The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 151

  1. Sweet Daily Life

Marineforest is the great kingdom that’s loved by the fairies.

And soon, it’d be the Princess’s first birthday. There’s a nationwide celebration and Marineforest’s extremely lively right now.



There were so many presents sent to the princess and Tiararose has quite a difficult time trying to arrange them that she smiled wryly.

Of course, she’s also happy about it because they were sent for her daughter.



“Oh, are you pleased with the presents? They were all sent to celebrate Lucia’s first birthday.”


After saying that, she grabbed her daughter’s hand which was trying to reach out for the present box. After that, she showed an unbelievable cute smile.



The person who held her daughter’s hand is Tiararose Lapis Marineforest.

She is from the neighboring Lapis Lazuli prime minister family and married into the Marineforest; she’s the mother of the current first princess Luciarose.

She has fluffy honey pink hair and blue colored eyes. Her gentle smile is very cute, but nowadays she shows a firm motherly side of her often.

Also, she’s the villainess of this maiden game world “Ring of the Lapis Lazuli”.



Her daughter, who’s loved by many and growing up steadily, is Luciarose Marineforest.

She has dark pink hair and golden honey pink round eyes; she’s loved by everyone in the royal castle and would always smile.

There’s the Salamander fire magic in her body and she has extremely strong magic power since before she was even born.


She can use magic power to move the soft toys at will.



Right now Tiararose’s praising Luciarose for grabbing her hand and standing up.

Although she still can’t speak, she could stand up.

Therefore, Tiararose’s always worried about her and could not take her eyes off her; if she looks away, she might wander off somewhere.



“Oh no, Lucia!”


Lucia stopped standing still and became energetic; it seems that she’s heading towards the door.

Tiararose stood up to chase after her, but she noticed that the door’s slightly opened.




It seems that Luciarose was concerned about the open door.

After Luciarose reached the door in an excited mood, the door opened with a gentle voice saying “I’m back.”

The person who came in hugged Luciarose and kissed her cheek.


“I’m back, you two.”

“Welcome back, Aqua.”




The person who came back is her father, Aquasteed Marineforest.

He has dark blue hair and the golden eyes which prove that he has the king lineage. He has a lean body but he’s also muscular due to his trainings.

He’s the king of Marineforest.



While carrying Luciarose, Aquasteed headed towards Tiararose and gently kissed her lips. Luciarose’s around so it was just a light peck.


“…It’s sweet.”



It was exposed that Tiararose just ate sweets earlier and she covered her mouth shyly.

Well, she did not expect the flavor to remain.


“It must have been tiring to take care of a baby, so it’s important to eat sweet stuffs.”



Aquasteed said that it’s fine to even eat ten pieces and Tiararose laughed in return; eating that much would cause her to become fat and it’s not good for the body.


“But, that should applies to you too, Aqua, no? You must have been tired from work. Do you want to drink anything?”

“That’s right… let’s have a drink together, shall we?”



Aquasteed sat Luciarose down on the sofa and he took off his coat. Tiararose immediately took it and headed for the hanger.


“I’d hang it.”


“Drinks and… ah, there are delicious nuts brownies. Philiane bought it from the famous store in the streets.”

“That’d be good.”


Since it’s rare, Tiararose thought that she’d have it together with Aquasteed and have not eaten it yet. Philiane’s probably having it with Elliot now at her house.


-Hmm, Aqua’s favorite wine? Or the easy to drink champagne?


While wondering what to drink, she decided to prepare champagne as they had wine a lot lately.

Since Tiararose has to take care of Luciarose in case she grumbles, she decided to just have a little bit of it.


-I have the nuts brownies after all!


Champagne is good too but the nuts brownies are better.

It’s enough as long as she can spend time with Aquasteed alone like this.



After preparing the cut nut brownies and champagne, she returned and Luciarose’s sleeping by Aquasteed’s side soundly.


“It’s her usual sleeping time, right?”

“Shall I bring her to the bedroom?”



Aquasteed hugged Luciarose and placed her on the flower bed in the bedroom.

It’s a flower bed made by the fairies; the parts were made of plants and birds’ feathers were used as decoration. Also to allow her to sleep comfortably, soft sounds of waves could be heard.

It’s a very luxurious bed.




After laying Luciarose on the bed, she laughed.


“It seems that today’s fun too, Lucia, right?”


