The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 149

  1. Darel’s Past

It has been three months since Luciarose was born and she’s able to lift her head up.


“It’s easier to carry her now, right, Lady Tiararose?”

“Yes. Recently, she’s grab my finger tightly.”

“I want her to grab my finger too…!”


Philiane was carrying Luciarose and tickled her small hand with her finger; it seems like she really wants her finger to be grabbed tightly.


“Lady Luciarose, it is Philiane~”



Responding after her name is being called, she grabbed Philiane’s finger tightly. That sight was so cute and it made Philiane smile from cheek to cheek.


“She grabbed my finger, Lady Tiara!”

“Isn’t she cute?”



Luciarose’s wearing the bib that Philiane and Elliot has gotten for her and in a while more, she’d be able to play with the shaker toys that Olivia has presented her.

Right now, it’s placed on top of the flower cradle and Tiararose and the others would shake it for her.


Also, there were also huge amounts of soft toys from Schnauss in the room. Sometimes Luciarose would move them around and play with them.


Philiane was coddling Luciarose when a knock reverberated through the room.


“Ah, it’s probably Darel. I’ll take care of Lucia so would you help to attend to him?”

“Of course.”


Tiararose took care of Luciarose and thought about the plans she has for later.

Today, Darel would be doing the regular check up for Luciarose. It takes place between intervals of days and he’d check on her magic condition, which could not be seen by ordinary doctors.


“Big Bro Darel would be here, Lucia.”



Luciarose also loves the gentle Darel a lot and appeared very happy; she does not make a fuss when she’s being checked so that helps a lot.


“Big Sis Tiara!”

“Darel, thank you for coming. Lucia was also looking forward to your arrival.”

“Wow that makes me happy.”


Darel immediately headed towards Luciarose and gently rubbed her head; Luciarose appeared to be very happy too.

Right after that, Aquasteed showed his face too.


“I managed to get a break too so I’d be joining too.”

“Thank you very much, Aqua.”


It’d be fine for her to be alone, but it’s assuring to have Aquasteed along too.



After placing Luciarose on the flower cradle, Darel checked on her magic power with his healing magic.

Even though there’s the Ring of Protection, Luciarose’s magic power has been growing steadily every day; they were worried if her magic power would grow out of control.


However… Darel was unable to stop the growing magic power or teach the ways of controlling them.

Therefore, the only thing he could do is to do regular checks like this.


“…As expected, the magic power has grown slightly more compared to before.”


Placing both his hands on top of Luciarose, he traced the movement of the magic power within her body. Compared to what he has seen when she’s just born and a few days ago, the magic power has been growing steadily.

Right now, her magic power is controlled with Pearl’s blessing, but if this continues Darel himself would not be able to do anything.


“It might be a sign that she’s exceptional with great magic power, but this would also mean there would be greater burdens imposed onto her body…”

“That’s right… Since I don’t have much magic power, it’s difficult for me to teach Lucia the ways to deal with it…”


If it’s possible to pour the magic power into sweets, she might be able to teach her, but normal people would not think of this method.


“I’m going to provide support on this part. I think I know how to deal with magic power.”

“Thank you very much, Aqua.”


For the moment, they’d check on her magic power regularly and after she has reached a certain age, they’d train her on how to deal with it.


Today’s check up ended without any problem and Tiararose was relieved.


“Ah, speaking of which… Lucia’s fire magic power is strong because of Salamander’s power.”




Tiararose shared the conversation she had with Saravia and Salamander to Darel. It might have been a difficult topic, but he nodded and listened to her intently.


“I see… the power grew further because of contact with other spirits, right?”


Darel glanced downwards and pondered about it, Tiararose was worried if he’s concerned about something.

Silence continued in the room for a while before Darel slowly lifted his face.


“…I have never said this before but would you listen to the story of my master? Big Sis Tiara and Big Bro Aqua.”

“I’d listen if it’s not too painful for Darel.”

“Yes. But please don’t force yourself.”


Tiararose and Aquasteed gently nodded and Darel smiled with relief. After which, he started talking about his master…






“Master, food’s ready”



Deep in the forest, there’s a small house around the spring.

The sky was covered by leaves of various trees, and the light peeking in between them was reflected on the spring water surface; it might be bad to say that it’s primitive and dense, but it’s right in the middle of nature.

It takes two days to reach the streets and they’d have to sleep outdoors to do so. Therefore, they’d only head to the streets when they lack the necessities like seasonings.


In such a place, Darel and his master lived their lives.


His master would always be engrossed in magic and while his master does read books, his master writes most of the time.


Although Darel’s often troubled by his master who would only reply with short words, he carried his master’s food over.

Since his master wouldn’t come to the dining table, his master would eat at the desk while writing on something; one would lose strength without eating after all.


Darel finished his meal alone and waited for his master to settle down.



“Ah, Darel, sorry. I was so engrossed that I forgot about the time.”


Darel’s master hugged him tightly and praised him for finishing his meal alone. After calling him a good kid and rubbing his head, his master smiled saying that they should enter the bathtub.


After tying up the long hair, that was left to grow freely, to the back, his master covered up with a long-sleeved robe; it seems that his master’s not really concerned about appearances and would focus on magic instead.

However, Darel loves his master even the latter was like that.


The bathtub’s located in the back of the house.

Standing in front of the huge bathtub, made of tree logs, his master placed one hand over it; in a moment hot water starting welling up in the bathtub.


“Well then, Darel, shall we enter?”



As there was no one else deep in the forest, they removed their clothes on the spot.

