“It’s different than normal humans. There is something else mixed in it.”



Tiararose thought that it must be because of her memories from her past life. There was nothing else about her that was particularly strange. And she was not good at thinking about things too deeply.

But more than that, she felt that she might dig her own grave by prying too much.


“You seem to know it yourself. That you are special.”

“A little, maybe…”

“But you won’t say it, I suppose.”


Tiararose offered a smile instead of an answer.


“Tiararose Lapis Marineforest, was it?”


“You should take this ring with you.”


The fish touched its fin on the pearl of the ring.

Tiararose’s eyes widened in astonishment. She had not dreamed that she would be told to take it. She was not the heroine.


She stood still and looked at the mysterious ring with the pearl.

It was small in size and likely a pinky ring. It was very fitting for Pearl, who was a woman.


–What should I do?


Of course, she was curious.

But she felt that as the villainous daughter, she should not have it. She felt, but–she also felt that she would like to take it, since she had their permission.

After all, Tiararose loved this otome game. She didn’t need any more reason than that.


The fish looked at Tiararose who stood still and said:


“As Queen Pearl’s beloved child, you have the right to take it.”

“…I have the right?”


Even if she was the villainous daughter?

But, it was also true that she did have the right the moment that she was blessed. In that case, maybe there really was no problem with her taking the ring.


“Queen Pearl’s ring…”


Tiararose made up her mind and slowly stretched out her hand.

When she touched the ring, she felt a shudder run through her. It was as if the blood in her veins had suddenly boiled, and she hugged herself tightly.


“…Hah, ha…”


–I haven’t even put it on yet. But there is such power.

Tiararose shuddered as she was reminded of the power of kings and queens.


She picked the ring up with both hands, and slowly put it on the pinky of her left finger.

A heat spread out from the ring and she could feel it reach every part of her body. It was as if the ring was recreating her body.


“Hmm, it’s becoming a part of you now.”


“Yes…It should take nearly a day for it to complete, I think?”

“Yes, around that much. You must not take that ring off until a day has passed.”


Tiararose felt a little frantic and wondered why they hadn’t told her something so important first. Well, she would just have to keep it on then.

As she was about to reply to this, she heard a loud bang on the door that she had entered.




“Huh!? A-a-a-a-a-Aqua!! Why are you here!”

“That is what I should be asking you.”


Aquasteed was out of breath as he stood in front of her.

He had come here after speaking with Elliot. Only those who had been blessed by the Fairy Queen of the sea could enter, and Aquasteed had come against Elliot’s advice.


“…What is this place? And Tiara, what is that ring?”



Aquasteed was smiling, but Tiararose was sweating all over. She had used a secret passage to get here, so how had he known that she was here?

She held her left hand tightly and explained that it was the ring of the Fairy Queen.


“Ohhh, so you are the next king then.”

“A fish…?”

“This is the place where only Queen Pearl’s blessed child can enter. But it is quite the surprise that two people have received her blessing.”


The fish chuckled loudly as they swam in a circle around Aquasteed.


“The ring that Tiararose has on is Queen Pearl’s ring. Take good care of it from now on.”

“There is nothing left for us to say. You two should go now, blessed children.”

“Th-thank you so much…!”


Then a wind started to blow as if telling them to leave quickly. The fishes fins swayed, and the door was shut behind them.

Tiararose bowed. She was thankful that she had been able to come here.


◇ ◇ ◇


She had been so excited and full with joy when going to the hidden stage–but on the way back, she was so scared that she didn’t know what to do.


Aquasteed smiled as he walked next to her.

He was smiling, but it was obvious that he was in a bad mood. And she did not know how to fix that.

She had made a promise, and had broken it by slipping out of the castle again with Levy.


After a long silence, it was Aquasteed who spoke first.


“Tiara, did you know that the Fairy Queen’s ring would be here?”



The answer was yes.

But how…could a daughter from a foreign country know something that the royal family did not… She was the princess now, but it was still quite unthinkable.

But Tiararose felt that it would be difficult to keep the truth hidden.


“…Lady Akari told me.”

“Lady Akari? How did she know–ah, perhaps it is the power of holy prayer.”



Aquasteed had conveniently come to his own conclusion, and so Tiararose continued to smile and look ahead.

The power of holy prayer that the heroine had was enormous, and it promised peace and prosperity by just being there.

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