The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 56 – Lost Memories



She slept soundly the whole night in the wide bedroom before waking up.

Somehow, it felt lonely here–Tiararose thought.


“But I always sleep alone.”


She thought about why she felt that way and decided that it was because her room was too big. She stretched her limbs slowly and got out of bed.


Philiane had told her that she had nothing scheduled today.

She had smiled and suggested that she take things easy. But at the same time, it was almost as if she wanted to say something else. Tiararose herself understood that something strange was happening to her reality.


–If only I knew what that was.


Especially with Aquasteed.

She did not know why he was with her. Of course, she was happy to be close to a character that she had liked, and she wanted to talk with him more.


But Aquasteed seemed—it was like.


“It’s like…”


She clenched her fists as if trying to stop her heart from beating so fast.

She could feel that her cheeks were becoming red, and didn’t know what to do. But just then, she heard someone knock on the door. Philiane’s voice then followed, and so Tiararose stopped thinking about it.

She invited her in, and Philiane appeared with some tea.


“Good morning, Princess Tiararose.”

“Good morning, Philiane.”


She took a sip of tea and relaxed while Philiane prepared her dress.

Philiane had suggested that she take it easy today, but there was something that she needed to do. She needed to talk to Aishira about the management of the sea.




As far as memories of the work she had been involved in until now—she had them all.

That meant that this was Marineforest, and she was in the royal castle.




“Do you know if lady Aishira will be visiting the castle today?”


Tiararose added, that if she was, she would like to meet her.


“I believe that the lady Aishira will be visiting today. …But Princess Tiararose, your memory?”



Philiane gasped a little. Tiararose laughed.


“It seems that I was greatly confused yesterday. But I think I am alright now.”

“Oh, thank heavens…thank heavens!”

“I’m sorry for making you worry about me.”

“Oh, no. It is nothing for you to be sorry about. I will call Prince Aquasteed immediately. Please wait here!”


–Prince Aquasteed?


Before Tiararose could stop her, Philiane practically burst out the door and into the hallway. It was unusual, as she always tried to be graceful in everything. Tiararose did not know why it was so urgent.


“We weren’t supposed to know each other. What will I say…?”


He was the crown prince of Marineforest, and she could not be rude. But for now, she got out of bed and put her arms through the dress that Philiane had prepared for her.

As she had no appointments today, it was a simple dress without accessories so she would be able to put it on by herself, which was a relief. The fastener did give her some trouble, but not too much.


“Prince Aquasteed, huh… I died before playing the game, so I don’t know too much about the character.”


When they were at the academy together, he was a calm, role model student who was always smiling. Yes, a true example of royalty.





Just as she was thinking of leaving the bedroom to wait, the doors burst open and in came Aquasteed.

His eyes were slightly wet as they looked at her.




Aquasteed had rushed to her and hugged her tightly.

His scent drifted softly into her nostrils, and she felt her heart start to pound. His slender but strong arms were touching her as if she were a delicate treasure.



But she could not put it into words.





Aquasteed’s lips gently covered hers.

They touched, then parted–then touched again. His eyes looked at her with such love, that Tiararose could not move. He had kissed her so suddenly, yet somehow it did not feel wrong.


The voice that called her name, the breath, they all touched her lips.

Her heart was pounding, but she could not control it. Finally, she put a hand on Aquasteed’s chest and pulled away.


“Oh…Prince Aquasteed.”



Tiararose touched her lips and shouted his name.

She did not call him Aqua as usual, but Prince–Aquasteed.


“Tiara, has your memory not returned…”

“Huh? My memory?”


Aquasteed asked in surprise, but Tiararose shook her head.

Indeed, her memory seemed hazy, but she knew that she was currently in Marineforest and that she was working in this country.


However–she just did not realize that it was memories of Aquasteed alone that were gone.



“Ummm, Prince Aquasteed?”




“…Please, just call me Aqua?”


He smiled gently as Tiararose blushed with confusion.

He realized that she still hadn’t remembered him, and so he regretted kissing her just now.

Did she dislike him now? However, judging by her reaction, it did not seem that she hated it.


