The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 147

  1. Fairies babysitters

It has been two months since Luciarose’s birth and recently she’s able to show cute smiles while babbling.

However, the problem is that her night cries have increased in frequency too…


Tiararose’s being drained out by child-raising which she’s not used to.

Luciarose’s cute golden honey pink eyes were always looking at her, pleading to give her attention.

It’s tiring but Tiararose’s totally in love with the cute Luciarose.



“Wah, wah~”


Tiararose and Aquasteed were in a deep sleep at night when Luciarose started crying.

Noticing that, Aquasteed immediately woke up.

He looked at his side and Tiararose was still sleeping; she looked drained and it’s evident that she had a lot of troubles in the daytime.

Aquasteed rubbed Tiararose’s head and headed to Luciarose.




Luciarose was crying but she began to calm down slightly when Aquasteed showed his face.


“It is fine, Lucia. There’s nothing to be scared of.”



When Aquasteed carried Luciarose up, she smiled happily; it seems like she loves her father and was being excited.


“How cute”


After kissing her forehead, he rubbed her back to make her feel safe to sleep.


“Even so, it’s the same in the afternoon but if you are going to cry in the night, it’s probably tiring for you too, Lucia.”



Aquasteed thought if there’s anything he could do.

However, he’s helpless as a father and there were many times he thought that mothers are amazing.

Aquasteed could help out in changing diapers and clothes or bathing her, but as expected Tiararose spends more time with her instead.

Tiararose immediately recognizes the small changes of Luciarose.


“I’m still lacking… I guess?”


Luciarose looked like she’s dozing off and Aquasteed put her back in the flower cradle.


“…How cute.”


After enjoying Luciarose’s sleeping face for a while, he returned to bed.







“Lady Luciarose, what’s wrong-?!”


After hearing the cries from the flower cradle, Philiane frantically dashed over. She immediately carried her up and tried to find out the reason why.


“Diaper… nope; I wonder if you’re hungry”


Philiane doesn’t know the reason why and tilted her head.


“I’m sure she’s hungry. She didn’t drink much earlier.”

“Is that so?”


Tiararose sat down on the sofa and received Luciarose from Philiane. Right now, Tiararose’s breastfeeding her so she’s getting her nutrients from her.


Philiane closed the curtains and told Tarmo, who was guarding outside the door, to not open the door without permission.


“It’s time for meal, Lucia.”



Tiararose gently rubbed her head and fed her. Luciarose drank the milk happily and it seems like she was hungry after all.

Philiane came to her side and prepared cushion to lessen the burden on Tiararose.


“Thank you, Philiane.”

“No. Lady Luciarose is so cute.”

“Yes. However, I guess I’m not used to it and it made her cry often…”


Tiararose thought that if only she could make the breastfeeding process a little smoother…


“That’s not true. Lady Tiararose has been raising her with lots of love and I’m sure she knows it. Of course, King Aquasteed too.”

“Philiane… it makes me happy to be told that.”


She’s sure she’d faint from fatigue if she’s alone and that she’s blessed to be supported by everyone around her.


“…Actually last night, Lucia was crying but I wasn’t able to wake up to her.”

“You’re busy in the day that you can’t help but feel tired at night, right? Were there any issues?”

“No. Sir Aqua noticed it.”


Tiararose’s happy that Aquasteed is actively taking part in the child-raising but he’s usually busy with work in the day so she doesn’t want to increase his burden at night…


-Even so I was just deep in sleep then!


She thought that it’s a big mistake and lowered her head.


Looking at the despondent Tiararose, Philiane was troubled about what she could say.

If she’s in the same position, Tiararose would probably be worrying like her too.


“…However, King Aquasteed also loves Lady Luciarose; and on top of that he loves Lady Tiararose too. Therefore, I think you can just depend on him when you are tired. Of course, please depend on me too.”


Tiararose and the others were not the only ones who love Luciarose after all.

After hearing Philiane’s words, Tiararose felt like the load on her shoulders has lightened.


“That’s right. Thank you. I’ll try to depend on you guys more.”

“Yes! …ah, it seems like the baby is full already.”


Tiararose looked at Luciarose and she’s showing a look of satisfaction.

She tapped her back gently and tried to make her burp.


“Philiane, would you help me bring her to the cradle?”



After entrusting Luciarose to Philiane, Tiararose readjusted her dress. However it’s difficult for her to wear neatly alone and she had Philiane help her out in the middle.


With this she can finally take a breather and she rotated her shoulders which has become rather stiff- when Luciarose started crying again.


“Oh no, what’s wrong, Lady Luciarose~?”


Philiane was going to soothe her when the forest, sea and sky fairies suddenly appeared saying that they’re here.

They surrounded the flower cradles and looked at Luciarose.


“She’s crying!”

