Tiararose slowly reached her hands out to Aquasteed, who was looking at the baby and her lovingly.




Aquasteed took Tiararose’s hands and asked her gently what’s wrong.


“Please pick a name for the baby.”

“Ah… that’s right.”


Aquasteed smiled wryly as his mind was totally occupied by the birth of the new life and how the baby’s magic power went out of control.

Aquasteed slowly carried the baby up and smiled.


“What a good kid, she’s sleeping peacefully… she looks like Tiara and is a very cute girl.”


Aquasteed rubbed the fine hair strands and gently kissed the baby’s forehead. The first candidate to the Marineforest queen position has just been born.



“So that this kid will always shine beautifully like a flower- I’ll give her the name ‘Luciarose’.”



After hearing the name given by Aquasteed, Tiararose’s tears welled up. She’s very happy at how the name sounded like hers.



The angel-like baby who’s sleeping comfortably is Luciarose Marineforest.

Her fine hairs were in a darker shade of pink compared to Tiararose’s. When she was just born, her eyes were revealed to be gold honey pink.

She’s a very cute princess who looks like Tiararose. She’s also the princess who holds the future of Marineforest.



Aquasteed immediately looked at Grail who was overseeing them and called his name.


“Grail, this is Tiara and my child.”

“Haha, how cute. I’m glad she looks like her mother. Accept the blessings from the sky fairy king Grail –so that you will not be tainted with evilness.”


Right then, the gentle wind bathed the baby with sparkling shining beads. It’s the blessings from the sky fairy king Grail.

Tiararose was moved by this holy scene.


However, in the middle of such a holy scene, there were two sounds of objection.


“Hey, don’t go ahead selfishly!! I said I’m going to be the first one to bless, didn’t I?!”

“Grail! I should be the first to send the blessing since I’m a fellow female!”


Yes, they were from Keith and Pearl.

Both of them wanted to be the first one to bless the baby so they were frustrated by the situation.


“Keith, I did not promise you on that. Pearl… I’m the first fairy king to bless Aquasteed so… sorry.”


Keith was not convinced by Grail’s words and was about to refute, but Pearl just gave up as there’s nothing that can be done.

Furthermore, Grail was the first one who Aquasteed called.


“It cannot be helped it, we were the ones who sent the blessings later after all… Luciarose, receive the blessings from the sea fairy king Pearl. Your fire power seems mighty so I shall boost your water power to control that.”


Small water droplets were dancing around in air and fell onto Luciarose with Pearl’s happiness. With this, she should be able to control her growing magic power with more ease.


“Thank you very much, Grail and Pearl.”

“I’m very happy that you blessed Luciarose too. Thank you very much, Grail, Pearl.”


Aquasteed and Tiararose thanked the both of them- the remaining fairy king, Keith, sulked.


Tiararose smiled wryly as she thought about what she should do.

Since the baby has already received the blessings, it’s impossible to change the order now, and indeed as Grail has said, he’s the first one to bless Aquasteed.




Tiararose called his name timidly and Keith walked over to her even though he’s still sullen. He looked at Luciarose in Aquasteed’s arms and touched her small hand.


“She’s so small, she looks fragile.”


Keith muttered that and smiled as he looked at the cute Luciarose. His expression was filled with love and Tiararose and the others were relieved.


“Babies are cute. Keith, hurry and send your blessings too, won’t you?!”


Pearl was egging him on and Keith turned his face away.


“Well, it’s enough with both of your blessings. The forest fairies have blessed it so it should be fine.”


It seems like Keith has really wanted to be the first one to send his blessings and that desire was greater than what everyone has thought it to be.

Tiararose looked at Aquasteed and he was smiling wryly. Aquasteed felt bad, but he wanted to show Grail, who has always protected him, first.


Pearl told Keith that he’s too petty but Tiararose butted in.


“I know that Keith has always been thinking for us. That thought alone is enough to make me happy.”

“You sure know well, Tiara. Well… if Lucia grows to be a princess who’s fitting of my blessing- I’ll send a great forest blessing to her then.”


Hearing that reply, Tiararose thought that it’s very characteristic of the forest fairies who loves freedom.


“Yes. If Luciarose becomes a wonderful lady, please send your blessing, Keith.”



Tiararose said that it’s a promise and they smiled.



After that they went to Tiararose’s room and everyone’s looking at Luciarose.

The baby is sleeping peacefully on the flower cradle which was made by the forest fairies. The sea fairies made hanging ornaments with corals and it made refreshing chimes. The sky fairies rocked the flower cradle and sent wind to the coral ornaments.


Looking at the caring sides of the fairies, the adults in the vicinity felt warm.


However, there’s only one person who’s crying loudly.


“Ahh, how cute. Luciarose is a very wonderful name…!”


It was Schnauss who just became a grandfather with the birth of Luciarose. His granddaughter was just too cute that he was moved as he stood by the bedside.


“Father… it’s embarrassing…”


Tiararose told him by his side, but Ilutiana next to him said that it cannot be helped it and supported him.


“We have always been looking forward to the birth of your child, Tiara. The mansion has already been reformed so that you guys can come over to play anytime.”


Ilutiana smiled saying that he’s a troublesome grandpa.

However, right opposite of Schnauss, Olivia was covering her nose with a handkerchief and looking at the baby distractedly.


“Ahhh, totally cute. To think that I’m able to witness the birth of Marineforest’s princess, I’m just too blessed…! Lady Tiararose, congratulations!!”

“Thank you very much, Lady Olivia.”


Akari and Sirius who were next to Olivia looked at Luciarose and grinning with exclamations that she’s cute.


“Hah- cute!! Babies do smell good. Their cheeks are squishy too, the skin is elastic too~!”

“Lady Akari, if you make a big fuss, Luciarose would end up waking up.”



Everyone was cooing over the baby when Sotiris and Lavina have arrived; they were Aquasteed’s parents and the former king and queen of this country.

After some light greetings, both of them looked at Luciarose.


“Sorry for being late. What a cute princess. Congrats.”

“Hehe, her eyes look like Aqua’s. Congrats.”

“Thank you very much.”


They were happy about their first grandchild and were smiling all the way.

Also, indeed as Lavina has remarked, Tiararose also thought that her eyes looked like that of Aquasteed.


-I can’t wait for her growth.


“We’ll only end up tiring you if I stay for too long so we’ll go now. We’ll drop by again.”

“Yes. Thank you very much, father.”


After nodding at Aquasteed’s reply, Sotiris looked at Schnauss and Ilutiana.


“If it’s okay with you, would you like to have tea together? Let’s talk about the cute Luciarose.”

“Yes, that’s great. Please let us do that!”


The parents would be having tea together so they left the room after looking at Luciarose once more. They’ll probably have a fun talk about their grandchild.


“Well then, we will also take our leave. We’ll come again, Lady Tiararose.”

“Have a good rest, Lady Tiara!”

“Thank you very much, Lady Akari, Lady Olivia.”


After everyone has left, there were only Tiararose, Aquasteed and Luciarose, the three of them in the room.

The baby was making comfortable sleeping sounds and they once again realized the fact that the baby has been born.


Aquasteed looked at Luciarose’s sleeping face and sat down beside the bed.


“You are probably tired, right? Have some rest. I’ll look over Lucia, so it’s going to be fine.”

“…Yes. Thank you very much, Sir Aqua.”

“Yes. Have a good rest, Tiara.”


As expected, Tiararose must have used up a lot of her physical strength as she fell into slumber immediately. Aquasteed thought that her sleeping face looked like that of Luciarose.

Aquasteed gently rubbed Tiararose’s head and slowly hummed a lullaby.

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