A Sweet Newly-Married Life

Aquasteed who is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Marineforest and Tiararose—the daughter of a Marquis; a household that is bestowed to carry the name Lapis coming from the name of the neighbouring kingdom, Lapis Lazuli— are now married.

And now, as the crown princess, Tiararose is living a busy life.


Her name Tiararose Lapis Clementine now changed into Tiararose Lapis Marineforest.

Lapis is stayed in her name because she was blessed by the forest fairy king, Keith.


Tiararose, who has now become Aquasteed’s princess, was given a new room.

Each rooms are connected and the bedroom are made for hers and Aquasteed’s use. In other words, each of them can freely enter each other’s rooms.

Right now, an exclusive designer is in her room, tailoring dresses for her.


“Are you still going to tailor more dresses?”

“Why, of course, Miss Tiararose. You have now become the crown princess so your official affairs will also increasingly here on. This is still not enough!”


Her honey pink hair swayed as they do the final adjustments of her new dress. As she stands there like a doll, the seamstress continue doing the arrangement of the dress.


Philiane is the one who’s managing the place while looking at the dress designs.

She’s seriously thinking which hairstyle would suit Tiararose when she ties her hair later. She always prioritize Tiararose  more than she do for herself.


“Are you perhaps tired?”

“Once the adjustment of this ribbon over here is done, you can get a little rest”


――only just a little, huh

After hearing the seamstress’ words, Tiararose let out a sigh, thinking that things won’t be over soon.

The seamstress comes almost everyday and there are also many aristocrats and merchants coming to meet her, the crown princess.

Although she is aware that it is part of her official affairs—— there is no time for her to rest at all.


She straighten her back as the seamstress adjust the position of the back ribbon.

The princess line dress may be a little childish but strangely, it also brings out cuteness when a newly married woman wears it.


“The checking of any adjustments is done. Please have some rest”

“Thank you”


Tiararose had her dress carefully removed. She changed in a rough dress that she only wears during tailoring.

Once she sat on the sofa, a warm tea was prepared for her.


“Thank you for your hard work, Milady. All that is left to do is to adjust at least two more dresses and if ever you have a design in mind, then we shall have it tailored for you. But that being said, you still have an evening party to attend to for tomorrow so you must not overwork yourself……”

“Indeed, you’re right”


She was slumping down onto the sofa, feeling dizzy from Philiane’s lively words. After this,  checking of accessories and cosmetics still needs to done; it’s not even funny anymore.

Tiararose who is raised as a lady of a marquis’ household, is of course, used to things like this. However—— this time, there are so many of it which makes it so hard.


“I have also prepared some cake”

“Oh, sweets huh!”


A cake made of peaches was placed on the table.

She is awfully fond of sweets even in her past life. She just loves it.


That’s right―—.

Tiararose has her memories of her past life.

It’s a memory where she lived as a Japanese. And her current world right now is in the sequel part of the otome game “The ring of Lapis Lazuli”.

The game had already reached its ending and so she is really happy right now but—— sometimes, she can’t helped but be anxious.


――What if the power of the game works now and Pronce Aqua came to like someone else?

She doesn’t usually think of such things but those thoughts just suddenly comes to her mind.  Although, no one would even think of such thing just by looking on how much Aquasteed dotes on her.


She brings a piece of peach to her mouth and its freshness quickly spread to her tongue as she took a bite. As soon as Philiane saw her cheeks relax without her noticing, she also let out a satisfied smile.

She truly lives to see Tiararose happy.


“Oh, do you plan on using the kitchen for tonight also?”

“Yes. I plan to bake some cookies. Prince Aqua told me he wants to eat some”

“I will have it prepared then”


Philiane nodded at Tiararose’s words before she instruct the maid.

The well trained maids then moved for the sake of their mistress. Philiane nodded in satisfaction before returning her gaze to the designs.

Aquasteed have the kitchen of this room prepared just for Tiararose who really loves sweets.

Therefore, all the equipments are custom made just for Tiararose. To be honest, as a princess, she doesn’t really have much time to bake.

But, before she notice it, Aquasteed who dotes on her, had made her a kitchen, sent her  the sweets that she loves and even created a garden for her own use.

He always gets her by surprise.


――I’m really fortunate.

Tiararose drink all of her tea as she giggles.

Of course, it’s because Philiane told her that they will be  resuming with the adjustments of her dress. And thus, her short break comes to an end.


“There are two more left. I’ll be in your care for some more time”

“Please leave it to me, Miss Tiararose”


The two seamstress took a bow before resuming with the adjustments.




◇ ◇ ◇


Once evening comes and the days of her hard schedule is over, she now has her free time.

From there on, it’s Tiararose’s sweets time.


“Since I won’t be making too much, maybe I should bake it with an adorable shape?”