Aquasteed smiled while looking at Luciarose’s sleeping face and Tiararose said with a slightly tired face that he’s right.


“I definitely can’t let my eyes off her when she’s active. She was about to hit the table legs today… Philiane was in a panic.”

“That must have been tough.”


Rubbing on Luciarose’s forehead, Aquasteed smiled saying that she’s a cheeky princess.

However, Tiararose continued saying that that’s not all.


“Furthermore, that soft toy…”



The soft toy which Tiararose speaks of is the huge lion soft toy that’s placed on the bedside.

From the sight of it, it seems like Luciarose has rode on it.


However, that soft toy was not there in the morning so Aquasteed tilted his head in confusion.


“Actually, it’s a birthday present to Lucia from Lady Akari.”

“From Lady Akari? We have to send our gratitude.”



There were accessories around the neck of the lion soft toy and it’s clear that Akari has put a lot of effort into it.


“However, what happened with the soft toy?”


It’s a slightly extravagant and yet ordinary soft toy.

However, Tiararose shook her head when Aquasteed said that.


“It’s good that Lucia grabbed onto the soft toy and tried to stand up, but she started to ride on top of it…”



After realizing what happened, Aquasteed smiled wryly as he looked at the lion.


“…What should I say, it feels that Lady Akari chose that soft toy on purpose.”

“Me too.”


Therefore, the soft toy was placed in the bedroom so that it wouldn’t be moved around in the daytime.

Of course, there’s no problem playing with the lion in times when Tiararose has enough energy to spare.

However, she’s worried if she’d get injured after playing around too much.



“Mm, delicious!”


After returning to the room, they slowly spent the time together at night with nuts brownies and champagne.

As expected of Philiane’s choice, it’s very delicious.

Tiararose grinned as she ate the nuts brownies while Aquasteed’s staring at her.

Aquasteed has not eaten the nuts brownies in his hand.


“Are you not going to eat it, Aqua?”

“…No, it’s just that it’s fun looking at Tiara eat.”



Tiararose did not expect such a response and stopped moving.


“Please do not mind about me and continue eating.”

“I mind!”

“I’ve been looking at you all along though.”


Tiararose who was conscious and shy about it looked so cute that Aquasteed thought what he should do about it.

Both her look of bliss while eating and shy look were cute.


“…Aqua should eat too. This time round I’d look at you while you’re eating!”



At Tiararose’s proposal, Aquasteed grinned. There’s nothing wrong with eating… but either way, he thinks the outcome would still be the same.


“Then, please look at me properly.”



Aquasteed was going along with Tiararose’s suggestion that it baffled her.

He definitely has something up his sleeves- she knows that from years of experience. However, it’s already too late.

Aquasteed put the nuts brownies into his mouth and looked at Tiararose.



“It’s delicious.”


He licked his lips and bit onto the nuts; just by looking at that gesture made her heart beats extremely fast.


Even though he’s just eating the nut brownies, he seems somewhat erotic… Tiararose ended up being embarrassed.


After looking at Tiararose, Aquasteed took another piece.


“Ah, but”


Aquasteed said that and placed his hands on Tiararose’s cheeks.


“It might be much more delicious if we eat it together.”



With the nuts brownies in his mouth, he grinned and approached her.

Tiararose tried to escape, but Aquasteed was holding onto her tightly so she could not move.

In a swift moment, her lips were stolen.




The wet sensation of nuts brownies and smell of brandy spread in her mouth, she could not move.

The brownies should be slightly bitter due to the bitter chocolate, but it’s very sweet because of the sweet. Tiararose felt giddy.


Tiararose grabbed onto Aquasteed’s shirt and was shaking. If she doesn’t do this, she’d probably collapse onto the sofa.




Tiararose could not withstand it and gulped the nuts brownies before moving her lips away from Aquasteed’s.


“…it’s sweet when two people eat it together, right?”



The bittersweet adult-oriented nuts brownies tasted unbelievably sweet when she has it with Aquasteed.


-It’s because of my reckless remark of wanting to see him eat, I have to make sure not to say it again in the future…


Although Tiararose thought about that, it’s not that she hates it. She’s just shy.


“I’m sorry; I just wanted to recharge with Tiara.”


Aquasteed gave a gentle peck and Tiararose’s eyes shine bright… and she smiled.


“In that case, it cannot be helped it.”


As though telling Aquasteed to go ahead and recharge, Tiararose hugged Aquasteed.

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