The Blessed Queen of the next Generation

Just for whom is this good weather dedicated to?


Inside the carriage that is currently heading towards the wedding ceremony of Tiararose and Aquasteed, Aishira reminds herself of what happened yesterday.

What Akari told her: ”Please stay away from my friend’s husband!”, those words were on her mind.


――I wonder if I really did think of his highness that way.

She felt something pricked her heart.


“I have never harbored any romantic feelings towards his highness”


Aishira said it out loud; her words addressed to no one.

If not, she would’ve act out of impulse. An intense feeling was whirling up inside her. It’s as if there’s a whirlpool in her chest.

The is just no way she has feelings for him is what she kept on repeating to herself.


“His Highness is very outstanding and strong. He is always composed and dignified. His kind and mature…… his presence is so bright in contrast to me who is always in the sea”


Aishira lean at the walls of the carriage, her hair ornament made out of coral jiggling as she do so.

What flashed in her mind were Akari’s strict words, Tiararose who have treated her well and—— Aquasteed.


“I am not even compatible with his highness. Bearing romantic feelings for him is too impudent. Also, marriage shall be done for the sake of the household. That is why I have leave everything in regards to marriage to my father”


――I am not thinking of having a marriage out of love.

Yet why does she feel so confused? this has never happened before. She clench her fist enduring the swelling feeling in her chest.


“I’m sure this is because Miss Akari said those words……”


――Surely, I’m just feeling sorry for Miss Tiararose.

That is why my chest feels so tight.


The feelings of Aishira towards Aquasteed is not love, it is not.

However, the ribbon that she is wearing for today is dark blue yet again――……




◇ ◇ ◇


At the cathedral in Marineforest

Tiararose and Aquasteed’s wedding is now being held.


“……What should I do… Are you sure I do not look weird?”

“You are the most beautiful lady in the world so please have confidence ”


At the entrance of the cathedral, Tiararose was asking Philiane for final confirmation while being nervous.

Wrapped in her pure white dress, she hold on to her pounding chest.

Philiane responded with a bunch of praise saying “You are beautiful” strongly. To the extent that she thinks it is such a waste for her to be wed to Aquasteed.


Tiararose’s wedding dress is an empire line with cute details on it. The laces were dangling on its hem giving her the impression of a moon fairy, as to what Philiane thinks

The flowers that were given by the forest fairies as a gift were put together in the dress and the long lace of her dress flutters in the wind for it was blessed by the sky fairies

The bouquet of white flowers were tied up in a dark blue ribbon.

And in her ear is the matching piercing that she received from Akari. On the other side of her ear is an earring made to pair with the design  of her piercing, while her honey pink hair was tied in a half-up style.


“Thank you, Philiane. I’m really, really happy”

“Yes. Well then, it’s time for your arrival”

“…… yes”


The doors of the cathedral slowly opens.


――I was really…… really scared thinking if I’ll really be able to get married to him.

The thought of Aqausteed choosing Aishira in the end never left her mind.

However, she need not to worry about it anymore.


Because what is about to happen right now is Tiararose and Aquasteed’s wedding.


The cathedral of Marineforest, a powerful kingdom, has a stained glass with a mixture of glass and corals for its ceiling. Both the sun and the moonlight are received by the stained glass and transform it into a light of blessing.

Statues of fairies are present on both sides of the entrance. It gives the impression of a country where fairies live. The legend says that the bride and groom of this country gets blessed by the fairies  as they get married.


“……Prince Aqua”


Beyond Tiararose’s sight was Aquasteed in his tuxedo.

The base color of his tuxedo is white with a dark blue that is almost close to black to accent it. As Aquasteed saw Tiararose, he smiled like he is the most happiest man.


The guest welcomed Tiararose beyond the door.

They were all seated, patiently  waiting for the bride’s arrival. Philiane, who hurriedly came close to the entrance, was already looking at Tiararose with tears in her eyes

Tiararose laugh on how fast Philiane was but at the same time, she was happy to be able to celebrate her wedding with Philiane who is like an older sister to her.


