The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring
Country – Chapter 33: Beyond her Feelings

It was clear that the culprits who had been stealing Tiararose’s sweets were the fairies of the sea.

She could not hide her surprise, as the sea fairies had shown such a dislike towards her until now. Would one really take hand-made sweets from a person that they didn’t like?


—Stranger things have happened.

However, as the mystery of the vanishing sweets had been resolved, Tiararose at least felt a sense of relief.


“Thinking about something?”

“Ah, no… It’s just that the sea fairies hated me. It’s strange.”


Aquasteed had looked at her thinking inside of the swaying carriage, and had wondered what was bothering her.

As the sea fairies had been involved in this case, the two of them were on their way to meet

Aishira. As someone who had been blessed by the sea fairies, she would surely be able to get to the bottom of all of this.


–She doesn’t consider that it could be harassment.

He smiled as he saw Tiararose, genuinely thinking in wonderment. The sea fairies had stolen from her, and yet his adorable wife seemed to be handling it well.


“I do hope that Princess Aishira knows something.”

“Indeed. She is favored the most out of everyone in this kingdom. …I am sure she will be able to be of help.”



Tiararose nodded and looked out the window to the view of the open sea that was coming ever closer.

Aishira Pearland, daughter of a duke. She was the heroine who appeared in the sequel to ‘The Ring of Lapis Lazuli.’

Normally, she would have been in the position to be bound with Aquasteed, but he had chosen Tiararose instead of her.

Aishira herself, had only realized her own feelings towards Aquasteed on the day of the ceremony. But the time was much too late, and the curtains closed on the game’s sequel…


And yet, Tiararose had an immense trust in Aishira.

This was because she had told Tiararose that she would marry whoever her parents chose, and that she had no romantic feelings towards Aquasteed.


“But, I am very much looking forward to meeting Aishira again.”

“We have been quite busy lately.”

“Yes. I even brought some sweets as a gift for her today. So it will be perfect.”


Tiararose smiled cutely and Aquasteed could not help but smile kindly in return.

But his thoughts were quite different than his expression.


–It seemed that Princess Aishira really did know something.

Aquasteed recalled what had happened the other day. Tiararose’s sweets had disappeared and they considered that it was highly likely, the work of the sea fairies. He had immediately requested an investigation.

However, the usually swift Aishira had not given a report, no matter how long he waited. When he asked about progress, the only answer he received was that they were still investigating.

Just as he was considering going to her in person, the sea fairies had been seen by Tiararose herself.


And so the two of them decided to go and see her together.


“…We’ll be arriving soon.”

“Princess Aishira’s sea is so beautiful today.”


The sunlight sparkled as it reflected on the sea’s surface. It was only early spring, but Tiararose thought that it seemed like midsummer already. She donned a wide hat before stepping out of the carriage in order to protect her from the sun.

Aquasteed escorted her as she slowly made her way out of the carriage.




◇ ◇ ◇


“Welcome. Prince Aquasteed, Princess Tiararose.”

“Forgive the sudden intrusion.”


They were led to the waiting room, where they waited for five minutes.

Straight, faintly blue hair went down passed her shoulders. Her eyes were an orange color, like the sun reflecting on the sea. The sequel’s heroine, who was loved by the sea.


“Princess Tiararose, I’m afraid that my slowness in answering…has caused you much worry. I am very sorry.”

“No, please do not allow it to bother you.”


–Slowness in answering?

Inwardly, Tiararose cocked her head to the side at Aishira’s words. But she could not act surprised in front of Aquasteed, no matter what.

As the princess, any faults of hers would be connected to Aquasteed, her husband. Even though she was friendly with Aishira, she could not let her guard down.


–Did Aquasteed perhaps figure out that it was the work of the sea fairies?

If so, then it would fit in with what Aishira had said. He had requested an investigation, but Tiararose had seen the culprit before the results had come in.

Aquasteed was so brilliant, he was always thinking and acting one step ahead of Tiararose.


“Where should I begin…”

“Princess Aishira?”


Aishira cast her eyes downward, as if it were very difficult to talk.

Tiararose worried as to what had happened, but Aquasteed encouraged her to continue.


What came to mind was that mistake that Aishira had made.




It seemed that she didn’t quite have the courage to talk about it here, but she also could not go against Prince Aquasteed either. Aishira thought back on the previous day as she tried to find her courage.


The fairies of the sea were very fond of Aishira.

After all, she loved the sea, raised fish and created a vast area for coral to flourish.


And so, when Aishira was sad, the sea fairies became sad as well.


After Tiararose and Aquasteed’s marriage ceremony had ended, Aishiria had been crying quietly and alone by the sea over her own heartbreak. It was because she knew that if she cried at the house, everyone would know that she had feelings for the prince. That would cause quite the stir.

Aishira’s father was a duke. There could be no misunderstanding here.

However, Aishira’s decision on that matter may not have been correct either. The sea fairies had grieved upon seeing her tears and had thought to play tricks on the wife of the man Aishira had feelings for.


Yes. –Tiararose.


“How should I begin this story…”


She remembered the sea fairies, but she couldn’t say, ‘I was attached to Prince Aquasteed, and so the sea fairies are playing tricks on you, as you are his wife.’ How could she say such a thing?

