The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 148

  1. Call my Name

“Sir Aqua, Lucia has fallen asleep.”

“Got it, thank you.”


Night has fallen and Tiararose and Aquasteed have their private duo time after Luciarose has fallen asleep.

After leaving behind Luciarose, who’s sleeping comfortably on the flower cradle, Tiararose sat down beside Aquasteed as he was looking through some documents on the sofa.


“Are you busy with work?”

“No, it’s fine. There’re just a lot of things to check so it’s not that bad.”


Aquasteed placed the documents on the side table and leaned towards Tiararose; it seems like he’s trying to enjoy the sweet time.

While rubbing his dark blue hair gently, Tiararose happily called Sir Aqua’s name.


She suddenly realized that Aquasteed’s golden eyes were staring intently at herself.


“Sir Aqua?”

“Hey, will you not call me that again? Like before?”


The suggestive words confused Tiararose and she could not figure out his meaning.


-What does he mean?!


She has no recollection of calling him special names and recently she’s been so occupied with taking care of Luciarose that they don’t really spend sweet moments like this together…

Tiararose desperately tried to figure it out and Aquasteed laughed.


“S-Sir Aqua!”

“Sorry, it’s just that you looked cute thinking that hard, Tiara.”


He said that he could not suppress himself.


“Name. When you had labour pains, you called me by my name Aqua, right? I thought that Tiara would finally call my name without honorific after Lucia’s born but-”


After the delivery, Tiararose called him “Sir Aqua” like she did before and he expressed his disappointment.


“T-That’s… That… Sir Aqua felt much closer so I ended up calling you Aqua…”


However, as expected it’s difficult to get rid of the habit, and after Luciarose was born, she called him the way she did before.

Tiararose did think of calling him Aqua in the future though…


“Hey, will you say my name?”


Aquasteed touched Tiararose’s cheeks and shifted his fingertip towards her lips.


“I want to be called by this cute mouth.”



Aquasteed’s voice sounded even more erotic than usual and Tiararose’s heart beats fast; her heart was pounding so hard that she subconsciously pulled herself backwards.

However, since it’s a narrow sofa, she could not escape.




She hit the armrest of the sofa and was cornered immediately.


“You can’t run away anymore… what are you going to do?”


Aquasteed instigated her to call his name with a smile. His expression seemed so determined.

Of course, Tiararose does not dislike calling him.


It’s just that she thought the situation was incredibly embarrassing.


-Why’s this so erotic…!!


No matter how long has passed, Aquasteed would always be cool. However, that’s probably going to be the same in the future too.


“…What are you thinking about, Tiara?”


After keeping quiet, Aquasteed suddenly closed up the distance between them; he placed his lips close to her ears and whispered in a low voice.

Tiararose froze and felt a shiver down her neck.


After being kissed on her ears, she was urged on with a sweet voice.


“If you don’t call me, I’m going to eat you up like this, you know?”


Aquasteed said that and bit onto her ear.



“Tiara’s delicious.”


He’s laughing so happily as though he’s a carnivore predator. Tiararose thought that it wouldn’t be a surprise if she’s swallowed up whole like this.

Aquasteed’s lips shifted from her ear to temple, forehead and then cheeks.


-If this goes on, I’m going to be completely eaten!


Tiararose immediately thought of Luciarose who was close by and stretched her arms out, but Aquasteed hugged her tightly.





Right then, he called her name happily.


“You finally called me.”


Aquasteed’s smile was filled with happiness and it made Tiararose regret, thinking that she should have called him like that earlier.


-From now on, I shall call him Aqua.


“Hey, would you show me your face…?”

“…It’s definitely red so would you please wait for a while?”


As Aquasteed’s hugging her tightly, they could not see each other’s faces. However, instead of that, he might be able to hear her heartbeats and she’s kind of worried about that.

That’s because Tiararose’s pulse is extremely fast right now; she’s embarrassed of letting him hear that.


“I want to see the cute Tiara’s face though?”


Aquasteed said pleadingly and Tiararose was stuck for words. He always doted on her so she wants to answer to his request if he has any.

She was troubled as to what to do when Aquasteed pulled his body backwards, saying that it cannot be helped it.




Thinking that she’s going to fall towards the sofa like that, Tiararose also subconsciously draw back. Right then, Aquasteed rubbed her cheek with his hand.


“I finally get to see Tiara’s cute face.”



