The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 150

  1. The Future Matters

After Elliot and Philiane have settled down in their mansion, Tiararose, Aquasteed and Luciarose, the three of them, were invited.

Just in case something happens, there were more bodyguard knights accompanying them than usual.


“Welcome, Sir Aquasteed, Lady Tiararose and Lady Luciarose!”

“We have been waiting for you.”


After arriving at the mansion, Philiane and Elliot immediately came to welcome them.


“Thanks for the invitation.”

“Thank you very much. I’ve been looking forward to this day.”



After reaching the reception room, the maids prepared black tea, cookies and baked snacks. Since it’s usually Philiane who prepares them, it felt a little strange.


-Philiane is already the Coralsia family’s female landlady now.


Although it is a status lower than her count family, Philiane is not concerned about that matter; Elliot would probably be able to rise up in the ranks too.


“How’s your new marriage life?”



Tiararose has always been curious about it so she asked it in a straightforward manner; it was not Philiane but Elliot whose face turned red…

It was an unexpected and new response so she judged that things must have been going well.

As for Philiane, her cheeks were slightly blushed but she replied happily that things are smooth sailing.


Both of them seem happy so Tiararose was happy about it too.



After a few light conversations, Aquasteed started talking about Luciarose’s matters; the topic revolved around her magic power and the relationship with spirits.

Philiane and Elliot were informed slightly about it, but they have not been informed about the small details.


“Tarmo, you should come here too and listen together.”



Tarmo, who was standing in front of the door, stood closer; he then explained that there’s a possibility that the magic power would swell up further if she were to encounter other spirits like she did before.


“It’s amazing just by the fact that she received the blessings of all of the fairies, Grail and Pearl… to think that there’s the Salamander’s power residing inside her”


Elliot said that there’s nothing but surprises.


“However, even so Lady Luciarose was able to control the magic power thus far. Even though it could be due to the help of the rings and Pearl’s blessings… I am sure she’d be able to develop into a great person like Sir Aquasteed in the future.”


Philiane said that even though it’s a little worrying now, she’s sure that Luciarose would be able to overcome any difficulties.


“If there’s any malicious spirits who tried to come close, I’d do my best to protect her.”


Tarmo said that the only thing he could do is to protect her.


Aquasteed nodded at the three of them and started talking about the future matters.


“It’s necessary to take preemptive measures so that Lucia would not end up in perilous situations. There’s something we need-”

“That’s information, right?”



Elliot finished Aquasteed’s sentence and he nodded.

Until recently, they thought that spirits only exist in the fairytale; in addition to that there’s not much information and it’s pretty difficult to know of their locations.


“Elliot, can I depend on you for that?”

“Of course, I’ll try to gather the information, regardless of the method, for the sake of Lady Luciarose. Please leave it to me.”


Aquasteed requested for help and Elliot immediately nodded; even if he’s not told that, he’d volunteer to do so.


“I also plan to ask the Salamander about it, through King Saravia.”

“Yes. It’d be good to have many information about it right?”


Elliot would lead the team of numerous knights to collect information.

Although he’s a newlywed, it seems like he’s going to be pretty busy from now on.


“Tiara and Philiane, please look over Lucia’s condition. It’s also time for Darel to return to his country soon.”

“It’s not possible to have Darel look after Lucia forever, right? I’d look over her.”

“Me too, I’ll be even more cautious in looking after her.”


If they immediately noticed the change in Lucia, they’d be able to deal with it promptly.

Fortunately, they have the rings of attack and protection. The magic power would probably not overflow and go out of control.


“Also, Tarmo, since we don’t know about the spirit’s form, it’s difficult to guard against it, but I hope you’d report as soon as possible if you noticed any strange things in the surrounding.”

“Of course.”


After talking about it for a while, the conversation has come to an end.


“There’s not much that could be done.”


Basically, they have the upper edge in every situation or have a clue to the solutions before. However, right now they have limited clues and it’s pretty difficult to find the solutions.

Everyone present felt that it’s a very complicated situation.




Luciarose might have felt the serious atmosphere and she made a bright sound as though in an attempt to ease it.



“Sorry, Lucia. This atmosphere isn’t good, right?”


Tiararose used the shaker toy she brought along and played with Luciarose; Luciarose was excited about it and the atmosphere in the room became mellower.


“The power of babies is amazing. We will do our best to ensure that Lady Luciarose would always smile like this.”

“Thank you, Philiane. That’s very reassuring to hear.”



After the end of the important talk, Philiane and the others guided them into the mansion.


It’s not a huge mansion but it’s close to the royal castle and has a rose garden attached to it. The horticulturist would work on it every day so it’s very beautiful with blooming seasonal flowers.

The small fountain was set up because Philiane and Elliot both received the sea fairies’ blessings; they have it so that the sea fairies could come by anytime.


The mansion has quite a history to it, but it was reformed; it has two stories and Philiane and the other’s rooms were on the second floor.

Tiararose and the others were guided to the first floor’s guest room and dining room.


Since they’re there, they decided to have tea together slowly at the dining room that they were last shown.


“Did Philiane choose the interior design? It’s very warm and reminds me of the Sunfist family mansion.”


Philiane has a lot of siblings so it’s always filled with warmth. Although there’s only the two of them in this mansion, it would probably increase further soon.


“I’ve not really thought about it before, but now that you mention it, it does seem like my family house.”

“I like it very much, this interior design.”


“…! T-Thank you very much.”


Philiane said that she totally did not realize it and Elliot replied smoothly; he’s so smooth that Philiane was a little shy about it.

