Princess Doted On

Chapter 34 A Visitor from the Sky

Tiararose’s mornings were early.


As she generally always has some sort of appointment everyday, she takes her time to do her hair and prepare her dress.


Her attendant Firine also does the preparations everyday, so much that Tiararose couldn’t help but wonder when she takes rest.


“Firine. You haven’t taken even a day off, have you? It’s not good to be overexerting yourself, you know.”


“Well… Thank you for your consideration, Tiararose-sama. However, I am fine. I like to take care of you, Tiararose-sama.”




Firine said with a smile, while dressing Tiararose’s hair.


The maid found that pleasant while she was preparing the tea. To not let the body get cold in the morning, hot drinks are prepared.


Sipping on that, Tiararose thought back on what her appointment for the day is.


In the morning, a small tea party with a few noble’s daughters. And from afternoon, she was free. Days like this with half of the day off was rare so she felt like she could relax a bit.


“Firine, are the presents for the tea party ready?”


“Yes. I have prepared a very cute muffin so I am sure everyone would like it.”


“Thank you.”


She invited the daughters of 3 counts so she will be giving those to them as present when they leave. Tiararose’s sweets’ reputation was good, both in looks and in taste.


If she were to be honest, she would like to rest for a while but it hasn’t been long since she married into the country. To get used to the country, she was frequently holding tea parties.


On top of that, she also wanted to gather as much information as possible.


About how many nobles are in this country who could genuinely become Tiararose’s strength.


To be of use to Aquasteed, she was working hard to build the foundation little by little.


Although, Aquasteed on the other hand was prepared to protect her from everything.



◇ ◇ ◇



“My, Tiararose-sama, you’re really good at making sweets, aren’t you? It is wonderful.”


“Perhaps I will try making some too soon.”


“Yes, please. The process of making them is also fun, after all.”


Such were the conversation of 4 women, including Tiararose. Their topic was also girly, being sweets and trendy dresses.


Perhaps the girls weren’t very interested by politics, as the topic never came up.


–If so, what about the fairy’s blessings?


The one who stole the sweets was the water’s fairy. She also wanted information on the fairies as much as possible. Even if it was commonplace here, Tiararose might not know of it since she came from the neighboring country.


“Everyone, have you been together with fairies ever since you were young?”


They all nodded as Tiararose asked the question.


“That’s right. It is common to receive the fairy’s blessing while you are a child. As such, it’s very common for children to play outside.”


“The fairies are outside after all. It is also healthy so I think that is wonderful.”


She nodded.


It seems like most people receive the blessings while they are young.


“Besides, it’s easier for a child to receive the blessing… unlike adults, they are pure, after all.”


One girl said, looking troubled as she covered her mouth with her folding fan.


That is true, they would like it more to give blessings to children who are pure and cute rather than selfish adults. The percentage of receiving the blessings after one becomes an adult decreases a lot.


–Then, I was lucky as I was blessed by the forest’s fairy.


After talking to them, she got to know that two of them received the blessing from the sea fairy and one from the sky fairy.


“Do you normally talk to the fairies about stuff?”


“Well, not really. Tiararose-sama, you don’t often get the chance to talk to the fairies.”


“Is that how it is?”


The forest fairies come to play with Tiararose quite often. And because of that, the distance between her and the fairies was very small.


–But, now that I think about it, Firine doesn’t really talk to the fairies much either.


Firine was blessed by the sea fairy. However, she never saw Firine talking to a sea fairy and neither did she know that the culprit behind the recent incident was the sea fairy.


“Tiararose-sama, you’re being blessed by the forest fairies’ king. That is very special.”


“….Right. He gave his blessing to me, someone who came from a different country, so I must take good care of it.”

Tiararose gently smiled and looked outside the window.


The forest fairies surely must be near the flowers and the trees. They shook the leaves and smiled back at her.


After that, she heard about the fairies from the girls and learnt how amazing it was to receive the forest fairy king’s blessing before the tea party was over.


After seeing off the girls, Tiararose went to her exclusive garden.


As she didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day, she decided to read.


Although, it is a mystery whether this could actually be called a break as all of the books she was reading was about this country’s Marin Forest and its history.


Drinking the tea with good aroma which Firine made, she was reading the history book today.


It was deeply moving seeing how the history book went really back even though this was a world from an otome game.


From that, she could tell that this world was made with proper realism even when it was a game.


And because of this, Tiararose liked reading the history book.


