The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 152

  1. Report on the Spirits

“Sigh, I’m deadbeat tired! It’s time for a break!!”

“Keith’s really bad at finding stuffs… or rather can you not do that while messing up the room?”


Keith was stretching himself and Grail sighed at him. Upon closer inspection, the books in the forest library have grown bigger so that it’s easier for Keith to read.


“Ah, but I know roughly about what we wanted to know about; let’s head over to Tiara and eat some desserts there”




Keith, the king of forest fairies, is in charge of managing the plant books.

One curly strand of his deep-green long hair is hanging out in front. His serious eyes look intimidating and the golden colour proves his status as the King.



Grail, the king of sky fairies, blessed Aquasteed.

His azure coloured hair is properly aligned and his calm golden eyes prove his status as the king. He’s very collected but sometimes he’d wear female clothes for the sake of Pearl.



Both of them are searching up on spirits in the “Forest Library” that’s located in Keith’s castle for the sake of Luciarose.

The power of fire spirit Salamander resides in Luciarose’s body and she owns an incredible amount of magic power.


If she comes across a spirit one day, their magic power will resonate with each other and might increase in quantity. It’d be good if the magic power would grow gradually as she grows up and learned how to control it, but if that’s not the case, there’s a huge chance the power might grow out of control.

That’s what they wanted to avoid.

For that reason, Keith and Grail are now searching up on spirits.


“Even so, there are too little information pertaining to the spirits; it cannot be helped it since we do not particularly have any interactions with the spirits.”


Grail thought that they should have established relationships if they were to know that things were going to turn out like this.

Keith might have sensed Grail’s feelings and he kicked him saying “we cannot change the past, right?!”


“It’s still not too late from now on.”

“I sometimes think that it’d be good if I could be as positive as you, Keith.”



While having such conversation, both of them teleported out of the forest library.






They changed their location and are now in the Marineforest royal castle.

Tiararose, Aquasteed, Philiane, Elliot and Tarmo have gathered and were talking about the spirits.

Luciarose’s being looked after by the fairies.



“I tried to think of the whereabouts of the spirits… but sorry, there isn’t much information about that.”


Elliot hung his head, feeling sorry.


“The spirits were thought to exist only in the fairytales after all… however, for the sake of Lady Luciarose, we’ve to find a way somewhat.”


Philiane said that it’s difficult to find them and showed a stern look too.

However, for the sake of the cute Luciarose, she’s determined to work things out.



Elliot Coralsia is the close aide of Aquasteed.

He was granted the position of a duke and is living in a mansion near the royal castle with his wife, Philiane. He’s good at intelligence assessment, but it seems like the current situation is too challenging.



Philiane Coralsia is the maid of Tiararose.

She has yellow-green hair and sepia eyes; she loves Tiararose a lot and is a reliable servant of hers who has served her since young.

Right now, she’s married to Elliot and they’re leading a happy life.



“No, you’ve worked hard. However, since you said that there isn’t much information, that means there are a few of them, right? Elliot.”



Aquasteed looked at Elliot with a serious expression and urged him to carry on,


“We have totally no information on the wind spirit Slyph and soil spirit Gnome.”



In this world, the fire spirit salamander, water spirit Undine, wind spirit Slyph, soil spirit Gnome exist.

Among them, they know that the Salamander is in the Sandrose kingdom. However, she doesn’t know about the location of the other fairies too.

Undine is probably the master of Tiararose’s younger adopted brother, Darel. However, since Undine turned into bubbles and disappeared – it’s believed that its power has been carried on by Darel.

Salamander and Undine has already come into contact with Luciarose and caused resonance, so there was only the wind spirit Slyph and soil spirit Gnome left.


“I don’t know about Undine, but Salamander is in the Sandrose desert kingdom; from that fact they might be somewhere near where their power can thrive…”


Elliot tried to research based on that premise and noticed that there is a country blessed with wind nearby.

That small country is located near Lapis Lazuli kingdom, on the opposite side of the Marineforest and it is called Phylargia.

There are wind turbines lined up in the kingdom and it is incredibly blessed with wind power.


“It seems plausible that Slyph is located near the ruins that have been excavated in Phylargia.”


However, even so, they were not entirely sure if Slyph is really in Phylargia. It’s a country blessed with wind so it might be a characteristic of the wind spirit Slyph.

However, Elliot believes that it’s the most likely place for now.


“Therefore, based on my understanding… the wind spirit might be in Phylargia.”

“It might be worth checking it out.”


Aquasteed nodded at Elliot’s words and thought that there’s a need to contact Phylargia.


