The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 145

  1. The Power of Salamander

Tiararose and Aquasteed’s mornings often start with the cries of Luciarose.



“Mm… it’s morning?”


Tiararose got up from the bed and carried Lucia who was crying in the flower cradle.


“There, there, you are early today too. Good morning, Lucia.”


After kissing her cheeks and calling her a good girl, Luciarose immediately showed a flower-like smile.




Looking at the grinning smile makes her relaxed.


“The princess is in a good mood today too huh.”

“Sir Aqua, were you woken up? Please go and have more sleep.”


Since Aquasteed has been busy with work, Tiararose told him to get more sleep. However, he shook his head and kissed Tiararose gently while saying that he cannot.


“I’m Lucia’s father after all. Let me join you guys. Wouldn’t it be lonely if I were to sleep in the bed alone?”

“Sir Aqua, tsk…”


Aquasteed escorted Tiararose to the sofa.


“I’ll pour some herbal tea so please wait.”

“Thank you very much.”



After sitting down on the sofa and cuddling Luciarose, she looked like she’s having much fun. There were times where she would cry in the middle of the night, but it wasn’t that frequent.

She’s growing up well thus far… though it has only been a few days since her birth.


“After Lucia has grown up into a lady, let’s have tea together alright?”


Tiararose thought that it might be great with the three family members having tea in the rose garden. Even though the baby has just been born, there are so many things that she’s looking forward in the future that it’s quite troubling.


While playing with Luciarose, Aquasteed returned after having prepared the herbal tea.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Thank you very much, Sir Aqua.”


Leaning onto Aquasteed’s shoulder as he sat beside Tiararose, she looked at Luciarose’s face.

She thought she’d see her smile, but it seems like she’s sleeping soundly now, probably due to fatigue.



“Well, it’s the baby’s job to sleep after all so it cannot be helped it.”


This time round, Aquasteed carried Luciarose up and laid her down on the flower cradle. This scene is so peaceful that it makes Tiararose want to see it repeatedly forever.


“Were there any problem?”

“Nope. She did not wake up and just continued sleeping. What a good girl.”


Aquasteed returned to Tiararose’s side and sipped the herbal tea. He was a little sleepy but that woke him up.

Speaking of which, he recalled that there’s one thing that he has to discuss with Tiararose.


“Tiara, it’s about Lucia but…”


“You see, her fire magic power is strong, right? I wondered why it’s fire.”


Indeed, Tiararose also thought that it’s a mystery.

Tiararose and Aquasteed did not particularly have any affinity to the fire magic power. Or rather, Tiararose did not have that much magic power in the first place.


In that case, their parents or even before that… their ancestors might have a high affinity to fire. However, they couldn’t really think of any particular person.


“I don’t know… what’s wrong?”

“No. I guess I was too overly concerned about it. It’s not as though magic power would be passed to the heir directly after all.”

“Since she’s Sir Aqua’s child, I’m not surprised by the fact that she possesses huge amount of power though?”


Since she is the child of the game’s main strategy character, she might have secretly possessed some unbelievable amount of magic power. She thought of that before, but it seemed like that magic power wasn’t really kept hidden.


“However, if the magic power would increase further in the future… it might go out of control and that thought worries me.”

“Let’s protect her so that it would not happen. I’ll make sure to check her magic power daily and deal with it promptly if there’s any abnormality.”

“Yes. Thank you very much, Sir Aqua.”


Tiararose and Aquasteed looked at Luciarose with a smile, thinking that it’d be alright as long as she grows up healthily.






It has been one month since Luciarose has been born and there’s a letter from Sandrose.



“Sir Aqua, your facial expression…”


Tiararose smiled wryly at Aquasteed who looked at the letter with a troubled expression.

Perhaps, it might be an official marriage proposal for Luciarose.


Aquasteed opened the envelope with a paper knife and read the content.


“…King Saravia and Salamander would be coming soon to congratulate us for Luciarose’s birth.”



Aquasteed held his head and sighed while Tiararose smiled wryly.

It seems like things are going to become lively again.




Saravia and the others have arrived from Sandrose a month after they received the letter.

Aquasteed went to greet Saravia in the reception room; Saravia was stuck to the sofa and he waved his hand.


“It has been a while, Aqua and Kitty. There were many cute girls on the way here so it was fun.”

“There are really a lot of fairies in this country.”



The man who looked even more flirtatious than before was Saravia Sandrose.

He has golden hair and tanned skin; his red eyes were like rubies and he looks mighty as the king.

He’s the young king of the Sandrose kingdom, which is proud of its polygyny system.



Together with him was the fire spirit Salamander.

Her red hair was tied up high and her eyes were of the same color. She’s wearing a revealing desert dress which exposed her tanned skin.

She’s supposed to sleep but she’s awake now due to the lack of magic power.




“So, where’s the kitty that’s going to be my future daughter?”

“Elliot, Sir Saravia’s going back soon.”

“I was joking, joking! Please don’t say such cold words, Aqua!!”


Aquasteed asked Saravia to go back home when he said that he’s going to have Luciarose as his daughter, but he was immediately refused flatly.


“I’m here to congratulate you!”