Because it made her feel that she was living with her own efforts, without being trapped in the game.


“…..Oho, such a period existed, huh?”


“Hmm, is there something interesting written there?”


“Yes. There was this tournament for swee—eh?”


There was an outsider in Tiararose’s exclusive garden.


Although Firine had stepped outside, the guard Tarumo should be here.


Before confirming who the outsider was, Tiararose looked towards Tarumo.


–He is properly doing his job.


However, his eyes were wide open in shock.


And now, when Tiararose turned to actually look at the outsider, her breath was taken away by the person’s beauty.


Her blue hair was straight and long, reaching her waists. Her eyes were shone a golden color, as if they could see through everything.


With a sweet smile, the beautiful lady settled down on a chair opposite Tiararose.


“Ummm, you are…?”


“I haven’t yet introduced myself, right? I am sorry. My name is Grail, the sky fairy queen.”




–A fairy king!!


To think the day would come when she meets the sky fairy queen.


She could now also understand why Tarumo was surprised.


As her heart beat faster and faster, she stood up and bowed to show utmost respect.


“Ah, no need to be so uptight, alright?”


It seems like the sky fairy queen Grail didn’t quite like stiff atmosphere, as she said that with a smile.


After which her gaze went towards Tiararose’s handmade sweets.


“Would you like to have some?”


“Thank you! I would love to!”


“–I also have tea prepared.”


Firine, who had understood the situation, brought Grail’s cup of tea as well.


Tiararose just genuinely thought that Firine was such a good attendant.


Seeing Grail pour milk, Tiararose began explaining the sweets to her.


“This is the cheese tart I baked. I made it by mixing a few different kinds of cheese so I think you will like the unusual flavor of cheese from it.”


“Looks good. I love cheese… Hmm, it is delicious!”


The sweet Tiararose prepared was cheese tart.


It was also shaped in a cute way, being just one mouthful.


Keith also really liked it.


Grail elegantly ate another.


While feeling happy that Grail was eating the sweets she made, Tiararose also wondered why she had come here.


And while she was puzzled by that, their eyes met.


“Fufu, I came to see Aquasteed’s princess, that’s all.”




–To think it was Aqua-sama related!


Hearing that, she felt nervous thinking that she was being judged.


Who knows what will happen if the sky fairy queen thinks she is not worthy?


Tiararose’s trembled a bit.


Her fast beating hearts sound was very loud.


However, such worries were also brushed away by Grail.


“It’s fine. I won’t eat you up or anything.”


“Ah…… Sorry, that was rude of me.”


“It’s alright. I am the one who’s at fault, coming unannounced. But, I am glad seeing Aquasteed’s princess is such a nice girl.”


Reaching out to another cheese tart, Grail explained how she just wanted to talk.


Hearing that, Tiararose could also relax.


“This sweet has Tiararose’s magic in it, huh? It feels weird but pleasant.”


“It’s embarrassing but I am not very good at magic… The only thing I can do properly is inserting some of my magic into the sweets I make.”


Normally, there isn’t anyone who does that to a sweet. No, it is probably better to say that there isn’t anyone who can do it.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Tiararose can do it because of her love towards sweets.


And so, as Tiararose was eating the sweets she makes often, she was quite healthy.


A small bruise or injury immediately heals naturally. It is quite convenient but she didn’t tell that to Firine as Firine would worry then.


She would definitely tell her to not get hurt, even if her sweets can heal.


“Fairies don’t really have the need to eat something. And so, I am jealous of you, as you can make something so delicious.”




Her somewhat lonesome smile appeared fleeting to Tiararose’s eyes.


And at the same time, her wish to make Grail know even more of sweets also rose.


It’s a food which can make someone so happy so she felt like she wanted it to spread even more.


“If you are okay with me, I will help you anytime! I will also prepare delicious sweets for you, Grail-sama.”


“Tiararose, you are kind… Then, perhaps I will let you spoil me a bit.”


Grail said with a smile. She must have also wanted to have female friends.


Speaking of which, Tiararose also wanted female friends.


However, her status as the crown princess would obstruct that.


The girls she invites to tea parties probably won’t ever think of her as a friend.


Thinking of it like that, although there is a difference in status between Grail and Tiararose–as they could understand each other’s feelings, Tiararose felt happy that Grail accepted.


The sudden tea party between Tiararose and Grail turned out to be a very relaxing and fun girls-only party.

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