Philiane retire for the night and now she’s in her kitchen alone, making sweets.

Although Philiane insisted to accompany her, since she has knowledge of sweets in her past life, making it alone is comfortable for her.

Of course――there are some exemptions.


“Smells nice, Tiara”



She was enveloped by a hug from behind.

He snuggle his face, burying it on Tiararose’ nape.

It is he most beloved husband.


“Welcome back, Prince Aqua”

“Yeah. I’m back, Tiara”


The guy who was hugging her give her a delicate kiss.


Aquasteed Marineforest.

This kingdom’s crown prince and the main conquerable target in the sequel of the game “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli”.

He was supposed to be together with the heroine, Aishira. However, Aquasteed has only looked and live Tiararose alone ever since his appearance.


“Hm, today’s cookies are cute. It’s just like you”

“…… oh please. I tried making it in a shape of an animal”


There’s a cat shaped cookie in Tiararose’s hand. All that’s left is to bake this and there will be no more cookie dough left.

The ones that were done are in a shape of a cat, bunny and turtle.


With the thought of having Aquasteed have a taste, she reached over the baked cookies—— she then tilted her neck in wonder.


“Tiara, is something wrong?”

“Ah, no…… I was just thinking of having you taste it”


ーーIt’s just my imagination, I guess?


Tiararose pocked the bunny shaped cookie and hands it over Aquasteed.

However, it was refused by the person himself.

He slowly shake his head sideways. Tiararose realized that he doesn’t plan on taking it.





Being down, thinking if he will not eat it was only for a brief moment.

Aquasteed called her name and opened his mouth.

He was asking her to feed him without saying any words.


It’s not like she hasn’t fed him before but it is still embarrassing for her.

Being a lady who was brought up as a marquis’ daughter, such though never came up to her mind.


“Uuuh…… I will do it only this once, okay?”

“You’re so cute”


While blushing up to her ears, she brings the cookie to his mouth.

After finishing eating the cookie, he licked the tip of Tiararose’s fingers.


“! P-prince Aqua!”

“Because, you are much more sweeter than the cookies”


Aquasteed laughs as he said those words without being embarrassed.

However, it’s not like Tiararose doesn’t like it so the two indeed suit each other.


“Ahh, by the way……”


“I heard that the tea parties that you held are popular among young ladies”


She puts the last tray of cookies in the oven, letting it baked.

While looking at the dough changing in color, Aquasteed mention the tea party in the forest.


“Could it be because the sweets were popular?”

“You really live sweets eh. I’m getting jealous”

“Towards sweets?”


Thinking that it’s unbelievable, she asked Aquasteed while laughing.


It’s not like she’s praising herself but the sweets that she makes are really delicious.

In addition to that, since she’s also using recipes from modern Japan, it cannot be easily copied.


“Yeah, although the sweets being popular is true, everyone wants to get close to you”

“That is because I’m the crown princess, so——”

“That’s not it”


The reason why they was to be friends with her who’s from another country, is surely because she’s the wife of the crown prince.

Is what she is thinking but Aquasteed cut her of, denying her words.


Puzzled, she looked at him and he then wrap his arms around her.


“There’s no way for you, a lady who’s being protected by the forest fairy king, be used just to get close to me, am I right?”



Fairies exist in Marineforest.

Forest fairies, sky fairies, and water fairies

Toararose was welcomed by the forest fairies and had received the forest fairy king’s blessing during her wedding ceremony.


It’ not surprising if it’s the sky or the sea fairies.

Within those three—— the forest fairies almost never give humans their blessing and yet she had received the blessing of the king himself.

It is impossible for it not to be the subject of talks.


“You are well educated and yet your assessment when it comes to yourself is so low”


You should have more confidence in yourself, Aquasteed smiles as he place a kiss on her forehead


“Is it called the tea party of the forest because of Keith blessing?”

“Most probably. That’s because there are only one or two people who have received the forest fairy king’s blessing, even in the predecessors of the royal family”


Even though he’s the one saying it, he whispered yet again that he is getting jealous.

Since the cookies are done baking, their talk about this comes to an end.


“I’ll pour you some tea”

“Thank you”


Tiararose looks at the cookies with a satisfied expression.

Since she looks like she’s looking forward to prepare some tea, Aquasteed can’t just say that he wants to stay like this and keep embracing her


ーーMy wife is just so adorable.

She probably won’t reject it even if he embrace her.

He is also aware that she will pamper him if he wants to.


However, it’s also true the Tiararose really loves sweets.

He doesn’t want to disturb her sweets time.


ーーOh well. The night is still young anyway.


“Prince Aqua?”

“Ah, i’ll go there now”


Tiararose, with a tray full of cookies and tea on her hands, looked at Aquasteed in wonder”

He said to her that he was just thinking about something as the left the kitchen.


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