–I shouldn’t feel too conceited yet.

He asked her to call him by his nickname. Tiararose gulped. Her eyes were swimming, but he could tell that she was happy.

Even if she didn’t have her memories of him, it was still the same Tiararose as before.


“And so, may I call you Tiara as well?”

“Oh…ye-yes. Prince A-Aqua…”



Tiararose said as she looked down with embarrassment.

It was adorable, and he wanted to hold her–but he pushed that feeling back. It was more important to explain to her their relationship.


“Tiara. What I am about to say may be hard for you to believe. But I want you to listen.”

“…Is it about you and me?”


Tiararose seemed to be thinking, then she slowly opened her mouth. He answered in the affirmative, and she looked at him seriously. She had been clearly thinking about it.


“I want to tell you about us…”


Tea and fruits were prepared on the table as Aquasteed slowly started to talk about their relationship–.




“That can’t be. We are a married couple…”

“Yes. You are very important to me.”


Then Aquasteed apologized for suddenly kissing her a moment ago.


“No… You have done nothing wrong, Prince Aqua.”

“Tiara. Please don’t force yourself to do anything. If you don’t want me to touch you, just tell me.”



Aquasteed smiled and assured her that he would not do anything to frighten her.


–Not want to be touched.

But Tiararose was surprised that she did not feel that way. Before, when Hartnight almost touched her head, she had felt so much revulsion.


–He truly thinks of me as important to him.

It would not have been surprising for a political marriage to have been arranged between them, but she didn’t think of that at all.

She didn’t remember them being together, but she felt excited by him. She wanted to know more about him.


“I have never felt any dislike towards you, Prince Aqua.”

“…Thank you.”


She told him not to worry about that, and then his hand stretched out and–touched her.

If anything, it felt comforting, and she closed her eyes. Aquasteed quickly added, ‘I might get carried away, so don’t get too relaxed.’ And they both chuckled.


As they laughed together, there was a knocking on the door. They heard Elliot’s voice just as the door opened.




Aquasteed was about to berate him for entering without his permission… Instead, he sighed at the figure who had entered after pushing Elliot aside.

She had beautiful, straight black hair and dark eyes. She was wearing a pretty princess dress. It was the heroine, Akari of The Ring of Lapis Lazuli.


“Princess Tiara. It’s been a while! Are you well?”

“Uh, yes…”


Akari had not changed at all. She nodded and laughed.


“I was so anxious to know that I just had to come and meet you in person! Were you able to go?”

“Akari, that can wait. There is a little problem we have right now.”


She asked Akari to wait. But yes, the hidden stage of the fairy king was also important.


Tiararose told her that there was something wrong with her memories. And she had wondered if maybe Akari could help her since she was able to use Holy Prayer.

Aquasteed did not seem to have the best opinion of Akari, but he allowed it since she was close with Tiararose.


“…I see. Give me your hand, hmm?”

“What do you think?”


Akari took Tiararose’s hand and used the power of Holy Prayer.

She saw that there was nothing wrong with her and said, ‘Hmmm, I have no idea.’


“But it seems that there is nothing wrong with you physically. That’s good.”

“Thank you, Akari. My memories…I am sure they will return if I continue to live normally. I was quite confused yesterday, but I feel much better today.”




This person, who was Tiararose’s friend, sighed with relief. It seemed that she had been very worried, and so Aquasteed felt that he shouldn’t be too annoyed by her.

However, it was also quite bad that even Holy Prayer was not enough to find out what was wrong with Tiararose. That was because the power of Holy Prayer was supposed to be immensely powerful.


As she said herself, it was probably best to quietly wait for her memories to return.

Of course, he wished that she would get better as soon as possible so he could hold her, but he did not want to rush her.

As he thought this, Akari clapped her hands loudly. Her eyes sparkled brightly as she looked back and forth between Aquasteed and Tiararose. It was as if she had just thought of the most brilliant plan.


–What on earth did she mean to do?

Aquasteed felt suspicious, but Akari’s idea was surprisingly decent.


“Let’s call everyone and have a tea party! It will be like an event from an otome game. It will be so fun. I promise!”


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