Aquasteed was smirking and he’s pressing Tiararose onto the sofa… her face began to redden even further.

Tiararose’s honey pink hair was on Aquasteed’s face and it felt a little ticklish.


“That’s dangerous, Si- ah, I mean Aqua.”

“Sorry. I just wanted to see Tiara’s face so much. It’s cute.”

“Tsk, it’s embarrassing to be told that.”


Even though she’s often called cute, she felt that she’s called that even more today.


“Recently, Tiara looks very motherly. Of course that’s cute, but your face when you’re looking at me is extremely cute, Tiara.”


In other words, both are cute, Aquasteed concluded.

To Tiararose, all the words he said made her heart beat fast; her body wouldn’t be able to contain it any further.



“Yes, You look like you’re resolved to protect Lucia no matter what when you look at her, Tiara. It’s very motherly… as though you’re a holy mother.”

“That’s too much of an exaggeration, Aqua.”


Indeed, Tiararose did think of protecting Lucia, but being called a holy mother is too much… and she smiled wryly.

However, she’s very happy that it’s what Aquasteed thinks of her.


“Aqua also has a fatherly face, you know?”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, your gaze when looking at Lucia is very gentle.”


It’s different from the gaze he has towards Tiararose; it’s more gentle and filled with tender care.


“I’m glad that I’m behaving like a proper father. I was kind of worried if I’d be fine.”

“Is that so? I think Aqua’s a very wonderful father.”


Tiararose’s worried if she would be a proper mother instead.

Thinking that way, she comes to understand that both of them shared the same worries.


“In that case, we can just mature together. Tiara and I and of course Lucia”

“That’s right; I think you’d be able to do everything, Aqua.”


Tiararose smiled saying that she’d do her best and Aquasteed stretched his hands towards her; he wrapped both her cheeks and pulled her towards him.





They looked into each other’s eyes, called each other’s names and their lips naturally overlapped together.




After repeating the gentle kiss multiple times, Aquasteed skilfully switched position with Tiararose.

After being pushed down onto the sofa, the gentle kiss deepened.




After being wrapped by Aquasteed’s tongue, her body unconsciously jerked. After being hugged tightly, he whispered sweet words of “how cute” in between kisses.

She could not breathe properly and opened her mouth and that’s how their tongues entwined.


However, since Aquasteed was so happy of being called by his name without honorific… he could not stop kissing her.

Tiararose gasped and sunk back into the sofa.


“Hah, hah…”

“Since we aren’t able to spend much time together like this, I just ended up-”


Aquasteed honestly said that he wanted more.


“I did not intend to be greedy… sorry.”


Aquasteed felt bad and apologized but Tiararose felt like she’s in bliss.


-I… like kissing Aqua too.


That’s why there’s no need to apologize.

Or rather, she’s happy that he desired her more.


“Aqua… um”



Tiararose grabbed Aquasteed’s sleeve and looked up towards him, hoping that this would convey her feelings towards him.




Looking at the incredibly cute Tiararose, Aquasteed thought that he could not control himself and smiled wryly. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself anymore.

He placed his face closer to Tiararose’s face to go for another round of kiss and she also closed her eyes slowly.


Just for a while, with their private time like this-





Luciarose’s wailings echoed in the room and Tiararose opened her eyes wide. Their lips were inches apart and it was extremely embarrassing.


“I’d go and have a look.”



Aquasteed pecked on her forehead and headed for the flower cradle.


“What’s wrong, Lucia? Are you lonely?”


Aquasteed hugged Luciarose up gently and coddled her while bring her to the sofa. Right then, she suddenly showed a smile and babbled cheerfully.


“You’re happy being hugged by papa, right? Lucia.”


“That’s an honour.”


Both of them giggled and sat on the sofa.

Tiararose leaned towards the shoulders of Aquasteed, who’s carrying Luciarose, and sang a lullaby gently.


“Rocking the flower cradle, sweet child, sweet child, go to sleep♪”


It’s still night and the time for Luciarose to sleep.

Right then, Aquasteed also sang with her.


“The forest fairies lay down a bed of leaves, the sea fairies play music with coral instruments, and the sky fairies drop by during the peaceful night♪”


With a comforting tenor voice, Tiararose, who’s singing along, felt sleepy too.

Being lulled to sleep with such a wonderful lullaby, Luciarose must the happiest being in this world.


They continued leaning onto each other like this for a while and spent their time together as a family.

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