Elliot sometimes says cool things like this nonchalantly.


Philiane pointed to the painting on the wall.


“That was drawn by Elliot.”


It’s a scenery painting with a huge tree with some buildings on the side of the canvases; the sunlight was flooding in between the leaves and it’s a very beautiful piece.

Elliot’s very good at drawing and he draws as a hobby; sometimes he would draw portraits but most of the time they were of the scenery.


-Oh? This place is…


However, after looking at it closely, Tiararose realized that she know of that place.


“Is this… the tree where I’d often read by?”


Tiararose asked the question and Elliot nodded.


“Yes. It’s the academy of Lapis Lazuli.”

“It is so nostalgic.”


It has been quite a while since she has graduated.

Even though it’s also the place where she recollected of her previous life and was convicted, it’s also a memorable place where she’d have tea with Philiane and it’s also the place where she met Aquasteed…


“I’m so happy to be able to see such a wonderful painting.”

“No no, I’m just drawing as a hobby.”

“You don’t have to be so humble.”

“Thank you very much.”


Tiararose thought that she should ask him to draw a portrait of Luciarose while gazing at the nostalgic scenery.




They ended up staying for quite a while and before realizing it, it’s evening already.


“Thank you very much for today.”

“Let’s meet in the royal castle tomorrow again.”

“Thank you. It’s pretty refreshing to meet Elliot like this.”

“That’s right.”


Since Elliot’s always in Aquasteed’s office, it’s the first time Aquasteed met him like this after he became a noble.

Even so, there’s not much change in their relationships.


After exchanging farewells, Tiararose and the others returned to the royal castle.






Tiararose placed Luciarose on the bed and played with her with the soft toys they received from Schnauss.

She did not move them around with her magic and it seemed that she enjoy seeing Tiararose move them with her hands.



“It’s Lucia’s favorite cat~ meow~”


After making a meow sound with the cat, Luciarose waved her hands and feet excitedly.

She’s grabbing the cat’s tail desperately with her small hands and Tiararose felt that she has already grown up.


“You could not even grab things just recently before…”


Tiararose thought that she’s growing up too fast.


-If only I have a video camera.


With that, she’d be able to capture the growth of Luciarose. However, there’s no electricity in this world so there’s no use desiring for something that doesn’t exist.


“Both of you are playing cutely together.”

“Aqua! Welcome back.”

“I’m back. I’ve just came back after sending a letter to King Saravia. Salamander would probably tell us if she knows about something.”


Aquasteed sighed saying that he has done all he can do for now.


After that, he placed the coat on the sofa and headed to the bed where Tiararose and Luciarose were playing around.

He lied down beside Luciarose so that they could lie side by side.


“You’ve worked hard, Aqua.”

“My fatigue was blown away just by having you call my name, Tiara.”




Tiararose used the cat’s hand to pat on Aquasteed’s head; it’s probably good to dote on him when he’s tired.

Aquasteed smiled happily and thought that the real hands would be better… and placed his head on Tiararose’s knees.


“With this, I don’t know who the baby is.”

“If Tiara would dote on me, I don’t mind being a baby.”

“Tsk, Aqua.”


Patting on the giant baby’s head, she gently kissed his forehead. Aquasteed always does it smartly to her, but this time round Tiararose does it in her own way.

Aquasteed smiled, looking satisfied and ran his fingers through Tiararose’s hair.


“I want to be doted on more.”

“It can’t be helped it. I’d do it specially-”

“Uu~! Fue”

“Ah, Lucia! Sorry, it’s not that I’ve forgotten about you, Lucia.”


Tiararose carried Luciarose, who has started wailing, and she showed a smile after seeing Tiararose’s face and being reassured.



“I’m glad you stopped crying immediately.”

“Sorry, Lucia, for snatching mama”


Aquasteed patted on Luciarose’s head and then cheeks.


“It’s so chubby you can touch it forever, right? Babies’ skins are so elastic, how enviable.”

“Indeed, it’s chubby and cute but I also like Tiara’s firm and beautiful skin.”


Aquasteed, who was touching Luciarose, stretched his hand out to Tiararose. This time round, he rubbed her cheeks.


“Yes, I like it.”

“Thank you very much.”


-I’m so happy with such a small gesture.


Aquasteed’s words were like magic and it would always make Tiararose happy.


“Lucia’s papa is so cool.”


Tiararose muttered that without realizing and rocked Luciarose’s body so that she could fall asleep. They have been to Elliot’s mansion today, so she should be more tired than she was usually.

As Tiararose has expected, she immediately heard her sleeping breathing sound.


“Let’s lay her on the cradle.”


Tiararose got off the bed and placed Luciarose on the flower cradle. She looked very comfortable sleeping and would probably stay asleep till morning.


After returning to the bed, Aquasteed pulled her arm and hugged her.



“That’s because Tiara said something so cute nonchalantly.”



Tiararose tilted her head in confusion at Aquasteed’s words- she recalled of the words she muttered without realizing.


“No, that’s… um, well it’s true. Aqua’s the coolest in this world.”


That’s why she said them out without realizing, so it was the cool Aquasteed’s fault.


“The usual shy Tiara’s cute, but the Tiara who praises me like that’s cute too. How tantalizing”

“…I’ll say it for you numerous times. Well, that’s because I like Aqua a lot.”


Tiararose said that straightly, but it’s not that she’s not embarrassed about it.

Tiararose’s ears have turned red and her face was slightly turned away. However, that gesture of her was just too cute.


Aquasteed thought that he could not let Tiararose sleep tonight and kissed her.

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