“That’s bad!”



The forest and sea fairies were panicking but the sky fairies were calm; they used the wind power to spin the hanging ornament round and round.




Looking at the hanging ornament which is spinning around and making chime sounds, Luciarose immediately stopped crying; she’s staring at them happily.


“Hehe, this is the power of the sky fairies!”


“Good job!”


This time round the forest fairies sang a lullaby and started soothing Luciarose. After hearing that, the sea fairies joined in to sing.

It seems like the fairies were helping out with the child-raising.


“That’s amazing; even the fairies were helping out too.”

“Yes, really. I have to prepare some desserts to thank them.”

“That’s great. They love Lady Tiararose’s desserts so I’m sure they’d be happy.”


Philiane nodded at Tiararose’s proposal and started preparations.


“Wow, isn’t it lively?”

“The fairies came over because they found Luciarose cute.”


Pearl and Grail transported to the middle of the room. It seems that they’ve taken a liking to Luciarose and have come over to play with her.

Philiane immediately greeted them and prepared black tea.


“Welcome, Pearl and Grail. The fairies were singing a lullaby for Lucia.”

“The sky fairies were amazing and it looks like they’d good at child-raising.”


Grail said that and Tiararose nodded.


“They spun the hanging ornament and stopped her crying.”


Also, right now all of the fairies were singing the lullaby in chorus.

The fairies were working hard to sing for Luciarose.

Right then, one of the forest fairies suddenly took a trumpet from somewhere; it’s a miniature fairy-sized one.


Where did that came from?! Everyone at the scene was surprised.


“W-What’s that?! So cool!”

“I know that, it’s the instrument humans use right?”

“When did you have that…?”


They have been overshadowed! The sea and sky fairies look at the trumpet with envious looks.

The forest fairy held the trumpet with a look of pride and started blowing it. It’s so loud that the air in the room vibrated and it’s unimaginable that it came from such a small trumpet.


However it was a very beautiful melody which relaxes one.


“You’re pretty good.”

“That’s right. With this Luciarose would-”


Pearl and Grail were praising him when Luciarose started wailing.




Pearl was so shocked and looked at Luciarose who was in the flower cradle.


“…There’s nothing weird or dangerous, it seems.”

“She’s probably shocked by the trumpet sound.”

“Does that mean she doesn’t like loud noises? Hmm… it’s pretty difficult to figure babies out.”


Grail carried Luciarose up and soothed her saying that it’s fine.

Right then, Luciarose immediately stopped crying.


“You are good at soothing her.”

“She’s just scared by the sound of the trumpet. Here, Pearl you should also try to carry her.”



Grail passed Luciarose to Pearl and she’s perplexed, wondering how she should carry this fragile child.


“Pearl, please come and sit here.”

“Tiara! Yes I shall do that.”


Tiararose called Pearl and Grail immediately escorted her to the sofa.

After slowly and carefully sitting down, Pearl sigh a breath of relief. It seems like she has been quite nervous.


Pearl looked at Luciarose in her arms and smiled.


“How cute.”



Luciarose was desperately trying to extend her hands out and it seems like she’s excited.

She might have been captivated by Pearl’s beautiful platinum hair color, bright clothes and flower hair accessories.


“What, are you interested in this?”



Luciarose made a sound as though she’s affirming it and Pearl thought about it.


“Well. Since you are the princess that I’ve blessed, I guess it is fine…”



Tiararose was looking from the side; she wondered what’s going on and tilted her head.


“We are fellow girls after all huh.”


Pearl touched Luciarose’s hair and suddenly a cute lace hair ornament appeared on top of her head.

It’s white and on the sides of it were ribbon and small flower so it’s cute.



“Right? You’re still a kid so this should be suitable. After you’ve grown up for a while, I’ll give you a coral accessory.”


That’s a lavish hospitality.

Tiararose smiled and thanked Pearl.


“Lucia must be happy to have Pearl dote on her like that. Thank you very much.”

“Don’t mind such trivial stuff.”


Pearl rubbed Luciarose’s head and looked truly happy.


“Please come back any time.”

“Yes. If I’m in the mood to, I’ll come here with Grail.”

“Yes, please do.”


Tiararose nodded and the fairies gathered saying that they’d the same.

Pearl was helping out so she probably must have been looking over them from far. Tiararose smiled as she’s got to know this wonderful side of hers.


“Thank you, fairies. Lucia was happy with the lullaby earlier so would you sing again?”

“Of course!”

“Leave it to us!”

“We’ll show you our perfected singing!”


Everyone nodded when Philiane brought a wagon in saying that she has prepared the desserts.



“It’s time for tea!”

“My cup…”


The fairies headed to the sofa and were having a fun tea party.

Tiararose thought once again that she’s really helped out by so many people…

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