The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 52

  1. The Villainous Daughter’s Butler means Business



What was beyond the open door, was the sea.

Tiararose immediately covered her mouth out of fear of drowning, but there was no water. A fish was moving its fins as it swam near her and tickled her cheek.


“It is amazing…the sea, I mean, there is no water, but the fish are swimming.”


Was it possible to swim in the air then? She wondered. And she quickly told herself that it was not.


–This was a special place for Queen Pearl.


Fish did not swim in the air anywhere else. If you had only ever seen fish swimming gracefully in the sea, you would have never believed that this was possible.

Tiararose watched the pretty fish as she slowly inspected the room.


The beautiful walls were the same white as a sandy beach. There were shells scattered inside in different places, evoking an actual beach.

There were lamps made of coral installed at equal distances, and they let off a soft light.

The ivory marble floors were covered by a carpet of deep blue. They had delicate golden stitches in them, and Tiararose enjoyed just looking at it.


And, what was beyond all of it–


“…There, the ring of the Fairy Queen?”


Tiararose was looking at the back of the room.

The one pedestal in the otherwise empty chamber. It was tall, and on top lay a ring pillow with lace.


–There should be nothing wrong with just looking at it.


She slowly moved forward until she reached the pedestal. The sparkling ring was beautiful–words could not express just how beautiful.

It was platinum with a light blue hue and had a single pearl set in it. As she looked closer, she saw that air was coming out of it. And she could tell that it was special and important.


“So this is the ring…”


Tiararose felt that it was worthy of a Fairy Queen.

She felt jealous of the heroine who could make it hers–Aishira. She felt like it was so beautiful, that she could stare at it for hours. Of course, doing so would ensure that Aquasteed would know about her leaving the castle.


“I wonder what will happen if I put it on?”

“Why, this is the first time that Queen Pearl’s precious one has come here.”

“You came here without even knowing of the ring’s effect?”




Tiararose shook with surprise at the unexpected voice.

After all, no one should be here but her.

She quickly looked around, but there was no one in sight. She began to sweat as she wondered where they could be–then it came to her. Except her, the only ones here were the two fish.


–Was it the fish who were talking?


Fairies did exist, so flying fish that could talk–should not be too strange. Surely.


“My name is Tiararose Lapis Marineforest.”


Tiararose took a step back and bowed before the two fish.


“Marineforest! Ah, do you mean the king of this country?”

“She was given Queen Pearl’s blessing, so she wouldn’t be just anyone.”

“N-no! I am not the king!!”


Tiararose shook her head violently at this outrageous misunderstanding. It was so ridiculous to think that she was the king. She told them that she was the princess, and the fish nodded with satisfaction.

They fluttered their fins and said, ‘we don’t get any recent information.’


“We never leave this place, so we don’t hear things. We don’t know about what’s happened in the last few hundred years.”

“Is that so…”


The fish said that they only knew of the old Marineforest, and so they asked her about the present.


“Unfortunately, I do not know about the old Marineforest, however, I can proudly say that it is now a most beautiful country. The people are kind and it is very peaceful here.”

“Oh, I see, I see. That is good.”

“It makes me happy to know that it is beautiful.”


The fish swam around happily for a moment before directing a suspicious look towards her.


“Then, why have you come here?”

“This is the room where Queen Pearl’s ring lies. Tiararose, why have you come here to take the ring?”



The fish asked her gravely. She could hardly say that she was just curious about the hidden stage and stopped by to take a look. Of course, she could not say that.

Tiararose smiled with a troubled expression.


“Ah, I know.”


“She wishes to kill the current king and take the kingdom for her own.”

“Oh, I see.”

“No, that is wrong!!”


She would never think of such a thing. She had no interest in the throne. Tiararose explained to them that she wanted to know more about this country, that is why she came here.


“They have treated me very kindly as a girl who has come from a different country. I would never think of doing such a thing…”


Tiararose insisted that she wanted to support Aquasteed, who was the future king.


“Oh, well that is just boring.”

“She has such an interesting soul, so I expected more from her.”


The fish chuckled to each other. Tiararose sighed.

She felt that she would rather die than kill someone else, but then again, if she had been the villainous daughter she was supposed to be–things might have been different.


–But I won’t do anything as a villainous daughter!


“…Interesting soul?”

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