Even though both of them entered the bathtub at the time same, it was so huge so they were able to stretch their bodies out freely. His master let out a sound of relief and entered the hot water.


“It feels good, right?”



Darel nodded and the master said “oh right” before tracing something on the water’s surface.

Everything can be conjured with his master’s fingers and that would always surprise Darel. Bright lines appeared as he traces and Darel could not shift his gaze away from it.


“Shall we talk about magic today too?”


“That’s a great response. I’ve taught you that the amount of magic power was determined when the person was born, right? However, there are cases where the magic power would increase.”


The master’s finger left the water surface and continued drawing in the air. However, water continued to stick to the fingers and a cup was created with the tracing.

His master then used magic power to fill it with water right before it overflows.


“Humans have in them a cup that’s filled with magic; it’s filled to the brim when they were just born. Darel, it’s the same for you too“



Darel nodded and his master said “for example” and created another cup.


“What would happen if someone else passes their magic power to you, Darel…?”


That might be too drastic, but perhaps there might be some circumstances that caused it. While it might be rare, it would amplify further if there’s compatibility in the magic power.


“Um… I think my cup would end up overflowing.”

“Yes. The cup would not be able to contain the excess magic, it would end up overflowing—that’s how magic power starts to go out of control.”


When it’s above the limit of the controllable magic power, it might be difficult to deal with it.


“What would happen if it goes out of control?”

“Hmm. It depends on how much magic power is overflowing… but it would cause explosions and even deaths in the worst case scenarios.”


The young Darel did not really grasp the concept of death, but he somewhat knew that it’s something bad.


“In that case, what should be done to stop it from exploding? There are various ways, do you know?”


After being asked the question, Darel pondered.

If water is poured into the cup and it’s overflowing, what should he do?


“Umm, I’d prepare a bigger cup?”

“That’s also one valid option-”


After saying that, the master made a larger cup of water.


“However, that’s quite difficult; an easier way would be to siphon the magic power out of the cup before it overflows.”

“In that case it wouldn’t overflow!”

“Yes, yes.”


Even so, that’s not so simple.

The Ring of Attack and Protection would help, but they’re not something that could be obtained by just anyone else.


“However, that’s also difficult. That’s right if Darel were to encounter such a situation… you should interfere with the magic power using healing power.”

“Using healing power on someone’s magic power?”


Darel thought if it was possible to do that and looked at his own hands which he’d use for magic.


“Even so, it’s quite a difficult magic so it might be hard for Darel to do it yet. However, since you’re good at healing magic, I’m sure you’d be able to do it.”



Just like that, the master would pass on knowledge to Darel.

Since healing is something that deals with another person, it’s very important to be delicate in dealing with it. It’s not that easy to deal with it too.

It requires knowledge, effort and talent.


Darel, who’d always listen to his master’s words happily, is equipped with all three factors.


“Darel, you’d be able to become the best user of healing magic in this world,”


His master would often say that.



He’d study about magic and take care of this master while spending his life with his master in the deep, deep forest. There were no visitors and their days were spent with quietness.


After a while, there’s a rare visitor to the house. Darel did not see the visitor, but that visitor called his master—



“Undine, that’s what my master was called.”



Tiararose’s eyes widened at Darel’s words. Aquasteed was also surprised and he placed his hand on his mouth as though he’s thinking about something deeply.


“In other words, Darel’s master was the water spirit Undine…?”

“…I don’t know if that’s true but after living in the city for a while, I finally realize that Master is special… I think.”


His master was able to control water freely unlike most people and could do everything with magic; his master was kind of extraordinary.


“However, people would not become bubbles and disappear, right?”



Previously, Darel said that his master became bubbles and disappeared on a rainy day; she thought that he’s using a metaphor for his master’s death but it turns out to be a literal one.


“After hearing what the Salamander has said, I thought about my master’s magic stories; my master taught me that the magic would amplify when someone with a compatible one approaches me… if there’s Salamander’s magic in Lucia-”



If his master was really Undine, there might be some sort of resonance going on-

However, Darel himself has the same power as his master so he has never heard of that before.


“That’s why I’m not able to say it for sure…”

“No, that’s enough. Darel has been with your master since you were young right? You are also an expert in healing magic. Like Salamander, your master Undine, might have shared the magic power with you.”


Speaking of which, Tiararose recalled that there’s a change in her body condition after she arrived at her own house.

Darel gave a small nod at Aquasteed’s words.


“That’s why… it might be my fault… that Big Sis Tiara’s in a pain…”


Darel’s expression was distorted as he looked like he’s going to cry and Tiararose stood up.


“That’s wrong, Darel!”

“Big Sis…”

“Even if Darel has Undine’s magic, there’s no need to blame yourself. Or rather, be proud that you have the power. Undine was a great master, right?”



Tiararose gently grabbed Darel’s hand and smiled at him.


“I know that Darel’s always been worried for Lucia and me, from now on, please look after us too. Darel’s healing magic is a gentle power that helps people.”


Furthermore, she’s glad that it happened with Darel, Akari and the others around.

The thought of Luciarose experiencing the increase in her magic power alone after birth, without Tiararose or Aquasteed around, makes her shudder.


“Therefore, this is great, Darel.”

“Yes. Please do not blame yourself. Thank you for telling us, Darel.”


Tiararose and Aquasteed thanked him; Darel was unable to suppress his feelings… and hugged them.

They firmly received him and told him repeatedly that it’s fine.


Darel, who has only lived with his master, did not really understand what emotion’s all about… but Tiararose thought that he’s slowly maturing and she’s happy about it.

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