There are two entrances present in this cathedral.

The first one is the door of happiness where Tiararose went in to.

The other one is the door of determination where Aquasteed went in to at the same time.


The blue colored virgin road that they took meets at the center and become one.

At the end of the intersecting virgin road, gradually becomes a white carpet. This holds the desire to dye their future together with their own colors.


Tiararose and Aquasteed both continued on walking slowly towards the center.

And whilst everyone who’s giving out their blessings towards the two— there was one lady who’s making a tearful expression.


Yes, it’s Aishira.


“I wonder why…… My chest hurt so much”


With a tiny voice where no one can hear, Aishira whispered. Her orange coloured eyes blurs as she glance at the two and tears slowly poured out

Even though she doesn’t harbour any romantic feelings towards Aquasteed. And yet why does her heart hurts so much, she questioned herself.


――Did I really liked his highness?

So what she have felt all this time is not a feeling of respect?

She have always thought that it is but Akari’s words circled in her mind and didn’t went away.


“……. You’re highness-”


She unconsciously lifted her hips from her seat, planning to step out in front— but her hand was grabbed by someone.



“I won’t let you”


With a calm voice, Akari’s hand stops Aishira who was about to stand up.

Aishira’s eyes widened and as soon as she realized what she was about to do, she sat back down again. Fortunately, she haven’t really stood up from her seat yet.


“What am I doing….!”


Aishira’s body shuddered in realization.

If Akari did not stop her, she would’ve walked on the virgin road without thinking.


“Aishira, you…… so you really did love Prince Aquasteed?”

“There’s no such thing! I-! I can never…- but, this hurting of my chest— are you saying that it’s due to the feeling of love?”


Aishira’s pulse was rising; her heart beating so fast.

Does she already have the feelings if love that she had never known of? Unlike Aishira who’s confused, Akari was quite calm in regards to this.


――So this event did occur huh as expected huh.

Though the possibility is low,  it’s not totally zero. In addition to that, Aishira— wearing a dark blue ribbon since yesterday— caught her attention.


In the sequel, an event occurs in which the conquerable targets marries other characters.

However, the heroine will be able to stop the wedding. The condition is for her to wear a ribbon similar to that character’s image.

Akari wasn’t sure if the event of the game will occur since Tiararose is an irregular. But considering all the possibilities,  Akari participated in this wedding by all means.


“To be honest, I really love the stopping the wedding event because isn’t it thrilling? A groom that has a bride will choose you over her — however, I”



Akari opened her mouth the same time as the music resonates in the cathedral.

All eyes were on the bride and groom so no one noticed the exchange of Akari and Aishira.


“Above that, I can’t forgive someone who tries to ruin my friend’s— who is smiling so happily right now— wedding party”

“What a coincidence, I think so too”

“……The fairy king Keith?!”


Keith snickered as he appeared in front of Akari.

Akari looked around to see if anyone had noticed but that doesn’t seem the case so she felt relieved. This is because Keith used his transition magic during when the people blink however, Akari did not notice that.


“Was your name Aishira? I will not forgive you if you are planning to do something to those two”

“……! No-no, not at all. It is as you wish, fairy king”

Aishira was well aware that Tiararose is liked by the forest fairy king.

She’s loved by Aquasteed and she’s also liked by Keith. Aishira doesn’t have a place between them.


――So I cannot be by his highness’ side huh

Maybe it’s because she honestly thought so, tears gush out of Aishira’s eyes. Without raising a voice, tears just poured down like a rain.


“Miss Tiararose, I’m really sorry for not being able to congratulate you wholeheartedly……”

“It’s fine. A lady can cry when they’re heartbroken”

“Miss Akari……”


Akari gently handed a handkerchief to Aishira and gazed at the two who’s currently in the middle of their ceremony.

The fact the she is crying was  not part of Akari’s priority. Thinking that she’ll stop crying soon, Akari decided to enjoy watching the ceremony.


“My reason for coming here is to see Miss Tiararose attain happiness”

“What a coincidence, I also came here to give Tiara my blessing”


Akari said her motive with a smile and Keith agrees with her.




