The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 146

  1. The Reconciliation of the Two

There’s an elegant tea party being held in the Clementine household, the home of Tiararose, which is located in the Lapis Lazuli, the neighbor of Marineforest.

Schnauss and Akari were the two participants.


“…I also wanted to be with Tiara…”


Schnauss was slumping over the table and took a deep, deep sigh.


“I understand your feeling. Lucia was very cute after all!”

“Yes, her cuteness is the greatest thing on this earth.”

“Yes. Once she grows older, I wonder if she’s going to marry to someone from Lapis Lazuli”


Following Akari’s tension, Schnauss also started praising Luciarose and his eyes opened wide when she said that.


“What are you talking about?! That cute Lucia is not going to be someone’s bride! There are probably no fellow who’s befitting of her in Lapis Lazuli, no?”

“You’re too strict~!”


Even if she’s brought up like a princess, if they were to continue this way, wonderful guys would end up leaving… Akari thought and smile wryly.

At moments like this, it’s better to change the topic.


“Speaking of which, when will aunty and Darel come back?”

“Ah, for now they’d be there for at least five months… so there’s only two more months left.”

“It’s lonely right…”


Actually, Schnauss came back to Lapis Lazuli alone.

Darel was still worried about Luciarose’s magic power and he, along with Ilutiana, were both by Tiararose’s side in Marineforest.

Ilutiana was there as they thought that it’s better to have a guardian for Darel.

Actually, Schnauss also wanted to be with her… however there was a lot of work left in Lapis Lazuli so he had to come back sadly.


Hence, he has been talking to Akari about Tiararose and Luciarose a lot these days.

However, it seems like Schnauss has not totally forgiven her.


“However, Darel is impressive; he’s an expert in healing magic, considerate towards his elder sister… and even took care of the baby who has just been born.”

“Yes! I’m proud of Darel! He’s only six but he’s very sensible, right? He does have a timid side to him, but he’s strong to the core and is very reliable.”


This time round they’re talking about Darel.


“I heard that the master whom he lived with passed away. He was kind of depressed when he first came to my house, but now he’s spending his days happily with smiles.”

“Uncle, you do love Darel a lot, right?”

“Of course!”


Schnauss immediately replied with a firm look and Akari laughed.


“In that case, it’d be good if Luciarose becomes Darel’s wife!”



Akari said it nonchalantly, but that made Schnauss swallow his saliva.

On his face was a look of revelation… the thing that he has overlooked!!


“I just said it randomly; Lady Tiara and Darel are siblings, right? That’s forbidden.”


Akari said something sensible for once and Schnauss nodded silently.


“…I know.”

“Really? Well, that’s good then. Ah, in that case what if I give birth to a boy and have the both of them marry!? Wow, that’s a really good plan, isn’t it?!”


Akari’s tension was rising as she thought that it’s like a maiden comic story where the children of two close friends get married to each other.

However, Schnauss thought that it was terrible to have Hartnight’s son and Luciarose marry each other.


“I will prioritize Lucia’s feelings. I’m against it if she does not have the intention to marry.”

“Hmm~~ I agree with you on that.”


However if there’s no dream… Akari suddenly became despondent. It’s definitely a beautiful development, even in a maiden game.


Akari sipped on the black tea while thinking that Schnauss is a great grandfather.

Other than Tiararose and herself, most nobles were in political marriages in this world. Luciarose is the first princess of the Marineforest kingdom, so there’d probably be a lot of proposals for her.


“Ah, I see… since it’s a great kingdom, political marriage is unnecessary?”


After thinking about it carefully, Aquasteed is powerful himself and also the guy who said that he doesn’t need her, who owns the holy light power.

She thought that he’d pick her, but he only has eyes for Tiararose.


When Akari said that, Schnauss agreed and nodded.


“King Aquasteed is powerful after all. There’s no need for political marriage.”


Marineforest’s blessed and there’s nothing it lacks.

Or rather, the guy who Luciarose’s interested in probably cannot say no. That’s how powerful Marineforest is.


“Hah, I knew about it but as expect of Sir Aqua’s country…”

“Tiara seems to be in bliss too.”


Schnauss thought that there’s no other man who can make him feel secure like this.


“Right now, there are skilled doctors and Darel in Marineforest with them. Lucia’s magic problem would probably be resolved.”


He’s a little worried but he has faith in Tiararose and Darel.


“Lucia is Lady Tiara and Sir Aqua’s daughter after all! She’s definitely going to be fine. If anything happens, I’ll also help out!”