“Aqua, leave Phylargia to me.”


“Actually, I’ve been to Phylargia before. I have connections with Princess Emerald so it might be easier to talk to her.”


Tiararose thought about the time when she went to Phylargia.

She went to Phylargia on a trip with her parents and Philiane. At that time, she went to the royal castle and sent a greeting.


-I wonder if Princess Emerald is doing well.


Emerald is the first candidate of the queen of Phylargia and she’s of the same age as Tiararose; the latter only stayed there for a short while but they became very close.

She was simply happy at the thought of seeing her again.


“In that case, I’d leave this matter to Tiara.”



Tiararose nodded at Aquasteed’s words and suddenly thought of something.


“If I’m going to Phylargia…”


-Lady Akari would probably try to be involved.


She smiled wryly at that thought.

The fastest way to get to Phylargia is through Lapis Lazuli and she thought that it’s better to inform them about it beforehand.


After looking at Tiararose who was deep in thoughts, Aquasteed became worried and asked if there’s anything that’s concerning her.

Tiararose shook her head slowly and smiled wryly.


“I just thought that Lady Akari would probably say that she’d be coming along…”



When Tiararose said that, everyone had the same thought pertaining to Akari.

However, as Akari can use the holy prayer and is the heroine of this maiden game, she might be of some help.


For now, she’d consult her.

Tiararose thought about that when suddenly a gust of wind blew in the room, and Keith and Grail appeared.


“Hey, I came over to eat Tiara’s desserts.”

“You guys have been working hard, discussing about the spirits.”

“Keith, Grail!”


Both of them sat down on the empty sofa and Philiane immediately prepared black tea and desserts. As Keith has requested, she prepared Tiararose’s baked cookies.

Keith immediately ate it up; Grail side-eyed him and continued talking about the spirits.


“I’ve heard about the conversation earlier. Indeed, it seems like Slyph might be in Phylargia.”

“If Grail says that, the possibility seems to be quite high… however, there’s totally no information about the Gnome.”


Aquasteed said that and thought about the place that Gnome would seem to like… but that’s difficult to determine.

It might be a place full of jewels or minerals… but it is probably not in public places. There are also hidden mineral-enriched mountains so it’d difficult to search.


Aquasteed was about to sigh when Grail looked at him and smirked.


“I don’t know about the location of the Gnomes… but it seems like they’re underground.”



Tiararose and the others were shocked at what Grail said. After all, they didn’t expect the Gnome to live in such a place.


“However, we don’t know the precise location.”

“No… that information helps a lot. Thank you, Grail.”


Aquasteed sent his thanks; Keith, who has finished eating the cookies, opened his mouth.


“Gnome does not interact with the others, so chances of meeting it are slim.”

“That’s right; if it would not get into contact with Lucia, her magic power would not suddenly increase and grow out of control.”


Tiararose rubbed her chest in relief when Keith said that.

It’d be fine if Luciarose grows up and learns how to control the magic power. Until then, Tiararose would do her best to protect her.


“However, there is seriously not a lot of information about the spirit. We were always in Marineforest so we don’t know a lot of things.”

“That cannot be helped it. However, Keith, where did you get the information about the Gnome?”

“From the library in my castle. There were several records but not everything is available in it.”


-I see so there’s a library in Keith’s castle.


Tiararose was shocked and Keith looked at her and asked why.


“I cannot really imagine Keith reading books.”

“You… I would of course read.”

“That’s true, sorry. Thank you for searching up about the spirit in the library, Keith.”



With the fairy king by her side, she felt very assured.

However, in the first place, fairy kings do not really get involved in the matters of humans. It was a stance since the long past that the matters of the humans should be left to the humans to resolve.

However, it seems that they’d end up getting involved in Tiararose’s matters.


“Well, for now, this is the only information that we can tell you. For the rest, it depends on your relationship with Phylargia… I think you’d do well on that, Tiara.”

“I’d do my best.”


Keith finished his last bite and sent words of encouragement to Tiararose.


“For now, we’ve told you everything so I guess we shall take our leave.”

“That’s right. I’d come back again to eat desserts too.”


Grail and Keith said that and disappeared in a blink of the eye.


The remaining members looked at each other.

For now, what they have to do is to contact Phylargia. Elliot would be searching about the minerals and underground information.

Their future plans have been decided and they were relieved.


“It’s probably going to difficult, but for the sake of Lucia, please do help.”

“If anything happens, I’d act on it immediately.”



Everyone replied in unison after Tiararose and Aquasteed finished their words.

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