Also, Tiararose did not even know that Aishira had any romantic inclinations towards Aquasteed. Aishira did not want her to worry, or to hurt her in any way.


Aishira was not able to say anything, but Tiararose gently smiled to her.


“Princess Aishira, please don’t push yourself like this. If something happened in the sea, we will help you. Won’t we, Aqua?”



Aquasteed also nodded at Tiararose’s words and told Aishira that it was fine.


“…I have told the sea fairies to, to stop stealing the sweets. But it seems that my words do not have much effect on them.”

“Princess Aishira, even from you, who is loved by the sea? I cannot understand why anyone would go to such lengths just to have my sweets…”


The sea fairies were only doing it because they thought it would benefit Aishira. And so they did not listen even when she asked them to stop.

Aishira was at a loss of how to reply, and so Aquasteed’s voice brought an end to the silence.


“Tiararose’s sweets are quite special, the sea fairies must have taken a liking to it.”

“Hmm, my sweets truly are a little different, but…”


The sweets that Tiararose made were infused with her own magic.

For instance, they might have natural healing properties or be able to raise your base physical strength etcetera. So you could acquire small effects by eating them.

However, the only people who knew this were a handful of humans and the forest fairies. It was nearly unthinkable that the sea fairies knew. But there was no other explanation, so Tiararose had no choice but to accept it.


“If that’s so, then I could have prepared some sweets if you only asked… Oh, yes. Princess Aishira. Could you please tell the sea fairies that I shall prepare some sweets for them?”

“Of course, I can do that… I am thinking of going to meet the King of the Sea Fairies now.”

“To the King of the Sea Fairies?”


It was so sudden, that Tiararose’s eyes widened in surprise.

Currently, there was no one who had received the blessing of the King of the Sea Fairies. Of course, that even included Aishira.


–Did she mean to ask the King of the Sea Fairies to put a stop to it?

But, it should be a very difficult thing to meet with the king. It was much the same in the forest, sea, and sky. There were no exceptions.


“Aishira, have you ever met with the King of the Sea Fairies before?”


Ashira slowly shook her head in answer to Aquasteed’s question. She was loved by the fairies of the sea but had never met with their king.


“But, I do know the course one must take in order to meet him. A sea fairy once told it to me.”

“Of course. So, you will make a request to the king, so that he can improve the situation.”

“–Yes. I have inconvenienced you for a long time now, but if you could only wait just a little longer.”

“Very well. But be careful to not insult the king in any way.”

“I understand.”


Aquasteed and Aishira quickly decided on what to do going forward. In spite of being in the center of it all, Tiararose’s opinion seemed non-existent.


–Was it really alright to ask Princess Aishira to do something like this?

She felt incredibly sorry for her as she stole a glance towards Aquasteed. He smiled at her and patted her on the head. It was as if he was telling her not to worry, and that he would handle it.




As she purred pleasantly, Aishira’s resolute voice called her name. Her stare was serious, it was the kind of look that made one straighten their posture without thinking.

Would she tell her–Aquasteed wondered with a little surprise, but decided to watch without stopping her.


“The reason that the sea fairies are stealing your sweets, is because of me…”

“Huh…? With you? Princess Aishira?”

“Yes. I, I…”



–Princess Aishira?

She tried to say it, but the words would not come out of her mouth. Tiararose cocked her head to the side. She at least knew, that whatever it was, it was difficult for her to say.


Well, if the reason was with her, then, of course, it would be hard for her to say it. Even so, Aishira was trying her hardest to tell the truth to her.

That emotion was enough for Tiararose.


Tiararose stood up from the sofa and knelt by Aishira’s knees. She looked into Aishira’s downcast eyes and smiled as if to tell her that it was alright.


“Princess Aishira, please do not feel like you have to tell me. You must not worry about it anymore.”

“…Tiararose. I am so sorry, I…”

“Please raise your face. Look, I am not so troubled by it as you may assume.”


–It was only sweets, she could easily make them again.

It was a much bigger wrong for Aishira to have to experience such discomfort now.


“Thank you, Tiararose. For forgiving me for not being able to say the reason… I promise you, I will go and see the King of the Sea Fairies.”


–Tiararose hoped that she would not be too hard on herself.

With such thoughts, she and Aquasteed left Aishira’s mansion behind them.



◇ ◇ ◇


“King Pearl, here are the sweets that Tiararose made!”

“Hmph. As if I could eat anything so disgusting as human-made food!”


Deep down in the sea, where the King lived.

The two that were conversing were King Pearl and a fairy. The fairy had brought Tiararose’s sweets, but Pearl did not seem to be interested.

The sea fairies had carried out their deeds independently. Pearl was not likely to get involved in the affair between humans. After all, he had no attachment to Aishira like the sea fairies did.






Tiara is number one to Aqua, so he is a little harsh on Aishira.

(Because this case is related to Tiara)


There have been comments about Tiara addressing Aqua without his title.

Of course, usually this is not allowed, so she tends to avoid it. But when they are making out, Aqua asks her to do it…! (Shame)





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