“I also chose the gifts and every single one of them is of high quality.”


After saying that, Saravia showed Aquasteed the congratulatory gifts that he has brought into the reception room.

There were desert rose safety charms, jewels mined from Sandrose, as well as a small desert dress; various items were prepared by him and every single piece looks wonderful.


“Thank you very much, King Saravia and Salamander.”

“We have received a lot of help from Aqua and kitty after all. Let me do this much.”


Saravia’s voice tone suddenly deepened and he thanked once again, saying that he’s grateful.


“If it’s about that matter, it’s already been done with.”

“…Thank you.”


Aquasteed sat down on the sofa opposite of Saravia when a knock reverberated through the room.


“Oh, is it kitty?”


Saravia was about to stand up to escort her in, but Aquasteed stopped him and stood up.


“Would you please stop calling my wife kitty?”

“Whoa, scary.”

“What a great guy, as usual!”


While glaring at the Sandrose duo, Aquasteed opened the door; standing right there was of course Tiararose.

She’s holding Luciarose in her arms and behind her were Philiane and Tarmo.


“Tarmo, please look over the security in the room.”



After Aquasteed gave the instruction, Tiararose left Luciarose to him in order to greet Saravia and the others.


“It has been a while, Sir Saravia and Salamander.”

“Yes, it’s been a while, kitty- that’s what I want to call you but Aqua would stare at me for that; should I call you Lady Tiara?”

“It has been a while, I’m glad you look fine.”


After exchanging some light greetings, Saravia immediately displayed interest in Luciarose.


“What’s her name?”

“It’s Luciarose.”

“How cute. That’s nice; I’d like her to be my country’s daughter-”


Saravia was excited after hearing her name from Tiararose and ended up being too overboard in his statement that Aquasteed stared at him; this shut him up.


“Let’s leave it be for now, but let’s think about it in the future?”



In the future, if their daughter’s going to bring home a flirtatious guy like Saravia, Aquasteed would probably break ties with her… or so that’s what she thinks.

Well, even though that’s what Aquasteed would say or act, Luciarose would probably not do such things since he cares about her the most.


Salamander was staring at Luciarose with curiosity; she then said something incredibly shocking.


“Luciarose has my power, doesn’t she?”



Tiararose and Aquasteed’s mouths were left gaping by the unexpected statement.

Indeed, Luciarose’s fire magic power was strong, but they did not expect it to have originated from the Salamander.


“What do you mean, Salamander?”


Aquasteed asked Salamander with a serious look. Luciarose should not have Salamander’s magic power after all.

Of course, that goes to Tiararose too.


Salamander showed a perplexed look in return to Aquasteed’s question.


“Well, I gave Tiararose my power, didn’t I?”

“Eh!? To me?”


Tiararose did not have any recollection of that and she’s shocked by the surprising revelation. When and how did she receive Salamander’s power?

Tiararose was panicking when Salamander said that it happened back then.


“I gave you my magic power as thanks for the Tiararose flower, didn’t I? You were nodding with a smile, didn’t you?”

“Thanks at that time…? Wasn’t that just a handshake?”

“Of course I’m not going to be so shameless to give a handshake as thanks…!”


Salamander said that and Tiararose drooped her head, thinking that that’s true.


-I totally thought it was a handshake.


However, Tiararose thought that it’d be normal for Salamander to give a handshake to the humans she acknowledges.


“Excuse me, Salamander. Well then, Luciarose’s abnormally high magic power was all thanks to Salamander’s power?”

“That’s right. I did not expect it to have transferred to the baby in the womb though…”


Salamander said that it’s interesting and held Luciarose’s small hand.


“The fire magic power would become bigger but it won’t cause any harm so please do not worry.”


Salamander said that nonchalantly; Tiararose and Aquasteed looked at each other.

Indeed, the fire magic power might not be harmful, but the amount’s an issue. It’s too big that they have faced several perilous situations in the past.


After they informed Salamander about that, this time round she’s the one who’s surprised.


“Are you serious? Well, it’s normal for her magic power to be that big since she’s your daughter after all.”


While saying that, Salamander pointed to Aquasteed.




Tiararose thought that that’s true based on the fact that Aquasteed is the main strategy character and the king of the starry night.


The affinity for fire power might have been due to the Salamander’s power which she received.

The huge quantity of magic power was probably due to the fact that she’s Aquasteed’s child. All of the worries and doubts they have recently were all blown away.


“But, indeed, the fire magic power was greater than expected… could it be that you guys have met other spirits?”

“Other spirits?”

“Yes. I’m the fire spirit right? There are the water spirit Undine, wind spirit Slyph, soil spirit Gnome and others. If you were to have contact with any of these spirits, the magic power would increase exponentially.”


It’s the first time they found out that spirits would affect each other in terms of magic power.

However, Tiararose have not met any other spirits and did not even know of their whereabouts.

In fact, they even thought that Salamander was a fairy tale character at first.


After shaking her head, Salamander nodded saying hmm.


“Even I myself don’t know their locations. Even if I try to meet them, it’s not that easy to.”


That’s why, Luciarose’s high magic power was probably due to the fact that she’s Aquasteed’s child and it’s in her nature; that’s what they concluded.

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