◇ ◇ ◇


As the harp played a beautiful tone, Tiararose and Aquasteed have reached the the part where the two virgin roads crossed each other.

When Aquasteed hands out his left arm, Tiararose shyly accepted it.


Since ancient times, a man’s right hand is for holding a sword in order to protect his beloved. Hence,  the bride walks on the groom’s left side.  The reason why it’s similar to Japan’s is probably because this is indeed a game.


After walking on the blue virgin road that gradually turns into pure white, the priest gave his word of blessing.

The wedding ceremony from here on is a little different from Japan’s.

As it’s also included in the name of the game, an otome game called “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli”. Though the kingdom is now different, their way of celebrating a wedding ceremony is the same.

The male will prepare a ring and casts a oath magic on it. That is this world’s wedding ceremony.


There’s no need to utter any oaths.

Rather than that, they cast a much more deeper bond into the ring.


“Tiara……  this is the ring where all my magic are poured in. Will you accept it?”

“Of course. Prince Aqua……”


Aquasteed’s smile and words  as sweet as honey

She gently hands out her left hand, which he then inset the wedding ring into her finger.

It’s an eternity ring with a beautiful design; in the middle of it placed a light pink diamond. And as if it’s wrapping the diamond, dark blue to light blue gradient jewels were wrapped around it.


“With this, you are now mine—— I will never let you go”



After putting the ring, he then touched her ring finger, same goes for his lips. A very warm feeling touched her making he cheeked soaked in pink.


After receiving the ring, the oath that the bride must do is to come near the groom’s forehead and pour in magical powers

The groom hands a ring that has his magical powers and the bride will engrave her presence on the groom.  The bride will pour her magical powers, serving as an oath to be with his husband for the rest of her life.


“I also won’t let you go…. okay?”

“…… yeah. Do that for me?”



Aquasteed kneels in front of Tiararose as her lips touch his forehead.

Although it only touched lightly, the kiss that has a magical powers in it emits a pale light. Since Tiararose only have a little magical powers, she smiled feeing relieved it was a success.


An oath of the ring and magic.

After finishing this two, lastly is an exchange of a sweet kiss……





Aquasteed slowly lifted her vail before gently kissing her.

A cry slip out of Tiararose’s lips as she was lovingly kissed on the lips. As if not wanting to separate, Aquasteed’s tongue traces her lips.

Once she shuddered, Aquasteed snickered, releasing her lips.


“I love you. I will cherish you forever and make you happy”

“Yes, I love you too……”


The moment where they exchanged words of love, before the guest even applaud—— a huge light engulfed the whole cathedral.




Everyone was surprise and confused of the sudden happening. Aquasteed immediately took hold of Tiararose and hide her behind him.

However, they soon noticed that this light was not meant for harming them.


――It’s as if stars are glittering.


“To the next king and queen. I shall bless your happiness  and  this kingdom’s peace!”


“Fairy king!”


The cause of the glittering light turns out to be Keith’s blessing.

Since Aquasteed called him the fairy king, the guest recognize Keith as a fairy king.

And thus, Tiararose became a princess who was blessed by the forest fairy king. And after that, she shall be the next queen just like what Keith have said.


“Congratulations, your highness!”

“Miss Tiararose, I wish for your happiness”

“To receive a blessing from the forest king himself, how wonderful”

“Wow, amazing!”


Congratulatory words and applause came from the guests all at once.

Everyone showered the petals that they have as they congratulate the two.


“Petals huh, it’s nice”


Once Keith snapped his fingers, all the petals from the flower shower glow. Glittering petals dance in the cathedral, lighting up the ray of blessing――.



“Are you crying? Tiara”

“……. oh my, I was so happy that my tears won’t stop”


She was able to marry Aquasteed while receiving many blessing from people.

She won over the heroine in the game and successfully attained happiness. She looked at him who’s currently embracing her as her tearful expression gradually turned into a smile.


With this, the game has reach its ending.

The reality officially starts now.


Being swayed by the game ends now.



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