Akari struck her chest and told him to leave it to her; Schnauss opened his eyes wide open and laughed.


“…Tsk. Lady Akari’s such a mysterious person. I thought that you’re against Tiara.”

“Isn’t there a saying that one’s enemy in the past could be one’s friend in the future?”


Akari said that and winked. However, Schnauss replied coldly that there isn’t such saying.


“Tsk, uncle! Don’t say that-!”




Schnauss suddenly became quiet and Akari tilted her head. She wondered what’s going on.


“…No. I just thought that Lady Akari’s really thinking about Tiara’s welfare now…”


Schnauss thought about it once again and smiled.


“The fact that you are talking about Tiara and Darel, and telling me about how cute Lucia is… makes me happy. It might be difficult for me to answer if you asked if I have completely forgiven you for hurting Tiara though.”


“Right now, I’m able to have tea and talk to you, Lady Akari.”


In other words, what I mean is-



“My anger towards Lady Akari has already lessened. From now on too, please be a good friend of Tiara.”

“… Uncle~~!!”


After hearing what Schnauss has said, Akari became very emotional and stood up; it should be left unsaid that she was immediately scolded after that.






“Lalala~ lalala~♪”


Luciarose was dozing off in the flower cradle and the forest fairies were singing for her. It seems like it was a lullaby for her.


There were Luciarose, Darel and Philiane in Tiararose’s room.

From now on, Luciarose’s going to take an afternoon nap so Tiararose and the others decided to take a leisure tea time.


“Lucia is so cute.”


Darel looked at Luciarose’s sleeping face for a long time without being sick of it and thought that he wants to protect this little girl.

When she’s awake, he’d play with her and when her magic power grows larger, he’d contain it with his magic.


Philiane was also gazing at Luciarose.


“Babies really do grow fast. She’s going to be five months old soon and be able to wave and walk.”

“Wow… in that case I want to go for a walk with her.”

“It’d be wonderful.”


It’d be cute to see Darel and Luciarose take a walk while holding hands. Tiararose and Philiane thought that if they were going to go for a walk, it’d be nice to go to the flower fields.


“A walk! I want to go too~!”

“Seems fun!”


The fairies have finished singing and were talking enthusiastically now.


“Let’s all go together then.”

“Yes! I’m looking forward to it, Big Sis Tiara.”



Tiararose nodded and Darel and The other fairies nodded happily too.

However, it would probably take a year before Luciarose could properly walk.


“I’m sure by that time Darel will become a wonderful older brother.”

“Older brother…! Yes. I’ll work hard to protect Lucia!”

“That’s very reliable of you.”


Darel smiled happily and looking at him, Tiararose smiled too.


“Lady Luciarose has already fallen asleep so let’s go to the sofa shall we, Sir Darel? I’ll prepare the cake immediately.”

“Thank you very much.”


Darel was returning to the sofa when suddenly, in the middle of the room- or to be precise, in front of Tiararose, a bright light shone.




Freezing from the shock, the light suddenly disappeared and a letter appeared.


“Ah, it’s a letter from Lady Akari.”


It’s always very sudden, Tiararose thought with a wry smile, and took the letter.

She looked at Darel, thinking that he must have been very surprised, and he was covering the flower cradle where Luciarose was sleeping in to protect her.

As though, he’s a little knight.


“Darel, it is fine.”

“Big Sis Tiara?”

“Sorry for frightening you. Akari sent a letter via magic.”


Tiararose showed the rather thick envelope and Darel sighed a breath of relief.


“Lady Akari’s always doing things out of a sudden, right?”



Philiane has always been dumbfounded by it and Tiararose could only smile wryly.

She opened the letter with a paper knife and read it when she suddenly let out a voice of “oh!” with her eyes wide open.


Darel sat down on the sofa and asked Tiararose what’s wrong.


“It also contains a letter from father, addressed to Darel and mother; this is for Darel.”

“! Thank you very much, Big Sis Tiara!”


Darel received the letter happily and immediately read it.


Philiane prepared black tea and glanced at the letter with a puzzled look.


“Letters from Sir came along with Akari’s letters?”

“Yes. It seems like both of them have reconciled.”



They did seem to be getting a little closer, but it seems that the birth of Luciarose has allowed them to find one more commonality of the people they love.


“Darel and mother’s here so he probably have had the time to talk things over with Lady Akari.”


Tiararose imagined the both of them having tea together with high tensions and ended up smiling.

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